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Smell the Roses in 2012

Southwest Florida marketing blog, 2012 economic outlook, rebrandingA discussion whether President Obama or Bush is to blame for the economy – you hear it at every coffee house.

Odd I rarely hear anyone in these rambunctious debates actually creating or discussing any solutions. Hm…..
A solution: Rebranding your company could save the business. Read on!

Did You Know

  • Most people like to blame rather than solve?
  • Businesses make up 90% of the economy?
  • More people are filing for their own business?
  • Job growth is significantly slower than job loss?

Our Naples Marketing Firm is all about marketing solutions. Business owners and employees alike must look for economic solutions and stop complaining. Bad energy gets you nowhere fast.

The Numbers Tell a Story

In the Oct. 21-27, 2011 Gulf Coast Business Review, journalists reported the 2012 outlook is “uncertain.”

State of Florida officials have reduced tax revenue forecasts through early 2013 by $1.6 billion, according to the News Service of Florida.

Florida Employment Statistics

  • Cape Coral – Fort Myers, Florida
  • Naples – Marco Island
  • Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater
  • 2005: 208,140 2010: 193,940 = -6.82%
  • 2005: 121,570 2010: 109,290 = -10.10%
  • 2005: 1,222,940 2010: 1,091,750 = -10.73%
Population has grown 15-20% across the board while fewer work. Limited Liability Corporation filings are up.

Don’t live in Florida?
Make it your business to know your state’s economic atmosphere. The numbers don’t lie, and can help guide a company to an improved marketing strategy.

A Successful Turn Around Story

Tab Hunter, owner of The Surfin’ Plumbers, reported that just by rebranding his 30-year-old Pritchard Plumbing company, he grew profits by 250%! (source: Gulf Coast Business Review, Oct. 20-27, 2011 issue, page 13)

Lesson learned – those who change with the economy and rise above the competition will succeed. Hunter said the “surfing” branding runs all the way through his company now from how they answer the phone to how they dress and it’s been a huge hit.

If Mr. Hunter can rebrand his established company, then so can you. Our Naples Marketing Firm has witnessed people fail to modify business for the economy, but it isn’t too late.

The Keys to Rebranding

Don’t be afraid plain and simple. Have the guts to make a change.

Southwest Florida marketing firms, like any agency, will promise you the world, but if you fail to heed your marketing firm’s advice for change – watch out. We always research the market and competition before moving clients towards rebranding.

Although not a solution for every economic challenge, our Naples marketing firm team knows rebranding often works.

Risk takers are both winners and losers, but you won’t ever win if you never take a chance.

Detailed tips for rebranding can be found in the Branding Marketing Strategy article series. Like what you read? Please leave comments below and get in the know with this blog.

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Closing a Business Deal

You’re gaining business leads and meeting up with potential clients? Or perhaps you are bricks and mortar location business with new customers coming in?

Are you closing the deals or losing them? Closing a deal is different than gaining access to pitch to a new client or customer.

First you have to Open the Door
One of the best tools for opening up doors to at least gaining a meeting with someone is to connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or LinkedIn.

Not all social media connections will be local but you can make connections personal by emailing your newest online friend and asking them about their business without any sales talk. It leads to a conversation, then an invite to coffee…and the door opens.

If you are a bricks and mortar location, you should still try to genuinely connect with potentially new customers online, but you may be drawing more consumers into your physical location through advertising. Having a consumer walk into your store or business location…is still just an open door. There’s no promise they’ll buy and return.

Closing the Deal
Generally, when you meet with someone the first time, it is best to listen. Take cues from the person’s tone of voice, the types of problems or solutions being discussed and the person’s body language.

Tips for closing deals
Our Naples Marketing Firm knows first-hand how tough closing a deal can be.

closing a business deal, naples marketing firm

Learn the Tricks to Closing Business Deals

Always remember, not every client is a fit for your business. Knowing this should give you a calmer and more open approach to new consumers.

  1. Conversations at first and second meetings are often robust.

    Don’t let the conversation settle and if you run out of things to say – do NOT revert to what I call sales speak. Ask questions and listen.

  2. Give some free advice. If you help the person, they will immediately have value in your new connections.

    Let’s be clear – I don’t give out an entire marketing strategy free over coffee – but I do provide 1-2 marketing tips.

    When the person receives results, he or she may decide to hire my Naples Marketing Firm for future needs.

