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The Convergence of Social Media & Social Conscience

It’s no surprise that the movie, The Social Network, was up for an Oscar this year (2011).

It’s all about the charged energy of connection and one young man’s will to bring an idea to fruition based on that premise.

What happened in Egypt is no accident. Demographics and technology were on their side. 20|| draws a line in the demographic sand. This is the year that the Baby Boomer Generation begins to retire and a generation of youth became mobilized through technology.

We don’t have to wait for our governments to take the first step. Combining our collective voices using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, literally brought down a government, which is revolutionary. Here are some interesting points from a social media perspective:

  • A day of protest in Egypt is announced on the Facebook page, “We Are All Khaled Said,” which was created to honor the victim of a police killing in Egypt.naples marketing expert, twitter influence
  • The protesters then use Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to stay organized, share intelligence and spread their message worldwide.
  • In an action unprecedented in Internet history, the Egyptian government ordered service providers to shut down effectively disconnecting a modern economy and 80,000,000 people from the World Wide Web.
  • Companies, including Google, establish work-arounds to get Internet access back up and available to Egyptians.
  • Google marketing executive, Wael Ghonim, is arrested by Egyptian authorities and, upon his release, took part in a passionate TV interview where it was announced that he was one of the anonymous creators of the We Are All Khaled Said Facebook page and helped coordinate the social media aspect of this revolution.

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