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Three Effective Online Marketing Tactics

CLOSE DEALS – Harvard Business Review Says Consumers Demand a
SIMPLE Decision Making Process Online!

The Report: Decision Simplicity for Online Consumers
naples marketing agency, dreamfly marketing, online e-commerce sitesIn May 2012, Harvard Business Review released shocking news that consumers are seeking a simple decision making process for purchases online that brands are not delivering.

If your community is like Naples, Florida, businesses focus on detailed explanations of products and building relationships with consumers. The Harvard Business Review says you have it all wrong!

As a Naples marketing agency, DREAMFly Marketing focuses client ad campaigns on brand building to maximize the brand’s emotional connections with consumers.

Connecting with consumers in ads delivers results, but not online, according to the Harvard Business Review’s report.

Are You Overwhelming Online Shoppers? Their Demand to Disconnect
Listen Up! Consumers Want a Simpler Online Decision Making Process – also known as
decision simplicity.
stop confusing online customers, online shopping, decision making, online marketing
Decision-Simplicity means following the “keep it simple stupid” method.

Did you know that researches also found consumers wants deals online not a relationship. They follow brands on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to access deals, reviews or inside information – not build a relationship

The Consumer Effects of Complicated Decision Making
How you build your e-commerce website and its checkout directly affects your consumer’s experience and likelihood to shop with you again.

Harvard Business Review Decision Simplicity Study
The easier a brand makes the purchase decision journey, the higher its decision-simplicity source.

Brands that scored in the top quarter in our study were 86% more likely than those in the bottom quarter to be purchased by consumers.

The rising volume of marketing messages and complicated decision making process pushes consumers away.

According to Harvard Business Review, Marketers must simplify consumer’s decision making process to navigate them more successfully to purchases online and in retail stores.

Three Effective Tactics to Market and Close Deals Online
1. Minimize the number of information sources consumers must touch as they move towards a purchase
2. Provide trustworthy product information including outside sources
3. Offer tools on your website allowing consumers to compare products

(like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T do on their sites for cell phones and calling plans)

Minimize Information Sources
Less is more plain and simple. Don’t give consumers too much information.

Too much information, leads to a consumer “over thinking” simple purchases. Tailor the shopping experience to a consumer’s decision making process point: early, middle, decided. A consumer for example who searches “red sports cars 2012″ is in the early stage of the decision making process.

Trustworthy Product Information
Make it easy. Deliver decision simplicity.

Marketing trustworthy information could mean you post unfettered product reviews online OR run a contest for the best YouTube video product review. Have fun with it!

Offer Sales Comparison Tools
Make it easy for consumers to understand the difference between Product A and Product B. Make their decision easy, because shortening the decision making process simplifies the process, speeds up the sale and makes the consumer feel empowered with their decision.

A consumer wants a simple decision making process, because let’s face it they’re busy. Online marketing must use decision simplicity creating a comparative, interactive decision making process to empower online consumers.

View the full Harvard Business Review Article: To Keep Customers, Keep It Simple

Our Naples marketing firm offers full service marketing: publicity, advertising design and planning, marketing strategy and brand development, graphic design, website and promotional products services. Click to learn more about DREAMFly Marketing’s services, and please comment below and let us know what you think about Harvard’s research!

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New Media Strategies Incorporate Print Ad Campaigns

Fully integrated marketing experiences for consumers with “new media” strategies boost advertising ROI (return-on-investment).

Inbound marketing is key for empowering conventional print ads to improve online traffic.

With new media strategies, advertisements use a QR code (quick response code) so consumers can immediately access online products, videos, press releases, blogs and other information More than QR codes, campaigns are now using mobile apps to deliver “private tours” or experiences.

Strategic marketing is integrated marketing is inbound marketing and is today, tomorrow and the future.

Forrester, a research firm, reported in June 2012:

20% of all smartphone users scanned and connected with online information using QR Codes in May 2012, an increase in inbound marketing since May 2011

Inbound marketing results are expected to jump through 2016 with new media strategies including QR codes, mobile apps, online videos connected with print ads, direct mail and much more.

Volkswagen Introduced Virtual Test Drive in a Print Ad

Consumers actually could TEST DRIVE A VW in print ads.

How Print Ads Delivered a Test Drive

  • Consumers viewed the print ad and scanned a QR Code or followed a link to download the VW mobile app
  • The smartphone became a VW vehicle by using the mobile app
  • Users then scanned the smartphone across the road image in the print ad

Off the chart test drive.
Out of the box.