  3. Have your 30 second “this is what I do” speech ready in non-sales terms.

    When the person asks what you can do for them – remember to focus on how your service positively impacts others – it’s about THEM not you!

    “Be Brief, Brilliant and Be Gone” is advice the late Collier County, Florida Manager James Mudd – a fierce leader – gave me once.

  4. Explain how your service or product will benefit the person.

    Why should someone care you are selling vitamins? Maybe they should choose your vitamins because they are derived from whole foods and have no fillers so they receive true nutrition value – tell them!

  5. If the person doesn’t express specific interest in what you have to offer, thank them for their time.

    Then send a follow up hand written thank you note or email and attach information about the product or service you were talking about.

    Here’s the key – Attach the document and ask them to share it with others they might think will benefit. You are selling without selling. It’s about the connection.

  6. Follow up but don’t be pushy. Enough said!
  7. Finally – deliver what you say you will – do not deceive and they’ll refer new clients and remain a loyal customer

They Bought – The Final Steps
The final steps to closing a deal often include a contract for those of us in marketing or online businesses. For those of you with store fronts, closing the deal is following the steps above but then getting the customer to purchase right on the spot and customer service is key!

Your business’s finances and profits are about you, but a company’s service or product is about the consumer. And with success you can plan for the future with Qrops.

Frame your business dealings, networking, blogs, advertising and social media to focus on consumers’ needs and you’ll improve closing the deals.

What tips do you have for closing deals – share with our readers! If you like what you have read, our Naples Marketing Firm invites you to receive our weekly email blog. This marketing company in Naples provides PR, website design, SEO, social media and marketing strategy services.

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Do You Make Clients Smile?

Naples marketing firm, strategic marketing solutions for customer serviceIf we’re being honest, we can FORGET TO KEEP CUSTOMERS HAPPY when we get caught up office work and projects.

The Value of Thank You…is Priceless
DREAMFly Marketing Magnetics discusses strategic marketing each week. Did you know the most important piece of your strategic marketing puzzle is keeping clients happy?

According to MarketingSherpa.com, it’s 5-7 times more expensive to GAIN new customers than it is to keep the ones you have HAPPY.

Strategic Marketing Tactics That Deliver Robust Customer Relationships
Listen to clients about their challenges. Too many fantastically expensive strategic marketing plans lack real teeth for building and monitoring customer relationships.

The Teeth in Customer’s Smiles

  • Send regular thank you notes with hand written signatures (for small-medium sized businesses)

    Larger companies may wish to send preprinted but personalized thank you letters or notes

  • Send a simple, personalized thank you / incentive email with an exclusive savings offer

    Use MailChimp or Constant Contact and “code” the email to include each recipients first name. It’s a blast email personalized!

  • Connect with customers on Facebook, Google+ and/or LinkedIn

    Social media believe it or not is more personal than generic mail and allows unfettered interaction

Our Naples Marketing Firm is often very busy and the team can get weighed down with deadlines, but just like you, we have a responsibility to engage clients, listen and help. Excellent service should be a no brainer.

The DREAMFly Marketing Team sets itself apart by pioneering marketing strategy and executing benchmarks to grow client’s profits and improve their lives…with a focus on service.

So…what sets your business apart?

Rusty Customer Service? Dust Off Your Best Strategic Marketing Tool!

  • Learn from customer service mistakes.
  • improving customer service

  • Upset patron?
    Listen! Don’t over talk, but do say their concern is your concern and offer to solve the issue.
  • Match your mission with customer treatment to connect your strategic marketing system
    For example, don’t advertise you are responsive when it takes you 4 hours to return calls. Don’t say service is polite and speedy when it’s argumentative and frustrating.

    Have staff answer the phone in a tone that matches your advertising, promotions and personal vision for the business.

  • Make extra time for clients that need it and become indispensable

Following those simple tips will make YOU the person clients look FORWARD to hearing from!

By connecting the dots from employee attitude to operations, staff telephone tone to customer promotions, strategic marketing comes to life.

Liked what you’ve read? Leave comments below and sign up for our blog newsletter.

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Colors Communicate – Are Your Logo Colors Helping Business Grow?

For logos, general marketing designs and advertising….colors matter!

What Do Colors Say?

A color’s voice is universal. Our minds interpret a color’s meaning subconsciously.

