Leading Marketing Trends in 2016


Marketing Trends Changing Your Strategy in 2016

Businesses will lead 2016 with comprehensive and inclusive marketing strategies focused on consumer needs and a friendlier browsing experience and will move slightly away from social media as a strategy itself. To successfully reach consumers, companies must target key consumers in a friendlier manner losing the pop-up ads and repetitive social media campaigns.

Three Marketing Trends Changing Business in 2016

1. Understand Customer Experience.
Engaging marketing with sales goals and customer interaction seems like a basic marketing tactic, but many businesses fail to connect advertising with in-house sales initiatives.
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Forbes Magazine in a recent article said the following: “Marketers, using integrated tools, can engage with customers online, track the buyer’s journey, measure sentiment and loyalty, and match behavior with outreach tailored to meet their audience’s needs and interests.

But for customers already bombarded with information, a great customer experience is becoming baseline. The year 2016 will see brand ambassadors given a higher priority, more effective customer engagement—using tactics highlighted below—and tighter collaboration with sales and support to directly affect conversion rates.” link to article

2. Ad Blockers May Change the Game.
Online advertising is constantly in the consumer’s face and ad blockers have relieved pop-ups. Although Google and other search engines are still tracking web browser usage and targeting advertising accordingly, more advanced ad blockers being developed may level the online advertising playing field.

Successful marketing strategy will include seamless online advertising that blends with a user’s browsing experience rather than working to interrupt it. Marketing trends in 2016 are consumer-friendly.

For example, targeting online ads to specific users will be more successful than general ads.

A woman looking at a fashion website, seeing an ad for a fitness gym makes sense, but only if it targets her desire to “feel beautiful.” That same ad DOES NOT WORK targeting someone’s desire to have “affordable classes” unless it is a discount fashion website.

3. 3D Marketing is Reality.
National brands will be looking for ways to make their products a virtual reality using 3D modeling – paying for product placement in video games, online videos, YouTube reviews. Locally owned businesses may do the same on a smaller scale seeking exposure through trade show videos, advertising videos and online/web video production.

4. Social Media is a Channel NOT a Strategy.
Social media is not and I repeat IS NOT in and of itself marketing. Social media is one of hundreds of channel used for strategic marketing. Small, local businesses have though social media is a strategy incorrectly – rather it is a marketing channel.

Consumer-centric marketing campaigns will create marketing trends in 2016 to utilize social media as a channel rather than a strategy and to develop three-D product placement opportunities and to continue to couple these methods with traditional and online outreach efforts.

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