4 Social Media Tools To Smile About

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Social Media Tools to Live For!

Let’s be honest sometimes simple is best when you are managing your own social media networking. Our Naples Marketing Firm’s social media experts know the tricks of the trade, but even we like simple when time is money.

With social media marketing, planning ahead saves you time so you might be able to put that cell phone down occasionally and put a smile back on your face!

Our Favorite, Easy Social Media Tools

Hootsuite – an All-in-One Tool
A favorite tool with our Naples Marketing Firm that allows you to schedule status updates. Connect to Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, LinkedIn and other social media accounts in one spot.

Save yourself hours of posting by scheduling status updates for multiple social media accounts at one time. Our marketing firm for example manages dozens of clients social media account and Hootsuite saves us on average 4 hours per client each week.

Social media marketing, naples marketing firm, dreamfly marketing

Hootsuite Report on DREAMFly's Usage of Keyword: Marketing

Hootsuite also provides you with statistical data (as pictured above), live view of your connections’ status updates and the ability to comment and track replies.

There is a free version for access up to 4 social media accounts or a professional version with fees beginning at $5.99 per month to access more than 5 accounts. The free version is just as effective for managing online marketing strategy.

Twitter’s Advanced Search Tool Magic
Twitter’s search tool is amazing. You can search for keywords, people, users, by location. You name it. You can find it. Why would you want to search Twitter you ask for those of you still not hooked on this social media giant? You can find out if people are looking for YOUR services and where – what better business development tool?

Tweet Stats Gives Insight
Wondering whose tweets you respond to and who responds to yours? TweetStats arms you with information about exactly what is happening with your account. Below is a report we produced on DREAMFly Marketing’s Twitter account.

TweetStats, DREAMFly Marketing, social media marketing

TweetStats Report on DREAMFly Marketing

Page Lever is Your Personal Researcher
Page Lever can become your personal research guru for your Facebook accounts. Many people complain they aren’t reaching enough fans of their professional page and Page Lever helps you discover why.

Page Lever, social media marketing, Naples marketing firm

Page Lever shows you which status updates have the most impact and you can track them by time and interaction. If you want to know the effects of your status updates, the key is to use this research tool to determine what failed, why and connect the dots.

Social Media Marketing Strategy
Marketing strategy is your key to online and offline promotions success. Without strategy, you are blind.

Our Naples Marketing Firm’s team plans for clients by matching their branding or message tone to a strategy that will reach their followers. Tracking the results is just as important as posting the status updates and executing the strategy. Track your success!

Remember it’s not just about the number of followers! Most of the time a Facebook status update only penetrates 7% to 20% of your followers, so it’s about making quality connections. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Share your favorite social media marketing tools with us by commenting.

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Camden Smith owns DREAMFly Marketing with 16 years in strategic marketing and television journalism. Her cutting-edge, aggressive marketing skills have earned her numerous awards. Smith lives in Naples, Florida with her daughter London.

  • Marla Stanley

    I love Hootsuite too it makes everything so easy. I tired other automated systems and they seemed to have glitches. Hootsuite does everything I need it to.

  • Eric

    TwitStats is fantastic. I had no idea my primary word Tweeted was business as op. posed to law which was my goal – thanks for the tool tip

    • Shari

      lol funny I think you all meant Tweet Stats and yes it’s fantastic

  • MMHernandez35

    I subscribe to PageLever and love it. I like how you talk about strategy so many are hung up on how many followers they have and they aren’t even connecting with truly warm leads – just generic people – you hit the nail on the head!

  • Michael Straface

    I find social media a bit overwhelming this helped – I think there are so many options soon there will be a merger of some kind.

    • Camden Smith

      Certainly would be nice if we only had to worry about two places but something tells me the choices will only expand – just stay in the know with us here and you’ll have no problems!

  • Tate S.

    Great post!

  • http://dreamflymarketing.com Camden Smith

    TweetStats is also a favorite of ours – it really sheds light on what you’re talking about.

  • Jen C.

    Had no clue about the advanced search tool – thanks!

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