VW developed this one-of-a-kind mobile, test drive experience. Watch the video explaining the concept below – click refresh if the video did not load (Internet Explorer users).

AXA Insurance Connects QR Code To Secret Disaster

Brilliant integrated marketing!

AXA showed a disaster and forced TV viewers to scan the QR code to see what happened!

AXA Insurance in Europe needed a way to connect with younger home owners, so what better way than to use a QR Code as the door to a home in a television ad where suddenly something crashes through the roof. Viewers had to scan the QR Code on the front door to get inside the house and see what happened. View the video below.

But How Do Create New Media Strategies?

Make your branding sing in print, in person and online – it’s simple!.

  • Make a QR Code by using a QR Code generator to connect ads with your “new media strategies.”

    • Deliver contact information
    • Take consumers to your website or a contest page
    • Deliver a file for download
    • Link the QR Code to exclusive coupons or deals
  • Mobilize ads with mobile apps or links to interactive online materials (inbound marketing)
  • Product ads should tease and promote online video press releases
  • Unify brand messages using social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, FourSquare, Path, Highlight, Digg, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter


What are you doing right and wrong? Did you know about inbound marketing? Comment below or ask questions.

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2012 Presidential Candidates Amp Up Campaigns on Social Media Platforms

Will social media really weight the 2012 Presidential Election?

social media and mitt romney

2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Gives a Speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa on August 30, 2012

CNN reported on Aug 17 that President Barack Obama is beating Mitt Romney in social media engagement. Presidential Candidates and all politicians are pushing key messages on social media platforms just as politicians did in the 2010 elections.

But do social media “likes” turn into 2012 Presidential Campaign votes for the candidates?

If “likes” equaled votes, Obama would beat Mitt Romney 19 to 1, but the polls report the two are tied (Aug.30)!

President Obama boasts 19 million Twitter followers. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney(R) had just over one million followers as of September 11 2012.

Experts have been debating that if a candidate is less engaged on social media they may not be in touch with the issues – REALLY? Aren’t all Presidential candidates aware of budget problems? The economic down turn? Continued delay in building key industries in the United States?

This country is in serious trouble if the only qualification for running it is your number of Twitter followers or Facebook “likes.”

For businesses, social media provides redundancy in advertisement messaging and creates “viral” messages that spread fast to millions.

For Presidential Candidates, social media is important for communication and for voter research, but status updates are unlikely to sway undecided voters.

On Aug. 30, 2012 during Mitt Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention, many Tweeps posted comments:

  • @WSJ (Wall Street Journal) Romney: We can stand and say, “I’m an American. I make my destiny. And we deserve better!” http://on.wsj.com/ODrmY8 #GOP2012
  • @MittRomney This is a vote for what kind of America we’re going to have – I vote for freedom & free people #BelieveInAmerica
  • @thejimjams Clint Eastwood’s wildest quotes from tonight’s appearance: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0812/80500.html
  • @ebaysurfer “@HomerWhite: #Romney: I do so with humility..deeply moved by the #trust you placed in me.” #RTnMyTL

Are you sharing messages by or about the Presidential candidates? Is it useful? Share below!

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PR Nightmares Can Be Avoided with a Crisis Communication Plan

The Lifeguard Fired for Saving a Life – We Analyze the Case!

PR nightmares begin with simple mistakes that flourish into a media blitz of bad PR without following a Crisis Communication Plan. Bad press and public boycotts of companies begin only if a company fails to follow a Crisis Communication Plan.

Without a Crisis Communication Plan, you operate blindly and might as well open your doors to PR Nightmares and know they’ll come someday…maybe not today but someday.

When we do not listen to consumers or to basic business reasoning, our faulty decisions however well intended can produce PR nightmares and bad press for the company. It is a challenge to control the end result of the public with any business news whether good or bad, so have a plan!.

The Case
Hallandale Beach, Florida hired Jeff Ellis Management to put lifeguard’s on the beach for the 2012 summer. After helping save a man’s life, one of the lifeguards, Hallandale Beach resident Tomas Lopez, was fired by the company.

Tomas Lopez explains how he saved a man's life and was fired for it in Hallandale Beach, Fla.

Other people pulled the drowning man out of the water, but Lopez helped care for him as soon as he was able to run outside of his zone and assist.

“I put him in the recovery position, which we are trained to do, and I had a nurse come and help me,” Lopez reported to media outlets.

