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With news since 2008 through 2010 focused on economic recession arguments, DREAMFly Marketing is dedicating this blog to Business Thanksgivings.

If we fail to thank our clients, our family, our friends and people who are supportive of our efforts, we propogate continued negativity. Be positive!

Business Thanksgivings

  • Surviving 2010′s negative news
  • Creation of DREAMFly Marketing LLC
  • The open world my business can sieze
  • Diverse client list allowing me to live my dream
  • Progressive outlook for 2011

Business Thanksgivings come with appreciating your clients, pleasing the ones you have and remembering why you chose to get into the business you are in.

I created DREAMFly Marketing LLC out of a need to fulfill my deep rooted trust that I could truly help businesses of all sizes plan for better futures.

DREAMFly Marketing a Naples, Florida strategic business marketing firm.

Be thankful you are still in business even if you are struggling. Be thankful you were given enough guts to go after what you want!

DREAMFly Marketing’s Business Thanksgivings calls me to want to not only seek out new clients, but to also focus my business to serve a greater community need – a social purpose. What is your social purpose?

Fun Facts That’ll Make You Smile

Did you know?strategic business marketing, dreamfly marketing

Left-handed is the right hand! Because of the way a left-handed or southpaw batter swings in baseball, he is practically running towards first base as soon as he completes his swing making left-handed batters quicker. [source: OnlyPositiveNews]

The city with the highest per capita lightning strike rate is Clearwater, Florida -be glad you don’t live there….and if you do, good luck! [source:]

Most new-money millionaires began just like we did with small businesses that they worked their hearts out to grow into sensations. Keep the work going – you’ll make it!

Business Thanksgivings count for a lot this year as we all look to move into 2011 with renewed hope, renewed appreciation and yes renewed “green.” Visit our sister site for strategic marketing tips to get you going!

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. ~Judy Garland

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Optimize Posts for Search Engines

It takes time to rank your web site on major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. I am not talking about page rank that is offered by Google or Alexa.

Ranking on search engines depends on so many different matrix. Organic, links, in page hit of traffic, referrals and various types. In many cases, it is quite hard for people to make their web pages optimized; who doesn’t deal with professional SEO services. Hence, there are few general rules that I always follow to optimize posts for search engines on wordpress. I am going to elaborate few of the these techniques below.

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Choose perfect heading for your article:
This is in-fact the most important of all. Let me give you a small example. Type this phrase on google “optimize posts for search engines on wordpress”.

You will see near about 447,000 results found. use these key words separately on Google Trends. Notice the relevance of each keywords. Here the data is scaled based on the average search traffic of the term you’ve entered. So if you can ensure to have perfect heading with defined keywords searched by major traffic then your chance to get hits increases a lot.

Use your title within your posts:
Have you seen this post already used the title twice?

This means when Google scans the post it will get more relevance with the title. Try to insert your title phrases you keywords technically so that your search engine hits get a rise.

Be consistent on headings:
Be very consistent while using headings within your posts.

If you give your title a tag <h1> then don’t use it again within your post. It is just like writing a thesis or published article. We always keep relevancy on heading there. For example, if the title is <h1> then a section heading will be within <h2> and if a section has sub heading they will go with <h3>.

Bold your keywords, give them some weight:
Have you seen I am using bold on this post? If you have a clear look you will see I am only bolding those words which are relevant to this post topic.

It helps robot to get determine proper keywords, because you are matching your giving keywords given on meta tags.

Choose proper keywords:
While choosing your keywords for your meta tag on <head> section try to insert keywords taken from your written posts. Especially those which are marked as bold.

For example in this post, keywords should be ‘optimize WordPress’, ‘posts for search engine’, ’SEO’ , ’perfect heading’ , ’keywords’ etc.

Final Touch
I am not a SEO guru, but a blog writer and web site developer I have to use few of these techniques. It works for me. I have seen many of my posts gets higher ranking by using these simple steps.

Hope it will work for you if you use these tips properly. Visit Evan’s
website by clicking here.

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While a marketing blog usually focuses on how to run a business and how to promote it, Marketing Magnetics has chosen to analyze the marketing behind President Barack Obama – not taking sides or moving against him – simply to analyze the thought processes behind his marketing outreaches.

marketing, presidential marketing

During his Presidential “Change” campaign, Obama won over conservatives and liberals alike with his goal to oust Washington D.C.’s political cliques. He promised to pass national health care, review taxes and assist in the economic recovery developed by a world-wide economic collapse. His marketing team was brilliant – selling the idea change was possible, even though most realized change is not up to one man against the majority of Congress.

But on Friday, Nov. 5, 2010, President Obama’s luck with marketing seemed to take a dive into a big black hole following Congressional elections where Republicans won a majority in the House.

Media outlets, on Nov. 5, began reporting that U.S. President Barack Obama would be making a trip across the world, specifically to Asia except for China, to build better relations. During the reports, announcers stated the President’s trip would cost an estimated $200 million per day or $2 billion total for the trip. This prompted outcry across the globe.

On CNN’s Anderson Cooper show, pundits argued the trip’s cost had been incorrectly reported due to a media outlet in India reporting unsubstantiated information and posting it online. President Obama was reported to be taking 3,000 people with him, and in response to questions the White House could not comment for security reasons.

The bottom line is this all spread like wild fire after a reporter posted it online!


CNN Host Anderson Cooper, a few days later, estimated the President’s November 2010 trip could not cost more than $5 to $10 million per day, but again there was no confirmation from the White House. Regardless of the cost, many Americans remained outraged there was any trip at all when jobless reports had continued to rise in October (2010).

Is it political suicide for any President, regardless of which President you analyze, to exhibit spending money? When so many are jobless, the economy is slowly turning a tide but not quite there and Social Security scares exist about its potential crash, what should a President do when international networking comes calling? The easy answer is, do not travel and do not spend money, but are there marketing advances the regular people like us cannot see?

