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A big company that couldn’t DID.
Have an idea to dominate your competition?
Believe it – It CAN Happen!

It’s easy to get yourself down, whether you are an employee of a big employer or the big boss – the bottom line is you have to believe in yourself.

Sound too cheesy? Try this on for size. Internet conglomerate decides to develop software that can be used on cell phones. Critics said Google couldn’t beat Apple’s iphone and yet it’s happened.

Google earns gold star. Business learn how to succeed by Google's example.Two years following its launch, Wall Street Journal reports Google has earned a strategic marketing Gold Star with consumer’s as the Android software phones are now outselling the iphone.

Google’s Android software has grown sevenfold with 33.3 million purchases in the fourth quarter of 2010.

There is even an Android and Me community online. iphone lovers may deny Android’s climb, but sales speak and iphone has reported a slip in sales.

So How Do You Achieve a Marketing Gold Star?
Easy. What are you doing better than the competition?

Ask yourself what improvements would allow you to totally dominate? Just a small difference over the competition can produce a strategic marketing win.

Bank business on company or personal strengths. This reduces the risks – and yes employees this applies to your job performances!

The days of working hard with a payoff are over – work smart. Google has proven that despite its critics that strategic marketing and planning of only an idea can win millions of customers if you exceed consumers’ expectations.

Discover your Gold by asking:

  • What are my company’s real strengths?
  • What are my company’s weaknesses and can we improve those or stop those services?
  • What are we the best at?
  • How can we further improve our top performance and/or service? (Brainstorm as if the sky is the limit)
  • If we made these improvements, how would it affect the competition and our revenues?

If you answered, yes you have a strength that you could improve with some change, you’ve found your pathway to Gold.

A Naples, Florida Gold Example
Treasure Island sounds like a vacation destination, but it is an antique gift shop. A Naples, Fla. attraction, the shop carries genuine and not so genuine antiques. It earns a gold star for its uniquely large inventory.

Treasure Island earns a Gold Star also because its dealers desire to find you exactly what you want. Just like your favorite garage sale, you can find anything in this store and the antique dealers are local.

While it may not dominate in Renoir paintings, the store beats the competition, because consumers’ love to lose themselves inside if only for an hour or two to dream of better days….and maybe make a purchase to create a new, old memory.

Start thinking. Start growing.
Our Naples marketing firm, DREAMFly Marketing, for example, focuses on marketing planning and public relations. We turn down work that is not our domination focus so we remain focused on our own strategic marketing Gold Star.

Dream. Believe. Your potential is calling.

Grab a piece of paper and start brainstorming those great ideas right now before those ideas fade. Be inspired. No more saying “I can’t” or “I would if” – just do it, as Nike says. Do it now!

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It’s Time to Break Out Risk for Businesses

USA Today is reporting that many businesses are ready to go beyond “sales” to attract customers following the economic fall that began in 2008.

While doctor offices and the medical field may not be showcasing sales, most of the private and public commercial industry has focused on half off and weekend promotions to boost business. How many stores have you gone to this year because of a sale? 5? 10? 20+?

What Are the Marketing Keys for 2011?
According to product launch experts, the key is literally getting out of the mundane box the economy has put us in.

“We’re going to see a ramp-up in risk taking.”

- Tom Vierhile, director of product launch analytics at researcher Datamonitor

Strategic marketing includes the development of new products. But what about those of you not “creating” an actual product, right?

A great example of out of the box thinking is taking a small financial risk as opposed to a large one. Con-Agra, manufacturer of microwavable popcorn, is creating a popcorn with a bag that becomes a bowl!

On a local level we have to think just as smart but financially smarter.

A Strategic Marketing Guide of What Consumers Want:

  1. Time Savers
  2. Products at Their Fingertips
  3. Convenient Products for Lifestyle
  4. Local if affordable over national products
  5. Connection to favorite products on social media
  6. Customer Service
  7. We like to produce what WE think is important, but with so many choices and so little time consumers need YOU to fit THEIR life quickly and simply. Two good examples in Naples, Florida of this success are discussed below.

