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Dump the Attitude and Embrace the New e-Business World

Today’s business economy is all about growing in person, online and in charge, and even small businesses are finding their voice online by dumping the bad attitude towards online business and embracing it as a key to survival.

CanvasPop Launches Facebook Printing Connection

Your Facebook photos can now be beautiful wall art! Although in low web resolution (72 dpi), CanvasPop‘s new Facebook platform make it possible! Stores can rely on local walk in traffic just like a website can rely on drop by guests, but CanvasPop is targeting its audience heavily.

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CanvasPop claims it can print anything, any size.

With one simple change, CanvasPop has put itself back on the map to compete with other online printers.

Grocer Grows Online

Fresh Direct, an online grocer, has been so successful in New York State that the company is looking for NEW headquarters.

So many orders and so little space, the CEO Jason Ackerman, says the sky is the limit. Fresh Direct reported that it generated $1 billion in business in New York and has 2,200 employees. It is not looking to add another 1,000 employees with online sales growth.

A successful online business, Fresh Direct continues to grow. Our marketing company in Naples serves clients nationwide many of which have asked us to develop online growth strategies.

Growing Business Online

Growing a business online is key, even if you aren’t providing online services.

Tips to grow your business online:

  • Review website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Google has changed how it’s ranking sites for example using the +1 clicks in search results and using “keywords” less.
  • Create online scheduling platforms for customers from medical to consulting firms like our marketing company in Naples
  • Launch an online mall, for those selling products, using a platform like “Etsy” that offers a mobile application
  • Think: What can you offer online that benefits both in person and potential web-based customers?
  • Market to online consumers using colorful designs, interesting text and easy navigation

Death becomes businesses who begrudge the power of online shopping. Rather than fight it, get on board and grow business online. Follow regularly and this blog for tips.

About us: DREAMFly Marketing, a marketing company in Naples and Southwest Florida, creates branding strategy for clients across the United States. Our marketing company in Naples focuses on marketing strategy, advertising, public relations and social media online marketing, online marketing and promotional products.

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  • Msmith9176

    The web is definitely a factor now.  If you don’t get on board you may be missing lots of opportunities for new customers.   Good article.  Thanks

    • Camden

      You may want to tell Dr. Smith to expand his blog to 300 words when he posts if possible or you could do a schedule an appointment application on the site if you had a software system to support it – maybe an appointment request for or something?

  • Marla S.

    A lot of people try to fight it but honestly you’re right. Online is key which is causing a heart attack with a lot of business owners.

  • Jennifer Crawford

    My problem is exactly what one of the other people mentioned – I feel like I’m out of my element.

    • Camden @ DREAMFly Marketing

      Jennifer you can always hire a freelancer or Naples marketing firm like ours to write your blogs for you. This takes care of a lot of the SEM (search engine marketing) which is different than your SEO (search engine optimization).

    • Shari

      Same here!

  • Milton S.

    Best web tip I can think of is the online appointment mentioned for businesses that have no “online” mall, but if you can an online mall is the way to go.

    • Yorkieprince

      I miss simpler times but I guess we have live today not in yesterday.

  • Michael Straface

    I like how you’ve reorganized the online services on this site personally.

  • Alysia

    I love the death becomes businesses lol – so true!