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Hearst Claims 800,000 Digital Subscribers.

How Do You Rank?

Hearst Corp., publisher of Cosmopolitan, Elle and Road & Track among other titles, now has 800,000 paying digital subscribers, according to President David Carey.

social media marketing, hearst publications, digital subscribers

David Carey of Hearst Corporation Shares Digital Subscriber Numbers

Carey (pictured right) included the stat in a letter to employees at the company. The figure refers to monthly subscribers across all titles and via iPads, Nooks, Kindle Fires and Android devices for the end of 2012. Carey claims the figure is “the highest in the industry” and that more than 80% of those subscribers are new to Hearst.

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11 Rules to Insure You Fail Miserably

…at Digital Marketing

We preach, advise, recommend and execute marketing. Yet sometimes, even our marketing firm in Naples, encounters a client that rejects our advice and wants to do it, as Frank Sinatra said, “my way.”

So we are republishing Find and Convert.com’s article HOW TO FAIL AT DIGITAL MARKETING. If we missed any cardinal rules here please be sure to comment and let us know.

1. Keep Upper Management in the Dark

Effective digital marketing contributes to sales efforts in a multitude of ways. If upper-management does not fully understand the ROI value of your digital marketing plan, your funding (and maybe your job) can be jeopardized at any point. Imagine what would happen if upper-management refused to be involved in marketing.

Needless to say, your ability to be found on the web would be a fraction of your full online potential. If you are looking to minimize your results, “keep management in the dark.”

2. Adopt a “Need to Know” Management Style

Digital marketing success demands a 360-degree marketing mindset. In a recent post, we listed the number of skill sets required for effective digital marketing results. Each skill set affects your results. Ignoring collaboration among team members is a sure-fire way to fail.

3. Keep Focused in Your Comfort Zone

It is virtually impossible to be an expert in all the skill sets required for effective digital marketing. Marketers do not need to be technology geeks in order to create effective digital marketing success.

However, marketers do need to grasp how technology is used to execute and measure digital marketing plans. Marketing techniques that have worked well in the traditional sense, do not always convert into effective online strategies. Keep looking back to your past successes. Then try to replicate them all online. That’s a great way to fail.

4. Ignore Data, Why Not?

Analytics allow you to measure online digital marketing results.

They provide insight into visitor behavior that offers understanding in how to refine your online campaigns, compete better and deliver content that resonates with your audience. Don’t bother to take the time to analyze the data. Just keep doing the same thing with no regard for what’s working and what’s not working. That’s a great failure strategy.

5. Keep Your Offline and Online Marketing Separate

Internet World Stats reported nearly 2.1 billion people worldwide used the Internet in March 2011. That represents a 480% increase in usage since 2000. 78.3% of North Americans (over 272 million) use the Internet. Pretend that almost 80% of North Americans don’t bother researching or engaging with businesses on the Internet.  Be sure to keep your offline and online marketing strategies completely separate. That should keep your competitive advantage low.

6. Assume Your IT Department Understands Online Marketing Because They’re Geeks

Just because your IT department is technology savvy, let’s not assume they understand Internet marketing and SEO best practices. Don’t bother collaborating or checking with your digital marketing agency before making changes or updates to your website. After all, who cares if you wipe out all the backlinks, web authority and progress you have gained during the past year?

7. Maintain Ego Supremacy It’s Vital

You have been a successful marketer for decades. You have collected numerous Addy’s (an advertising award). You have accumulated an impressive portfolio of successful media and print campaigns.

You already know everything. Keep that attitude. It is a great way to alienate your team. It will certainly limit your ability to collaboratively create online digital marketing campaigns that drive incremental revenue opportunities.

8. Forget About Online Research – Just Tweak The Current Marketing Plan

Who needs online marketing research? You already know your customer demographics – really? You understand who are your main competitors. That small company that is generating page one Google rankings across multiple keywords is small stuff at the moment.

Ignore that fact your competitors have a website ranking higher than yours. It can’t hurt you – wrong!

9. Pull the Plug if You Do Not See Immediate Results

Mr. Small Fry marketing associate develops a great social marketing idea. Reluctantly, the project is given a “go.”

But it’s not an overnight success like you wanted, although it’s gained momentum, so you pull the plug.

Uh hold up! Social media marketing is built on relationships and trust, neither of which is built overnight. I don’t know about you but I didn’t choose my spouse after one date!

Be patient and success will come if the strategy is solid.

10. Ignore SEO Best Practices Because Your Website Looks Great

You redesigned your website. It looks great and the content is updated and well written. That should be enough, right?

Who needs SEO? YOU!

No matter how great the site looks or how long the site has been around, you will be found more often by your desired audience with SEO best practices firmly in place. If you do not want to be found more often or generate more leads…definitely, do not bother with SEO.