Time Saver Success in Southwest Florida
Naples, Fla. based BlocDeals is a local-focused coupon website that emails time and money savers to its subscribers. Advertising here makes it simple to discover new customers. Groupon does not allow medical facilities to advertise, so if you are in the medical field find a local coupon website

Strategic marketing, coupons in florida, marketing trends

BlocDeals connects local businesses with local customers.

to promote your out of the box sale or idea.


“We are truly a local company for local business and our flexibility allows us to help local businesses maximize revenues. This is also how we have grow to be a very strong competitor locally in Southwest Florida for a large national company like Groupon.”

- Robert Desiano, BlocDeal founder

Desiano believes his success is because he is helping businesses succeed and meets regularly with advertisers to create robust working relationships, which takes us to the second and most important component for 2011 success.

Customer Service – Be Honest Do You Have It?


Does anyone remember the days when instead of voice mail you spoke to a person immediately when you called a business? Where did customer service go?


The most perfect example of customer services in Southwest Florida is Petunia’s of Naples, a fun, fashion boutique for women on Fifth Avenue South in Naples, Fla. Owner Claudette Willis said her customer service is simple. The store opened in 1994.

“When a client walks in, I learn their name, their mother’s name, their pets names. I care about their personal information, because that’s what customer service is about. When someone walks in and you remember what they purchased and their personal details that is what makes the difference.”

-Claudette Willis, Petunia’s of Naples owner

Best tips for 2011:

  • Create opportunity thinking beyond sales
  • Take a hard look at customer service standards and policies
  • Connect with customers online, in person and through the mail
  • Be personal in all that you do

Contact DREAMFly Marketing with questions or post questions on our web or Facebook pages.

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Press Release Templates to Drive YOUR News

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media interviews, press releases to news, news coverage

Camden Smith of DREAMFly Marketing jumps in to help a news crew cover a press release prompted story. It never hurts to help the media.

There are a number of opinions on how to write a press release and what type of template to use. For local markets (non-national) news releases, the best press release template is one that does not use the “About Us” section after the actual news.

What am I talking about?
Corporate press releases tend to throw all company information towards the end of the release. This is required by many online press release sites; however for local media this is useless. In this post, this style is labeled an About Us PR Template.

For local media outlets including newspapers, it is important to use company history and information as an integrated part of the press release’s news.

Examples of these 2 styles

Download a PR Template That Delivers
Want news coverage but not sure if your company news is really news?

It’s all about how you lay out the information and how you write it.

If you are unsure how to write a press release in the most effective manner, please read “How To Write a Press Release” to ensure the maximum success.

Post questions about press release writing and formatting in the comments area – we will provide you with solid solutions and understanding.

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Event Planning: Best 4 Playground Rules

Remember dodge ball and other fun, silly games we played as children on the school playground? There were days I am sure we all remember we witnessed or participated in arguments on the playground or temper tantrums and on occasion a dodge ball thrown in another kid’s face.

event planning tips, best four event planning tips, promotions

Avoid Event Committee Throwdowns

Unlike an elementary school playground, event planning requires patience, understanding of others and the ability to go after what you want without upsetting others…unless you want repercussions.

4 Actions to Take the Sting Out of Event Planning

  1. Create Friendly Playmates
  2. Share the Toys
  3. Develop Bragging Rights Strategy
  4. Get Sponsors to Spoil You

Finding Friendly Playmates

Passionate people are attracted to event planning. Passionate people may try to take control of your event. Play to event partners’ strengths and give up control when it appropriately benefits the event.

You need at least four business partners to help plan an event for say 1,500 people or more. Bring playmates to the schoolyard that offset your weaknesses.

A great event example of partnerships is Howl-A-Day Jubilee, a pet shelter fundraiser in Naples, Florida, which I created with the shelter in 2005. While strong on promotions, I was weaker on event site plan creation. By allowing event partners take over the site layout and many other responsibilities, efforts paid out with five thousand pet owners attending the 2006 event donating nearly $12,000 to the shelter.

Find event partners outside of your regular circle by contacting professional affiliated groups, churches, non-profit organizations and nearby businesses.

