Presidential Candidates Ranked on Social Media Voter Engagement

2012 Presidential Candidates Amp Up Campaigns on Social Media Platforms

Will social media really weight the 2012 Presidential Election?

social media and mitt romney

2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Gives a Speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa on August 30, 2012

CNN reported on Aug 17 that President Barack Obama is beating Mitt Romney in social media engagement. Presidential Candidates and all politicians are pushing key messages on social media platforms just as politicians did in the 2010 elections.

But do social media “likes” turn into 2012 Presidential Campaign votes for the candidates?

If “likes” equaled votes, Obama would beat Mitt Romney 19 to 1, but the polls report the two are tied (Aug.30)!

President Obama boasts 19 million Twitter followers. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney(R) had just over one million followers as of September 11 2012.

Experts have been debating that if a candidate is less engaged on social media they may not be in touch with the issues – REALLY? Aren’t all Presidential candidates aware of budget problems? The economic down turn? Continued delay in building key industries in the United States?

This country is in serious trouble if the only qualification for running it is your number of Twitter followers or Facebook “likes.”

For businesses, social media provides redundancy in advertisement messaging and creates “viral” messages that spread fast to millions.

For Presidential Candidates, social media is important for communication and for voter research, but status updates are unlikely to sway undecided voters.

On Aug. 30, 2012 during Mitt Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention, many Tweeps posted comments:

  • @WSJ (Wall Street Journal) Romney: We can stand and say, “I’m an American. I make my destiny. And we deserve better!” #GOP2012
  • @MittRomney This is a vote for what kind of America we’re going to have – I vote for freedom & free people #BelieveInAmerica
  • @thejimjams Clint Eastwood’s wildest quotes from tonight’s appearance:
  • @ebaysurfer “@HomerWhite: #Romney: I do so with humility..deeply moved by the #trust you placed in me.” #RTnMyTL

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  • Michael Straface

    If social media is supposed to decide an election without real discussion that more than makes me scared

  • Tracie Grands

    The issues should be the issues. I could care less how many others follow a candidate…people are nuts!

    • Michael Straface

      I agree

  • Marlastan222

    I support Obama but not because he has followers – because I liked what he stands for – jobs!

    • Etanner53

      Are you kidding me? He created as many jobs as we had in layoffs…you don’t create jobs with more taxes. 

      • Camden Smith

        At least you two are talking – discussion is good.

  • Liz1972a

    I’m so tired of the election. I don’t think anyone will make a difference and if people votes based on social media followers well that explains a lot.

    • Eric

      I just hope you vote!

      • Michael Straface

        Yea as long as you vote the right way

  • Monica

    Social media is such a powerful tool and messages can spread like wild fire. It is great to have these platform to empower our political education and discussions – but make sure discussions are valid is what I suggest and know that just because someone is popular or less popular does not mean they are less qualified. I just don’t know that social media should be used as a qualifier for a job as important as President of the United States.