Obamacare Health Insurance Cost Increases Battle the Marketing Budget

obamacare approval, marketing budget, health care reformAn increase in health insurance costs as a result of Obamacare may leave many executives wanting if they fail to create a robust marketing budget, when it comes to filling vacancies and producing revenues.

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Brands Must Embrace Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing strategy is an absolute in today’s diverse advertising world.

Marketing executives are under intense pressure to reach target audiences quickly and deliver rapid revenues using both offline and online channels, while measuring the contribution of each channel in cooperation with sales results.

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MySpace Returns…REALLY?

Well it’s no surprise to those of us who heard Justin Timberlake invested in it – that MySpace – previously thought dead online social media site – has risen from the dead.

MySpace Ad Campaign – Success or Failure?

Bottom line – I’m not sure an ad campaign of any kind can help MySpace which created so much viral social media before but became an outdated scientific joke. Would you use MySpace again just because of an ad campaign after 30 seconds of curiousity?

We bet no. MySpace in general is behind-the-times when it comes to integrated social media sharing and Facebook and Google+ are in a war to win.

The once-dominant social network started airing commercials on June 11, 2013 to promote the public launch of a new and significantly redesigned Myspace. Under new management, the full unedited commercial, which you can watch below, is part of a $20 million ad campaign spanning broadcast, radio and digital platforms, according to a rep for the company.


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Did you know?
According to Alexa Internet, MySpace is currently the world’s sixth most popular English-language website and the sixth most popular website in any language, and the third most popular website in the United States.

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Will You Use MySpace????

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42 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

If technology and social media is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll outline 42 resources you may have missed. Everything from online schools to tech savvy tools.

The reporters and editors at Mashable searched the Internet high and low to find the best, new apps and gadgets. We’ve compiled a list of the best of the best in this one post to get you going FAST!

In addition to the topics we normally cover — social media, business, and tech, this week we’re featuring a roundup including comedy…after all you can find humor on the Internet, right?

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10 Tools That Help Create Advertising Color Schemes

1. Adobe Kuler

advertising agency naplesAdobe Kulers’ user-friendly, versatile, cloud-based interface creates a slick experience. It’s built around three core principals: Users can browse, build and share color schemes through the site, desktop (Adobe Air) app or (Mac OS X) Dashboard widget. It’s also available inside the Adobe CS4 Creative Suite applications.

You can search color schemes by color, concept, hex values, tags and more. The ability to create a scheme based on the colors of an image you upload is also an incredibly useful feature. Once you’ve settled on your color combination, download it as an Adobe Swatch Exchange file or by simply accessing the color table values.

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