How To Share the Toys
Disagreements will arise. Prevent event committee members from throwing their toys at each other by remaining in charge as the committee chair.

Never let committee members argue. Compliment each partner for their enthusiasm and then ask to discuss all ideas. Talking it out generally works to refocus passionate board members.

Sharing event responsibilities is at the heart of sharing your toys. Give board members important jobs, not the ones you don’t want to do. Finally, compliment all of your partners repeatedly and meet offline with those under performing.

Developing a Bragging Rights Strategy
How to promote and when is the question.

Event partners must create a strategy behind the event’s slogan, logo, tag line or promotional text and what marketing materials will be printed. Strategy includes a delivery plan for all your marketing materials.

Most affordable, promotional handout: 3″ (wide) by 8″ (tall) bookmark style point-of-sale handout. 90,000 of this type of handout costs between $1,500 and $3,000. Why this? Black and white flyers do little to catch consumers’ attention. A 3X8 handout is smaller and more convenient than a flyer. It’s easy. It’s cheap. It’s fast. Stores will agree to hand it out to their patrons and sometimes your libraries.

Too many event planners forget about the importance of follow through with a promotions plan. A distribution plan is key. Without it, you can’t maximize your promotions.

Getting Sponsors to Spoil You
Every event need sponsors to spoil it with riches.

Sponsors make the difference between making money and losing it. Call friends. Send social media alerts. Ask others to share. Develop a sponsorship kit with a cover page, 3-4 sponsorship level choices and ask your event partners to earn at least two sponsors each.

Call local media outlets who may have expressed interest in your type of event before.

Summary: Make It Simple
Event planning isn’t brain surgery. All you need is reliable playmates, orderly assignments and a solid strategy behind your event promotions.

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How to Stay Motivated as an Online Home Business Entrepreneur

Written by Michelle Jayes, edited by DREAMFly Marketing

No matter how dedicated and passionate you are about your online home business, as an entrepreneur working from home it is inevitable at some point you are going to find your motivation dropping.

This is something that will happen slowly over a period of time, just as it would if you owned a business right down the road from your house. In fact, many of the readers here on DREAMFly Marketing’s Marketing Magnetics Blog may own “traditional” businesses. But you still have to find motivation.

Recognizing Reduced Motivation
Because this can affect work production and occurs over a long period of time, recognizing the issue can prove difficult. Prevent it from happening with these few daily habits we will provide to you.

Failing to follow good, solid habits can negatively affect your online home business. Therefore, it is essential for you to keep up on your daily tasks and keep your head in the game.

Online entrepreneurs need motivationg for strategic marketing successes.

Captivating the World Takes Motivation.

Step Away from the Computer – Yes Step Away
Feeling fuzzy and drained? Unmotivated? Take a break! We wouldn’t ask a surgeon or other professional to work fact that might be scarey, so we are saying the same to you.

The emails and phone calls can be returned in a few hours. The world will not end.

Some people find the best break is to temporarily switch the project that they are working on, which can assist in rejuvenating your passion and drive.

Pushing through a period where one feels unmotivated is actually more harmful than helpful – your work will be affected. If you are not sufficiently focused your chances of making mistakes will increase or alternatively you may find yourself just not working efficiently. When you take a break it gives you the opportunity to refresh your mind and come back to working enthusiastically.

Two hours of focused and efficient work reaps better rewards than eight hours of trying to work and losing focus.

Set Boundaries for Work, Family and Enjoyment
Yes you have to set boundaries! One of the difficulties facing online home business entrepreneurs is that they tend to spend a good portion of their time in front of their computers.

Even if you own a traditional business, you may feel the same with all the social media you are most likely managing during and after your work day.

Plan your work time just as if it is a 9 to 5 job, if that exists anymore, and plan family or hobby time. Some days may go longer but a schedule helps. This will give you structure and often helps to provide direction.

Enjoy Free Time
Keep motivation elevated by making sure that you really enjoy your free time. Many people feel guilty when they take time off and end up spending that time worrying that they are not working.