The Questionable Decision and Bad PR
The management company informed Lopez that because he went out of the company’s coverage zone to save the drowning man he put other beach goers in jeopardy and had to be let go due to insurance and other issues.

The PR Nightmare Needed a Communication Plan
Once media outlets reported on Lopez’s firing to the world, a PR Nightmare brewed quickly for the management company with a public outcry that included threats against executive and sent them to the board room to lick their wounds and rethink their decision. View NBC’s National Coverage of the Story

The media blitz painted a crystal clear picture that where the consumers’ minds are could be entirely different than a com­pany’s executives.

Click refresh on your browser to load this Youtube media coverage or click here.

Millions of people from all over the world have commented online and directly to the company about how they feel it is wrong he was fired.

“There’s no way I’m agreeing with the company. If I see someone dying or they need my help, I’m going to go help them, because that’s my job,” said Zoard Janko, one of lifeguards.

Management’s Additional Mistakes
Leave a drowning man on his own? Does that sound like a positive PR statement?

That is EXACTLY what newspapers quoted executives saying.

This quote sent people all over the world into a cry that could be heard with millions of comments on online blogs, like this one, and television outlets as well as social media platforms.

Lopez Offered Job Back
The company decided to offer Lopez his job back, and he refused to return.

Why a bad decision? Because executives waited for a public outcry to act and four other lifeguards prior to Lopez had been fired for the same reason. Anyone smell a lawsuit?

DREAMFly Marketing’s Lifeguard Case Ruling
Talk­ing your way out of a controversy is often the worst decision you can make, even if there are two sides to the story.

If it sounds bad, it probably shouldn’t be said. Basic public relations plans include a crisis com­munication plan. A crisis communication plan provides steps for better public rela­tions or public reaction.

Media plans often suggest rather than control media inter­views and direct management, to instead release a statement focused on the posi­tives with few mentions about the contro­versial points.

In this case, a release or statement may have focused on the heroic nature of the company’s life guard who saved a drown­ing man’s life and then towards the end could have discussed briefly a reason for the firing.

PR Communication Plan Lesson Summary
In life as in business, there are few ac­tions that are right or wrong, but a con­sumer’s perception is reality so think hard and fast before you react to a controversy.

Lesson of the week: have a PR plan and keep news positive even if your company is in the hot seat

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3 Ways to Know if Pinterest Should Be Added to Your Social Media Strategy

As a marketing company in Naples serving clients nationwide, we make it our business to know social media trends.

Pinterest has been a HUGE hit primarily because it often leads to higher interaction on photos and blogs. Should Pinterest be part of your social media strategy?

Could Pinterest be critical to YOUR social media strategy?
…that is the question, right?

Pinterest is fabulous for companies who need comments or interaction with photos or who are looking to build their online visitors by linking interesting photos or blogs to Pinterest, but if you are looking for a space to sell…it can be a little bit more of a challenge.

3 Ways to Measure Pinterest’s Importance for Driving Traffic

  • Do you have eye candy for the web?
  • Do you have a system for developing creative visual content in existence?
  • Is Pinterest already driving website traffic?

What’s Your Eye Candy?
Does your blog allow you to set a featured image because if not you may NOT have good eye candy to promote your blog…
but if you have interactive, interesting photos, Pinterest is perfect for your business!

Put Your Best Photos Online
Use the PinIt button while browsing the Internet to “pin” or essentially like pages you see. Create categories of Pins and incorporate it with your social media strategy to expand the online audience.

From Social Media Examiner – “The bottom line is that your best stuff needs to be easy to pin from your homepage. It needs to be branded well, visually impressive, and valuable as stand-alone items. This is your first order of business.

Create a unique Pinterest account. When you create your Pinterest account, you’ll want to set up unique pinboards to feature your best visual content. As you pin them into Pinterest, they will be repinned over and over.”

What’s Your Visual Planning System?
If you just snap photos and post them, this may work for Facebook, but for Pinterest, you need a social media strategy to connect with the audience.

The social media site’s users comment on personal, professional, funny and serious photos alike and it can be a great way to gain input from outsiders about your creative ideas such as art, drawings, logos etc.

pinterest tips for social media strategy
Be creative! Think like a consumer, like an artist, like a creative muse.
If it isn’t interesting and funny or does not invoke some kind emotion find another photo. Use photos that connect so they will be pinned and repinned to spread your brand across the global market.

Is Pinterest Driving Traffic to Your Website Already?
Check Google’s referring traffic site list for your website and focus on those sites not already incorporated in the social media strategy. You may find sites on the list previously unknown.

