Is Your Logo Making You Money?

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Colors Communicate – Are Your Logo Colors Helping Business Grow?

For logos, general marketing designs and advertising….colors matter!

What Do Colors Say?

A color’s voice is universal. Our minds interpret a color’s meaning subconsciously.

What is the color of your company logo saying about your business?

Maximize marketing strategy success by analyzing your “branding” colors and how they coordinate with the strategic marketing plan.

RED is the obvious choice for conveying heat, but some argue “red” tells consumers to stop so often a deep gold color like Dairy Queen uses in its advertising is a more popular designer choice.

Hear The Voice of Your Brand’s Colors

Colors and their meanings, best logo colors

Few logos use the colors pink and purple, because some designers believe these colors speak to primarily the female audience. DREAMFly Marketing calls for common sense with strategic marketing and logo design. If you want warmth and calmness or royalty, wealth and to communicate with the affluent pink or purple respectively might be solid choices.

Remember strategic marketing works when you coordinate every piece of business – your company message, logo design, logo colors, letterhead, advertising and every portion of your marketing.

Logo Designs That Successfully Communicate Positive Messages

Don’t design for your eye – design for the buyers!

best logo colors, colors for logos, strategic marketing

DREAMFly Marketing Team Member David Cecere chose Purple (PMS 2607) and a yellowish gold (PMS 109) to convey the upscale, “top-shelf” positioning of this line of oven-ready natural cut fish fillets for his client Fishery Products International.

The font with this logo was also critical to convey the elegant nature of the product not only in design but also with the font.

best logo colors, colors for logos

For Serinos Italian Foods, David used green (PMS 554) and an orange/red (PMS 1805) not only to communicate the fresh homemade Italian pastas and sauces, but the colors also tied in the colors of the Italian flag.

The golden yellow allowed the company name to stand-out and jump off the page. The colors convey power, fun and health. Greens and blues are heavily used by banking institutions and business-to-business companies.

best colors for a logo

The traditional Red, White and Blue approach really spoke for the Cherry Street Fish Market communicating it as a great american, fresh seafood company.

The use of white (absence of color) conveyed that the fresh seafood market is clean matching the strategic marketing of the company. Likewise, this is why the logo design is simple and uncluttered.

For Nova Computer Repair, deep and bright blue treatments allows viewers to feel the vastness of cyber space and showed NOVA’s ability to solve client problems.

Blues and grays are always fantastic ways, especially if a gray or blue gradient is used, to show off technology and global attraction as well as solid growth.

What colors do you like?
Are your branding colors communicating YOUR strategic marketing message? Share!

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  • Liz Crowley

    We used green in our logo for financial services, because green infers growth – but I’ve never seen the full color and definition list – interesting!

    • Krista

      We used a mix of yellow and orange connecting with our message that we are active and vibrant – I think it works.

  • Etanner53

    Camden I know your favorite color is pink – mine too….but I still like the revised Dreamfly logo! :)

    • Sherman

      Well I’m not crazy about pink – glad to know others are – my favorite color for logos in looking at the ones posted here is a bright teal blue like the Internet Explorer icon – it just appeals to me not sure I think of it as calming – it just sticks out without being overly bright.  Anyone else?

      • Sherry Rale

        Personally, I love that Serino’s logo. That I think is the only time I have seen a green and red used where it doesn’t look like Christmas – kudos to the designer.

  • Camden Smith

    Etanner 53, Liz and Krista,
    Sounds like you all did exactly what you should do when creating a logo – you thought first! Congrats. Keep in mind colors, design style, font and layout are all part of making sure your logo successfully connects with consumers to convey your company’s branding message accurately.  - thanks for your comments! – Camden Smith, DREAMFly Marketing

  • Michael Straface

    Red as stop – good point – maybe that’s why American Cancer Society uses red?? Just a thought…

  • Msmith9176

    Interesting article about color and your logo. I wish we had this information when we chose our colors, but luckily I think we ended up with the right ones.