One of the main reasons people choose to work from home is the freedom it provides, so be sure to really enjoy free time. It benefits you and your business.

A big issue in the workplace regularly addressed is staff motivation to ensure productivity is high. Unmotivated workers are more likely to make mistakes. This applies equally to running an online home business.

Be pro-active, take regular breaks, set boundaries for yourself and enjoy the free time you plan. By doing this you will keep your motivation levels high and you will find greater success for your online home business.

Articles Source: How to Stay Motivated as an Online Home Business Entrepreneur
Image Source: Renjith Krishnan /

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Public Relations Bloopers Lessons

Bad news can mean good news coverage….but most of the time PR bloopers just spell disaster. Funny examples of why sometimes shutting your mouth can be a good thing.

Someone has just antagonized you and instead of avoiding the pitfall, you…and me included…..fall into the pitfall of a PR (Public Relations) nightmare. Did you just say what you think you said?

This article exposes mistakes that can make us sound utterly stupid…in a humorous way. Let these bloopers motivate you to speak smoothly and succinctly.

“Nothing travels faster than light, with the possible exception of bad news, which follows its own rules”

Top 4 PR Mistakes Turning Good News into Bad News

  1. Reacting rather than thoughtfully speaking
  2. Unpracticed answers for potential controversial issues
  3. Arguing with the media or customers who then complain to media outlets
  4. Looking nervous – never looks good

Reactive Speech Will Damage
When you think it, maybe you shouldn’t say it. Quick example of what happens when you pretend not to hear that little voice in your head.

Reactive speech mistake examples:

”I could give a flying crap about the political process … We’re an entertainment company.”

—FOX News Channel’s Glenn Beck, Forbes interview, April, 2010

He’s on the news! (laughing) S-T-U-P-I-D statement even though it hasn’t hurt his ratings…you, as a business person, may not be so lucky with an intelligent comment to the media.

”The Cambridge police acted stupidly.”

—Barack Obama, commenting on a white police officer’s arrest of black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. who was carrying no identification while entering his home in Cambridge, Mass., at a news conference, July 22, 2009

Presidential lesson: Make sure you know the situation you are discussing. This comment triggered outcry from law enforcement officials, because they are required by law to confirm an unknown person’s identification.

Unpracticed Answers for Controversial Issues
You better know your answers in advance. A prepared answer may turn controversy into “good” a news story. But how?

  • Review controversial issues with staff prior to interviews
  • Outline and practice responses to controversies
  • Never say, “I don’t know.” Reply you will get back to the reporter with the answer
  • Even if the media interview is about a project, know about the company’s other projects and outstanding issues to be prepared
  • Avoid getting lured into a media “quote” trap and always provide positive statements

An example of reaction-based media statements is below

”I’m not a witch…I’m you.”

—Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, in a 30-second ad responding to video clips from her past in which she said she dabbled in witchcraft, Oct. 4, 2010

Uh what? (laughing) Well can you run to the store and grab some groceries before you come home from my job since you are me? O’Donnell’s public relations rep could have prevented her from being on the dumbest quotes list for 2010.

Arguing With the Media Is Just Bad
Newspaper print lasts forever, especially online, so be careful. I am the example here.

A reporter emailed me to ask why I had not sent out a press release about a park closing for part of the day. I responded that I had emailed the media to alert them but media half the time ignored press releases of unimportant issues like that. He published the email in the Naples Daily News with me saying in essence that the media ignores the press releases I was sending, which is not what I meant!

Learn from my mistake, because of course the media did publish the majority of my press releases.

Know Your Business
You could fall into a trap during a media interview with a question like, “Is that project running on time?”

You reply, “Yes we are running on schedule.” Then the reporter replies, “We talked to code enforcement today and some violations could postpone the opening, didn’t you know?”

Be prepared and know your company’s news. If you don’t know the answer, say you’ll get back to the reporter.

Acting Nervous Looks Suspicious
Even if the reporter doesn’t pick up on it, the television viewer will for TV interviews. So interview with ease, and if you can’t, get a staff member who can.

Use these tips to put your best “media” foot forward! Contact DREAMFly Marketing or post questions here.

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