Focus on referring website to generate traffic and build a following. Know your social media referral list by looking it up on your Google Analytics account.

Social media accounts and profiles should drive website traffic. Managers get caught up in “follower” numbers but the real goal is website traffic and branding.

So if products are your game, make creative photos your name if you plan on using Pinterest!

Using this social media site – tell us how you like it. If you like what you’ve read sign up for our free newsletter! Contact us with questions!

About us: DREAMFly Marketing, a marketing company in Naples and Southwest Florida, creates branding strategy for clients across the United States. Our marketing company in Naples focuses on marketing strategy, advertising, public relations and social media online marketing, online marketing and promotional products.

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4 Ways to Marketing in Florida’s Off Season

As local Southwest Florida consumers cheer for the end of season and say goodbye to bumper to bumper traffic and a lack of reservation spots available at their favorite restaurants
…business owners gear up for the slower summer or non-season shopping season.

Keep in mind every target market has an “off-season”, so feel free to use these tips as they apply to your business market. Great marketing ideas work any time, any place!

Without national, multi-million dollars budgets, Southwest Florida businesses in Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Naples and Fort Myers must call on more creative methods to grow business.

Typically, Southwest Florida service oriented businesses close for “Summer vacation” in August or September, but we challenge Southwest Florida businesses to develop true marketing strategy for non-seasonal business from May to October.

The last U.S. Census Bureau report shows more than 300,000 annual residents reside in Collier County and twice that in Fort Myers, so by identifying a target market and incorporating targeted, integrated marketing methods, businesses are sure to see a boom in the off-season months.

Avoid Southwest Florida’s Summer Revenue Drought
To drive non-seasonal business in Southwest Florida or any where, a business must have a “seasonal” marketing strategy to reach a larger audience with a targeted marketing plan.

Use social media profiles and pages to create a promotion. The easiest method is to use Facebook and Twitter to promote a discount for check-ins at the business.

For example, Coastland Center Mall in Naples has vendors who offer shoppers 10 to 20 percent off purchases simply for checking in to the store on social media platforms including Foursquare, Facebook, GoWalla and Yelp.

Social media marketing and check-ins create loyalty discounts and avoids devaluing products and services plus the social media platforms advertise the promotion to nearby, unrelated mobile users.

Social media marketing is a must for successful marketing strategy. It cannot be avoided. Mobile users love to check in and share their locations with friends – so make your business shine!

Create consumer-focused events where shoppers set appointments for one-on-one attention with sales staff. This method is consistently used by cosmetics and clothing retailers, and it can be used as a promotional method for every business if staff commits to calling loyal customers and promoting the event.

Events often make the difference between making and missing sales goals.

Steps 3-4
Finally, steps three and four require Southwest Florida businesses, Fort Myers, Collier County and beyond, to participate in local summer events as a free advertising method. Events also empower you to collect “new” client information focusing managers on cultivating customer relationships and connecting with new customers.

Sponsor a Local Event
Consumers now face with millions of choices any given year and in order for new consumers to find you, you may need to put yourself right in front of their faces. The best way to connect with new consumers is to sponsor or participate in local events that are expecting audiences of 2,000 people or more.

The Fort Myers metro market area for example boasts more than 300 annual events – so get involved. Not in Florida? Call your Chamber of Commerce!

Develop a Client Card System
Finally, tracking your client must be your business every day. Know what each and every one your customer’s wants and needs and follow-up with them regularly.

Electronic client tracking systems are fabulously convenient, but make it mandatory for staff and management to set phone call, email and birthday reminders so clients avoid falling through the cracks.

Boom Business With a Strong Off-Season Marketing Ideas
It’s off-season in Florida from May through October, but that doesn’t mean death to revenues! Whether your business is in Fort Myers, Naples or beyond, off-season marketing is key to growth.

Brain storm marketing ideas to develop strong community partnerships, new events and promotions to captivate your local audience’s attention.

After all marketing strategy doesn’t come from pulling clouds out of the sky – it takes turning great marketing ideas into real revenue boosters.

It simply calls on us to be smarter and more engaged business owners with a marketing strategy that connects, because after all we owe it to our non-seasonal customers.

About us: DREAMFly Marketing, a marketing company in Naples, Southwest Florida, creates branding strategy for clients nationwide. Our Naples marketing firm focuses on marketing strategy, advertising, public relations and social media online marketing, online marketing and promotional products. Sign up to start receiving our weekly strategic marketing tips.

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