11. Fear Losing Control

You can’t control everything especially on the Internet so give it up already!

Likewise, you cannot control how your staff and customers respond in social media. But you can provide a policy and create a culture of openness and transparency. We humans are social creatures.

People often respond better to their friends and influencers on the web than to an advertising slogan. But if you want your digital marketing to fail, just keep pitching them.

Did we miss some sure fire ways to succeed at digital marketing failure? Add your favorite in our comments section below. Article taken from: Digital Marketing How to Succeed at Failure

About us: DREAMFly Marketing, a marketing company in Naples and Southwest Florida, creates branding strategy for clients across the United States. Our marketing company in Naples focuses on marketing strategy, advertising, public relations and social media and online marketing, and promotional products. Marketing in Naples and nationwide marketing service plans available.

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Social Media Ad Revenues to Top $9 Billion

Honestly, if you aren’t on board with social media advertising when spending is about to double by 2016, you’re missing the boat. Spending in 2012 on social media advertising was $4.6 billion – BILLION!

BIA/Kelsey has issued a prediction that U.S. social media ad revenues will top $9.2 billion by 2016, precisely double that of 2012.

Google gobbles up $9.2 billion in ad revenues before breakfast but social media advertising has been slower going. But Black Friday may be to thank for doubling social media ad revenues with successful Black Friday social media promotions.

The report on social media ad revenues included YouTube, which frankly isn’t “social media,” but even still social media ad revenues WILL jump.

social media advertising, marketing in naples, naples marketing firmRight now, local advertising purchases on social media is barely more than $1 billion and it’s predicted to hit $3 billion in 2016.

Mobile ads via social media are expected to jump from $500 million in 2012 to $1.5 billion in 2016, and with mobile advertising expected to hit an all time high this figure could more than double.

Where’s the Money Coming From?
The report doesn’t say where the ad spending will come from. Watch out print publications. Print advertising revenues will likely drop.

Maybe with $9 billion in revenue, social media sites will actually start turning a profit. One thing is for sure the profit margins are sure to be better for social media sites than small American businesses.

Article information from - Report Says Social Media Ad Revenues Will Top 9 Billion in 2016

About us: DREAMFly Marketing, a marketing company in Naples and Southwest Florida, creates branding strategy for clients nationwide. Our marketing company in Naples focuses on marketing strategy, advertising and social media advertising, public relations and social media, digital marketing and online marketing, and promotional products.

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Online Retailers Ranked by Customer Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction matters and boils down to delivering what you promised consumers – check out the latest report!.

The 2012 Harris Poll Shopper Satisfaction Study of Online Retailers: A Look at The Online Shopping Landscape packs a punch and tells on online retailers.

Whether marketing in Naples or Tennessee customers matter. The Online Retailer Customer Satisfaction Report asked consumers to rate the top online retailers, 14 of them to be exact. Online retail sites were ranked by product selection, ease of shopping, perceived value and the likelihood the shopper would recommend the site plus overall satisfaction.

Amazon Ranks #1

Landing the top spot with a score of 82 out of 100 is Amazon. Customer satisfaction is high with Amazon because of the vast product selection and also consumers reported it’s easy to check out.

In November 2012, DREAMFly Marketing recommended you use Decision Simplicity Approach for online checkouts – read up it works!

Consumers said they recommend Amazon to others and gave it an overall score of 5.9 out of 7. I think the secret is the personal connection on Amazon, because even with bucket loads of customers, Amazon provides individual purchase recommendations making consumers’ searches faster.

By communicating throughout the purchase process and quickly answering any issues, Amazon is a top online retailer.

Learn from Amazon
So you’re not offering as many products? Any business can achieve high customer satisfaction by using a simple process to communicate and personalize a customer’s experience like Amazon does!

Customer Satisfaction #1 Versus #2

Marketing in Naples is simple compared to larger cities, but one customer satisfaction delivers word-of-mouth marketing regardless of your location.

Other customer satisfaction survey results to learn from:

  • Costco and Target are #2 for product choice and service
  • L.L. bean and Victoria’s Secret ranked higher for apparel
  • Failures – Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch earned less than 60
  • Low Prices Won – JCPenney and Kohl’s scored 70 beating out pricier stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom

The Marketing Tip and Lesson?
Most surveyed consumers complained about the “ease of shopping” and it matters.

Create a solid customer service policy.

We handle businesses small and large, and customer satisfaction has been and always will be the ruling king of the day for businesses looking to thrive. Marketing in Naples might as well be marketing in New York City, remember that for your location.

Article information from: Which Online Retailers Have the Most Satisfied Customers?

