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How Hearst Claimed 800,000 Digital Subscribers

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How Hearst Claimed 800,000 Digital Subscribers

Hearst Corp., publisher of Cosmopolitan, Elle and Road & Track among other titles, now has 800,000 paying digital subscribers, according to President David Carey.

Carey (pictured) included the stat in a letter to employees at the company. The figure refers to monthly subscribers across all titles and via iPads, Nooks, Kindle Fires and Android devices for the end of 2012. Carey claims the figure is “the highest in the industry” and that more than 80% of those subscribers are new to Hearst.

Conde Nast, one of Hearst’s biggest rivals, has 500,000 digital-only subscriber/single copy sales and 1.5 million customers who choose a print/digital combination, but “It’s not an apples-to-apples co…
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Digital Marketing How to Succeed at Failure

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We preach. We advise. We recommend. We execute.

11 Rules to Insure You Fail Miserably

Yet, sometimes, we encounter a client that subscribes to the “nope, I want to do this my way” mentality. So, my colleagues and I decided to create a list of our best advice on how to fail miserably at digital marketing. If we missed any cardinal rules, please be sure to let us know.

1.    Keep Upper Management in the Dark

Effective digital marketing contributes to sales efforts in a multitude of ways. If upper-management does not fully understand the ROI value of your digital marketing plan, your funding (and maybe your job) can be jeopardized at any point. Imagine what would happen if upper-management refused to be involved in marketing. Needless to say, your ability to be found on the web would be a fraction of your full online potential. If you are looking to minimize your results, “keep management in the dark.”

Learn the other ways to fail and share with your colleagues so you can avoid the marketing dumps!

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Social Media Expected to Top 9 Billion in Ad Sales 2016

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Social Media Expected to Top 9 Billion in Ad Sales 2016

Social Media Ad Revenues to Top $9 Billion

Honestly, if you aren’t on board with social media advertising when spending is about to double by 2016, you’re missing the boat. Spending in 2012 on social media advertising was $4.6 billion – BILLION!

BIA/Kelsey has issued a prediction that U.S. social media ad revenues will top $9.2 billion by 2016, precisely double that of 2012.

Google gobbles up $9.2 billion in ad revenues before breakfast but social media advertising has been slower going. But Black Friday may be to thank for doubling social media ad revenues with successful Black Friday social media promotions.

Where’s the Money Coming From?
The report doesn’t say where the ad spending will come from. Watch out print publications. Print advertising revenues will likely drop.

Maybe with $9 billion in revenue, social media sites will actually start turning a profit. One thing is for sure the profit margins are sure to be better for social media sites than small American businesses.

Learn more before you get behind the social media advertising bus.

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Customer Satisfaction Competition for Online Retailers

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Customer Satisfaction – Which Online Retailers Delivered

Customer satisfaction matters and boils down to delivering what you promised consumers – check out the latest report! Whether marketing in Naples or Tennessee customers matter.

The 2012 Harris Poll Shopper Satisfaction Study of Online Retailers: A Look at The Online Shopping Landscape packs a punch and tells on online retailers.

Consumers said they recommend Amazon to others and gave it an overall score of 5.9 out of 7. I think the secret is personalization for Amazon, because even with bucket loads of customers, Amazon provides individual purchase recommendations making consumers’ searches faster.

We handle businesses small and large, and customer satisfaction has been and always will be the ruling king of the day for businesses looking to thrive. Marketing in Naples might as well be marketing in New York City. Learn customer satisfaction tips in this article!

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Publicity Solutions for Newsworthy Media Coverage

Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Blog, Press Promotions, Public Relations | 9 comments

What Makes Press Releases Newsworthy?

One task for boosting publicity is to write press releases from the media’s point-of-view including both print media and bloggers. In terms of public relations, no media is old media – public relations calls for creativity…and thinking of your audience.

A board of directors may find a new CEO exciting, but….unless the company sending this type of announcement is a national brand, this type of press release will hit the editor’s waste basket.

Publicity: Promoting or gaining exposure for a business or an organization’s project such as a special event. It is a key part of strategic marketing plans, which every business should have.

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When Should I Post Facebook Status Updates

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when do i post facebook status updates, social media posting
When are you posting Facebook status updates? You may be doing it wrong! Get the latest research on when to post on Facebook and answer the question: When Should I Post on Facebook? If you’re not posting on the weekend, your business is missing out on connections – quick tips to learn from Buddy Media’s report on Facebook Engagement.

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Marketing Tactics Boost Online Sales and Simplify Consumer Decisions

Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Blog, Online Marketing, Timely Business News | 7 comments

A May 2012 report by Harvard Business Review shows many businesses are getting it all wrong trying to connect with consumer online failing to produce simplified decision making processes using comparative shopping tools which consumers are demanding. Get 3 quick tips that will boost your online sales!

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New Media Strategies for Print Ads

Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Blog | 4 comments

New Media Strategies Incorporate Print Ad Campaigns

Fully integrated marketing experiences for consumers with “new media” strategies boost advertising ROI (return-on-investment).

Inbound marketing is key for empowering conventional print ads to improve online traffic.

With new media strategies, advertisements use a QR code (quick response code) so consumers can immediately access online products, videos, press releases, blogs and other information More than QR codes, campaigns are now using mobile apps to deliver “private tours” or experiences.

Strategic marketing is integrated marketing is inbound marketing and is today, tomorrow and the future.

Forrester, a research firm, reported in June 2012:

20% of all smartphone users scanned and connected with online information using QR Codes in May 2012, an increase in inbound marketing since May 2011

Inbound marketing results are expected to jump through 2016 with new media strategies including QR codes, mobile apps, online videos connected with print ads, direct mail and much more.

Volkswagen Introduced Virtual Test Drive in a Print Ad

Consumers actually could TEST DRIVE A VW in print ads.

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Presidential Candidates Ranked on Social Media Voter Engagement

Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Blog, Election Marketing, Social Media Bug Bites | 10 comments

Should we really gauge Presidential candidates based on their campaign social media engagement? If this is how decide on a President, our blog analyzes the trouble the United States voters could moving the country towards.

Is Social Media Really King in Elections?

Debate with us about the role social media should play and learn how your opinions online can make a difference for your own personal cause!

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PR Nightmares Can Happen To You

Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Blog, Press Promotions, Public Relations, Tourism Marketing | 7 comments

A Hallandale Beach, Fla. Lifeguard is fired for saving a man’s life out of his zone. After two weeks of bad PR coverage, the company suddenly decides to give Lopez his job back. What bad PR decisions did this Florida company make? We analyze the case and include a fun Youtube video about the story! Read on….

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