What is the color of your company logo saying about your business?

Maximize marketing strategy success by analyzing your “branding” colors and how they coordinate with the strategic marketing plan.

RED is the obvious choice for conveying heat, but some argue “red” tells consumers to stop so often a deep gold color like Dairy Queen uses in its advertising is a more popular designer choice.

Hear The Voice of Your Brand’s Colors

Colors and their meanings, best logo colors

Few logos use the colors pink and purple, because some designers believe these colors speak to primarily the female audience. DREAMFly Marketing calls for common sense with strategic marketing and logo design. If you want warmth and calmness or royalty, wealth and to communicate with the affluent pink or purple respectively might be solid choices.

Remember strategic marketing works when you coordinate every piece of business – your company message, logo design, logo colors, letterhead, advertising and every portion of your marketing.

Logo Designs That Successfully Communicate Positive Messages

Don’t design for your eye – design for the buyers!

best logo colors, colors for logos, strategic marketing

DREAMFly Marketing Team Member David Cecere chose Purple (PMS 2607) and a yellowish gold (PMS 109) to convey the upscale, “top-shelf” positioning of this line of oven-ready natural cut fish fillets for his client Fishery Products International.

The font with this logo was also critical to convey the elegant nature of the product not only in design but also with the font.

best logo colors, colors for logos

For Serinos Italian Foods, David used green (PMS 554) and an orange/red (PMS 1805) not only to communicate the fresh homemade Italian pastas and sauces, but the colors also tied in the colors of the Italian flag.

The golden yellow allowed the company name to stand-out and jump off the page. The colors convey power, fun and health. Greens and blues are heavily used by banking institutions and business-to-business companies.

best colors for a logo

The traditional Red, White and Blue approach really spoke for the Cherry Street Fish Market communicating it as a great american, fresh seafood company.

The use of white (absence of color) conveyed that the fresh seafood market is clean matching the strategic marketing of the company. Likewise, this is why the logo design is simple and uncluttered.

For Nova Computer Repair, deep and bright blue treatments allows viewers to feel the vastness of cyber space and showed NOVA’s ability to solve client problems.

Blues and grays are always fantastic ways, especially if a gray or blue gradient is used, to show off technology and global attraction as well as solid growth.

What colors do you like?
Are your branding colors communicating YOUR strategic marketing message? Share!

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DREAMFly Celebrates One Year of Blogging

A year of blogging and so much more to come!

Naples marketing firm, blogging, strategic marketingAs many of you know it is through blogs and online posts, we learn about cutting edge marketing and business strategies.

Our strategic marketing firm in Naples, Florida is proud to continue providing advice on how to best lead your company to the trough of success.

Did You Know?

  • Blogs connect you to business owners across the world?
  • Your blog comments could lead to free advice from someone who can help?
  • Writing a blog has become a primary marketing method for web sites?
  • Your blog can be submitted to national blogging sites such as EzineMark.com?

Creating a Conversation
By creating a conversation where readers can learn absolutely free, your blog like our Marketing Magnetics Blog will attract new customers and reassure existing customers that your company is a quality company.

For those of you blogging, remember whether you are a Naples Marketing Firm, an Indiana dental practice, a pet rescue or a building industry expert, you have something to offer others – YOUR EXPERTISE!

DREAMFly Marketing is a strategic marketing firm in Naples, Florida, and our blog has allowed us to grow our business beyond Southwest Florida. So what are you waiting for? Already blogging but losing motivation? Go for the gold and write about what really motivates you and see the difference it makes.

What Should You Write About?
You can promote a personal blog connected with your business or choose to have a blog like DREAMFly’s that is focused on your business functions and services.

Although we focus primarily on marketing strategy, advertising and public relations, we also write blogs about work stress, the economy and how to stay motivated. So branch out and think out of the box.

If you have fun blogging, people will have fun reading your work.

Our Anniversary Special as a Thank You
We are celebrating one year of blogging and our official one year anniversary for the marketing firm. Whether you are just now finding DREAMFly Marketing’s Marketing Magnetics Blog or you’ve been reading it for a year, we want to give you exclusive access to our expertise with a One Year Anniversary Special.

Buy one press release for $100, get a second press release free, PLUS we’ll send it to your local media outlets! This offer is active through Sept. 15, 2011.

To take advantage of this special, click here to email us.

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