President George W. Bush went out at a low point, because of his determination to finish a war he started, and the public grew tired of hearing about it. President Clinton went out on a low due to personal marital issues.

Marketing 101
Whether you are a President of a country or of a business or even a manager, you must run your corporation by example. If you expect your employees to take furlough days to save costs, then you better make sure you are trimming operational costs as well.

To successfully market and sell staff on your customer message plans, you must operate internally the same as you do externally. When politicians learn this basic marketing planning tool, they’ll be successful.

This is one game you, as an entrepreneur can beat them at – marketing by example, because perception is reality whether we like it or not.

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social media election impact, election impact, best marketing firm, naples marketing firm

As many of us attempt to perfect our social media promotions, our Twitter and Facebook friends are experiencing the social media election impact with interaction to “tip the vote” in 2010.

The Guardian British newspaper in May 2010 reported that Twitter and Facebook, which had been limited primarily to United States youth in previous election cycles, had now become critical components of the election process creating social media election impact.

In fact, Charles Arthur wrote in The Guardian that a Twitter account (@Tweetminster), a media utility connecting Tweeps to UK politics, had 152,342 tweets relating to the third set of the UK political debates. That was an average of 26.77 tweets per second! (read more here)

As the Nov. 2, 2010 elections in the United States drew to a close, once again social media election impact was encouraging voting, talking polling place, social media election impact, election impact, best marketing firm, naples marketing firmabout voting and keeping people informed about election results.

The very fact that people are proud to click “I voted” button on the automatic bulletin by Facebook’s U.S. Politics page is representative of the fact people want to be involved. The U.S. Politics page has more than 132,000 fans.

As CNN began calling the remaining elections at about 11:45 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Nov. 2, I watched the bulletin for U.S. Politics on my wall page jump the number users who had reported voting by 20,000 people in less than a minutes!

By 11:58 p.m., the U.S. Politics “I voted” application showed that 11,761,376 Facebook users had reported voting, and the number was still climbing. (see photo)

social media election impact, election impact, best marketing firm, naples marketing firm

U.S. Politics page visitors could even find their polling location if they’d forgotten. An absolute social media election impact tool to helps those who may need extra voting encouragement. When I visited the “find your polling place” page, I saw another fantastic opportunity with live chats allowing non-related Facebook users to speak about election results.

In a non-presidential election year, for Facebook or Twitter to have so much discussion about candidates and the wins and losses validates my theory for social media election impact.

KSLA-TV in Shreveport, LA interviewed a communications professor that concluded Facebook creates information and communication but it does not necessarily predict elections. They gave the example that a winner of one of the Louisiana elections had fewer “fans” than the loser. (Read more)

The Conclusion
Social media will continue to grow its popularity and interactive opportunities for visitors. With more than 11 million people taking the time to click “I voted”, I’d say news agencies and professors better pay more attention for social media election impact and basic business branding.

You may not decide who you vote for because of Facebook and Twitter feeds, but you will most likely debate with friends candidly and openly, which will improve voter understanding. Hate it or love it, social media opens doors for business branding, promoting and growing. Find your wow factor and run with it!

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Marketing Maniacs Relaxation Deprived
We’ve become so enamored with social media networking and in person networking, are we becoming socially deprived of “alone” time?

While the DREAMFly Marketing Magnetics Blog generally discusses marketing methods, this week’s blog focuses on balancing real life with your online life.

Do you really want to have to look back and say you were so busy networking online, you forgot about enjoying other parts of your life?

Personal Versus Internet Socializing
Nearly 80 percent of the United States population is surfing the Internet on a regular basis, according to World Development Indicators on Google, compared to less than one percent in 1990 during the Internet’s early life stage.

According to The Nielsen Company, global* consumers spent more than five and half hours on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter in December 2009, an 82% increase from the same time last year when users were spending just over three hours on social networking sites [a month]. In addition, the overall traffic to social networking sites has grown over the last three years. (Source: NielsenWire)

In addition to Internet networking, many business owners are also spending an hour to three hours a week socializing at professional events. So how do you balance personal and professional time and remain successful?

Marketing Efficiently & Effectively
Most of your day is spent on only 20% of your activities, meaning the little time you spend enjoying life is lost in the shuffle very often. (Source: Life Optimizer) So the key is to reduce that 20% of work into more like 50% of your time. But how in the world do you do that? Easy step to winning your life back:

  1. Organize your week in advance creating a schedule
  2. Schedule your tweets for business purposes in advance (saves on average 2 hours/week)
  3. Focus on tasks with deadlines first so you are never behind
  4. Non-deadline tasks can always wait
  5. Stick to your schedule as much as possible
  6. Make dinners that are quick (broilers speed cooking times up fyi)
  7. Women could consider washing hair at night to speed up morning preparations
  8. ]

  9. No matter what take an hour or two at night to do nothing but what YOU want to do to relax

Word Press alone hosts 13.9 million blogs according to its own statistics website. Think how many hours we all spend managing blogs and online socialization. On average, most bloggers spend four to six hours per week writing and managing their websites.

You Are Important
As an example, not only do I have a marketing firm, but I have another full time job. I maintain two full time jobs, and I am a wife with other responsibilities. I find time, by cutting myself off even when I need to work more. I save time by auto-tweeting as much as possible and limiting Internet time for tasks such as this, a useful how-to article.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most of us spend less than a half hour relaxing or thinking. In fact, most people believe relaxing is watching TV, but that is still stimulation.

Market to your heart’s content. Work hard but rest easy and you’ll improve your overall job performance. Take a deep breath and plan – you’ll feel better and be more productive.

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