About us: DREAMFly Marketing, a marketing firm in Naples and Southwest Florida, creates branding strategy for clients across the United States. Our marketing firm in Naples focuses on marketing in Naples, marketing strategy, advertising, public relations and social media online marketing, online marketing and promotional products. Our advertising agency specializes in marketing in Naples and launching nationwide strategies.

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Newsworthy Matters: Press Releases That Deliver Results

To be newsworthy means to be interesting. Right? Wrong! Make press releases sing to editors!

If public relations boiled down to “a business’s interests”, every newspaper in every community would write articles from all ten-thousand press releases editors receive each day. Writing your news and making it “newsworthy” is the key.

How to Make Press Releases Newsworthy Using Public Relations
One task for boosting publicity is to write press releases from the media’s point-of-view including both print media and bloggers. In terms of public relations, no media is old media – public relations calls for creativity…and thinking of your audience.

A board of directors may find a new CEO exciting, but….unless the company sending this type of announcement is a national brand, this type of press release will hit the editor’s waste basket.

Publicity: Promoting or gaining exposure for a business or an organization’s project such as a special event. It is a key part of strategic marketing plans, which every business should have.

While writing press releases is easy for publicity experts – for business owners, it may prove challenging.

Public Relations and Publicity strategies are misunderstood. Often, business owners focus on the less important facts and use self promotional language rather than writing press releases in news formats. Achieve better public relations results with our tips below.

Use these easy tips for writing press releases:

  • Download our press release template
  • Focus on economic trends and connections
  • View news from a consumer’s perspective not the business’s
  • Create different press releases for print media, broadcast (TV and radio) an online media outlets
  • Write for media not a board of directors as much as possible
    • Lead with strong language not a date or time – a real headline
    • Keep paragraph short to two or three sentences at most
    • Include self promotional language in the About Us section at the end of releases only
    • Write in active not passive voice
    • Include reliable sources for news release information
  • Analyze if you read the news whether you’d find it interesting as a consumer

Public Relations Steps to Writing a Release
Tell the media – why the news release – is important by writing a very strong lead. Rather than leading an event press release with the name of the event, the date and time, lead with a benefit-rich statement on how the event helps consumers.

As a Naples marketing agency, our team often walks the fine line between pleasing a client and writing material to capture the media’s attention.

Embrace control as a business owner or manager and learn what interests the audience.

Just because “boring” news is interesting to a business, doesn’t make it newsworthy to consumers or media outlets. It is easier to think of newsworthy as a measure on how beneficial or interesting a news item is.

Take advantage of free online services to distribute press releases to national and international media members such as Pitch Engine.

Make press releases newsworthy and boost publicity. Even if you hire a Public Relations Expert to write a release, the publicity delivers more than a thousand percent of that cost back to the business in advertising savings.

Be publicity smart. Write newsworthy content, and you will improve media relations, public relations as well as profits. Post your questions below!

About us: DREAMFly Marketing, a marketing company in Naples and Southwest Florida, creates branding strategy for clients across the United States. Our marketing company in Naples focuses on marketing strategy, advertising, public relations and social media online marketing, online marketing and promotional products.

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Status Update Madness:

When Do I Post and What Should I Post on Facebook?

More businesses post status updates on Facebook on Monday than any other day and yet fewer people engage on Mondays.
- Buddy Media Report

when do i post facebook status updates, social media posting
When Should I Post Facebook Status Updates?
With so many businesses on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites, it proves challenging to break through all of the other status updates to reach your connections.

Facebook status updates or updates on other social media sites should engage people, but don’t get caught up in the numbers.

Numbers? Yes – if 100 people do not like your comment, it does not mean they didn’t catch the message.

First Discover What Consumers Want on Facebook From Businesses
Most businesses, according to Harvard Business Review, are getting this wrong, which means patting yourself on the back for dozens of Facebook status updates is useless.

Why We Get Social Media Wrong – We Assume!
facebook status updates, posting status updates, dreamfly marketing

Social Media Sites Secrets – Getting it Right
Facebook status updates flow by the millions every day. Make your Facebook status updates STAND OUT

Buddy Media found the following with Facebook status updates:

  • Post Timing: Brands who posted outside of regular business hours enjoyed 20% higher engagement
  • Post Length: Status updates between one and 80 characters boasted higher engagement and yet less than 20% of posts are that short – oops!
  • Post Days: Sundays are highly active for Facebook Users and fewer businesses post on Sunday – post Facebook status updates on Sundays!
  • URL or Link Problems in Posts: For Twitter it may be necessary but on Facebook, users are more likely to click a url that is not shortened. Links in Facebook status updates using the full url are three times more likely to be clicked.
  • So keep it simple, be frequent with Facebook posts but not overbearing and forget about Monday through Friday. Focus more on weekend and sprinkle posts throughout the week and you may engage more with combining business news with personal opinions.

    How are you posting? Share your tips!

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