Marketing Trends Changing Your Strategy in 2016

Businesses will lead 2016 with comprehensive and inclusive marketing strategies focused on consumer needs and a friendlier browsing experience and will move slightly away from social media as a strategy itself. To successfully reach consumers, companies must target key consumers in a friendlier manner losing the pop-up ads and repetitive social media campaigns.

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Naples Marketing Agency Welcome Nicole Smith Angelo

Strong in marketing and advertising management, Nicole Smith Angelo brings a plethora of marketing background to the DREAMFly Marketing, Naples marketing agency.

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DREAMFly Marketing Business Development Partner,
Nicole Smith Angelo

DREAMFly Marketing Founder Camden Smith is happy to announce a new partner with the Naples marketing firm, Nicole Smith Angelo. Nicole will serve as the marketing agency’s Business Development Partner.

Nicole brings such great energy to the table and she is truly a leader in finding new ways to market clients, help them meet their advertising budgets and is an absolute expert in creating community outreach initiatives for DREAMFly Marketing clients looking to grow,” said DREAMFly Marketing Founder Camden Smith.

Nicole offers considerable expertise in the marketing area of networking, community outreach, and social media. DREAMFly Marketing’s new Business Development Partner also boasts more than 14 years in brand development and strategy, publicity and damage control.

Nicole formerly served as the business development consultant for Century21 Sunbelt in Naples, Florida. She has also worked in public relations and marketing for Sony Pictures in Los Angeles, California, the Naples International Film Festival, Susan G. Komen, Dolphin Transportation and many other corporations.

Nicole will be leading the way to build DREAMFly Marketing’s client base and will specialize in account management, advertising ROI as well as client community outreach opportunities for promotion.

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Facebook Users Shift Reality Online

More and more Facebook users are connecting and creating online friendships with people they have never met in person, but a danger seems to be developing with online users becoming swallowed up in online life rather than living in true reality.

Social media studies have shown that more and more people are connecting with Facebook rather than picking up the phone. This is not new social media news. There have been social media reports of children being bullied online and then committing suicide and some shuffled it off as unique cases.

Social Media Realities

From January through May 2014, the owner of DREAMFly Marketing, a Naples marketing firm, has noticed she is receiving connection requests on Facebook from fake accounts created overseas. Additionally, men and women alike are sending messages on Facebook expecting to receive an answer within 30 minutes to an hour.

Facebook Communication Problem Scenario

I received a message from a Facebook user I did not know which is normal since I am a business owner, but this message had the person introducing himself and then asking if he could get to know me. I sent a response back saying thank you but I use Facebook to connect with family, friends and as a business marketing tool. I continued to say Facebook is not an online dating service but thank you for the inquiry.

The gentleman proceeded to bombard me with Facebook messages saying he really like me, my eyes were pretty etc. and then said I needed to give him a chance.

Once again, I responded that Facebook is not an online dating service and while I appreciate his compliment he needed to cease and desist. I then had to block him because he did not stop and became angry sending messages that were threatening.

Is Facebook Becoming an Online Dating Site?

We posted the question on our DREAMFly Marketing page and also the owner, Camden Smith’s, personal profile and recived dozens of comments from women saying they too have had to block harassing Facebook users.

Is the online world truly becoming the only word for everyone including adults? The majority of users blocked according to Facebook users for this purpose were beyond the age of 30, therefore it prompts us to ask should Facebook strengthen its securities?

Quick protection tips for Facebook sexual Harassment

  1. Set Security for your profile not to show and/or set messaging for friends only
  2. Responses – limit responses by creating a standard response for Facebook messages from people you may not know (especially for business owners out there)
  3. If the person emails you inappropriate or harassing messages, copy the messages, report them to Facebook and then block the person

Social media is critical for connecting with family and promoting business, but as some people struggle with learning the difference between “reality” and “online living” it is important to protect your security.

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Engage Your Customers In Naples and Beyond During Season

Whether a business markets in Naples during season or has year round customers, learning how to engage your customers is key to growing in a saturated retail environment.

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Get your business in shape by engage customers and building customer loyalty!

Anyone can speak to you, but not everyone can make you want to buy. Become the business person who makes every client feel special encouraging them to invest in the company by purchasing your goods and services.

Become the best sales person possible with five quick steps.

  1. First Step: Engage your customers by greeting them with a friendly tone within 3-5 seconds of walking through the door.
    • So often in retail customers may be ignored due to staff helping others. Assign a greeter for the door to ensure every client is greeted. This is your first contact with the customer and your only chance to make a good impression.

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  2. Second Step: Listen with an open ear and build customer confidence.

    • Many sales people and business owners approach a conversation with an upset customer with a response in mind as opposed to truly listening to the person’s concerns.
    • Open listening means hearing what the customer says and then proposing solution compromises to answer their concern if possible. It does not mean giving them a canned response like so many telemarketers do today.
  3. Third step to engage your customers: Learn the definition of compromise.
    • Customer confidence can be shaken easily. A customer in need of a solution, needs you to listen without an attitude in order to maintain the emotional connection to your business or brand.
      Telling customers you can’t fix a problem and offer no refunds could lead to a customer loyalty fallout and an online reputation war.
    • EHarmony, for example refuses refunds without discussion, even if the customer’s account should not have been renewed. By terms of customer service, this company is challenged.
    • Naples, Florida businesses specifically have to focus on seasonal customers, because customer loyalty must be built and maintained even in your absence.
  4. Step Four: Boost mobile and online presence.
    • Simply having a listing on Foursquare, Yelp, Google Plus, Facebook or the other social media platforms will not do. Engage your customers on social media sites.
    • Promote restaurant and retail deals online. For non-retail businesses, post article links to aid your customers. Europeans are major users of social media check-in tools.
    • If you receive a bad feedback online, engage your customers directly and request they contact you for a satisfactory solution. Often, this encourages the user to remove negative feedback or follow up with positive feedback.
  5. In step five, conduct a three to four question survey.
    • A good benchmark is to make sure 75 percent or more of clients participate.
    • Asking, “How did you hear about us,” helps businesses gauge what advertising works or which client to reward for referrals. Make sure to ask what product or service the customer would like you to offer and give them multiple choice answer options.
    • No survey is complete without asking about the customer service, which ultimately may determine if this customer returns. Allow customers the option to either include or not include their names and numbers. Give every customer who fills out a survey a coupon or customer loyalty reward.
  6. Forward-thinking, positive leadership sets an example for employees to engage your customers. Raise customer loyalty with higher standards.

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Advertising is shifting mobile – it’s not long just a Google search that matters.

Getting a strategy in place for your mobile advertising is key, because wallets, gift cards, appointments – all of it is tied to mobile advertising!

The numbers in Mobile Advertising

72% of small-business owners have planned for mobile advertising increases with budget and 65 percent of them will boost spending by up to 30 percent, according to a study by Borrell Associates of 1,300 small-business owners.

Google and Facebook are shifting more of their revenues to mobile advertising. In fact, a business can no longer find itself on a web search alone. It takes a robust campaign including mobile advertising, web advertising and traditional redundancies in your marketing plans.

Five Critical Mobile Advertising Tricks to Make you Succeed

1. Create A Native Mobile Ad
“Native advertising” is a new buzz word. It’s a form of advertising that compliment the website it is running on so that it appears to connect more quickly and effectively with the website visitor. Your online and mobile ads do may no longer need to match your BRANDING.

A native ad by a phone accessory retailer might appear on a blog that has mobile phone reviews, which encourages a warmer lead and improves click-through opportunities.

2. Use A Mobile Display Advertising Partner
If native mobile advertising doesn’t appeal to you, you may prefer partnering with a mobile display advertising entity such as Jumptap, mMedia and Mojiva.

This type of advertising allows the beforementioned partners to ensure your ad reaches a wider audience. Additionally, features like contextual ads work much like native advertising and ensure only the audience that would benefit from your product or service sees your ad, offering a higher chance of click-through and activity.

3. Build A Foursquare Ad
Geolocation ads are key! Now I have not been a huge fan of foursquare ads until they made some changes – now they work in your favor!

Geolocation mobile app Foursquare allows users to “check in” at a physical location. This could be a restaurant, bar, gym or car dealership. By checking into the business, a customer has the option to share their location and buying preferences with their online connections on Twitter and Facebook.

As you know, customers check in and they can become the mayor of your abode and you can give out rewards. If you don’t want to depend solely on check-ins you can also create an ad that runs on the Foursquare app. Foursquare Ads only charge you when a potential customer takes an action. The difference is that it only counts when that person visits your store, thereby driving more foot traffic to your storefront.

4. Take Advantage Of QR Codes
One of the most misunderstood and maligned forms of mobile advertising is the QR (Quick Response) code. Similar to the barcode on a grocery item that’s scanned at a supermarket checkout, QR codes are simple and effective ways to drive mobile advertising—if used correctly.

The biggest fault many businesses make with QR codes is not optimizing the experience when you scan the code with your phone, either by a built-in feature of third-party app. Instead of optimizing for the mobile user, businesses are directing people to standard websites or poorly designed landing pages, where it’s almost impossible to take the desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for offers.

To truly take advantage of QR codes, consider the following tactics:
• Use real-time marketing with your ad. When customers scan the code, offer an immediate discount or, if in a restaurant, a free drink or appetizer when they present the code.
• Drive the clicks to a simple yet optimized microsite. Have your offer of the week coupled with a simple “Text me when new offers go live” call-to-action to encourage sign up and use of the QR code.

5. Think Local With Your Keywords
The simplest and honestly most cost-effective way to benefit from mobile advertising is to “not advertise.” Instead focus your website or certain pages of it on local, organic searches instead.
As smartphone users increasingly use GPS and apps like Google Maps, along with search terms to find local services and businesses, being optimized for these types of searches can benefit your physical foot traffic exponentially.

To give you an idea of how important local mobile search is to your business, consider these statistics:
• Mobile searches for restaurants led to a 90 percent conversion rate, with 64 percent visiting within an hour of the search.
• 74% of mobile users used their phones to get “real-time location-based information” directions, up from 55 percent the previous year, according to the Pew Research Center.
• Mobile search will generate 27.8 billion more queries than desktop search by 2015.
With these kinds of numbers, it’s clear that simple SEO isn’t enough for your business—now you need to optimize for local mobile search, too. To take advantage of this shift in research patterns, your business needs to ensure your main website is optimized for these potential customers.

• If your site is not already mobile-friendly, consider revamping its design now. Ideally switch to a responsive design that automatically resizes the screen and provides the optimal user experience for your visitor.
• If you have an e-commerce section, adjust keywords and alt-tags on images to target local searches (“buy the best seafood in New Albany, New Jersey” versus “New Albany seafood,” for example.) Also, ensure that smartphone users can make purchases easily.
• Optimize your images by resizing them and name your images keywords you think people are searching for – businesses forget this!

Get a mobile advertising strategy – or you’ll fall behind. Read Mashable for more information – a great site to stay up on your marketing.

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