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Growing Your Leadership Style

Posted by on Jan 10, 2012 in Blog, Business Development, Timely Business News | 9 comments

Do You Have the Best Leadership Style?

People love to work for you?
Or could your staff use some motivating?

It’s easy to blame staff or contractors for being less than productive rather than admitting perhaps our leadership skills are aching to be rejuvenated.

We discuss marketing strategy as the key tool for business growth. Marketing strategy includes developing the best, most motivating leadership style for your work environment.

The best leadership styles allow managers to motivate employees to amplify their level and quality of work.

Defining Your Leadership Style 101

“Leadership is less about your needs and more about the needs of people and organization you are leading,” reported the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Learn the 6 key leadership styles and discover what kind of leader you are!

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Funniest 2011 Public Comments

Posted by on Dec 30, 2011 in Blog, Public Relations | 16 comments

The stupidest and funniest quotes of 2011 – make yourself laugh for a moment.

This is our favorite blog to write each year, because we get to giggle and laugh with you at all of the stupid statements made by celebrities and politicians during the year.

Charlie Sheen’s Wacky World of Bad Statements

  • Funny Quote #1: “I’m on a drug, it’s called Charlie Sheen”
  • Funny Quote #2: “Can’t is the cancer of Happen” (???)

Being wacky is just plain fun sometimes, but other times it just sounds nuts especially when celebs speak with the media about themselves and reference tiger blood. View the funniest 2011 public comments, you will laugh.

Business is all about branding, so make the best of what you have. Public Speaking tips added to this blog as a bonus. Videos embedded of these wacky comments!

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Pet Envy: Advertising Strategy for Consumer’s Heart

Posted by on Dec 12, 2011 in Advertising, Blog, Graphic Design | 2 comments

Pets Are Cute Advertising Sidekicks, but How Do They Fit Strategy?

Where in the world is the advertising strategy in a realtor posing with their dog for an ad? Unless you show only pet friendly properties or specialize in pets, it’s just a cute picture not a marketing strategy.

A photo does not equal advertising strategy.

Ads showcasing staff photos without referencing “meet our staff” and fail to incorporate the staff as the advertising strategy fail, just as cute little cats and dogs fails if they are not part of the branding or advertising strategy!

Think strategy first. Think advertising design second. Read ahead to discover how you can bank on the popularity of pets!

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Effects of Google+1 on Website Ranking

Posted by on Nov 28, 2011 in Blog, Online Marketing, SEO | 9 comments

Wondering if Google+1 Clicks Help Your Search Engine Ranking?

The more people click Google+1 on your site, yes it will help Google identify that your website is a place of interest. But the +1 click primarily helps with results for the specific term(s) a person responds to with a +1 click.

A Google+1 click isn’t going to boost your website listing from a page 3 listing to #1 on page 1. But it does help Google analyze usefulness of its results…assuming everyone starts clicking +1.

Of course you know what they say about “assumption,” so let’s look at the true effects of Google+1.

Google Admits a +1 Click Will Prompt Page Crawls
+1 is a public action and placing a +1 button on your web pages is smart, because it may prompt Google to more frequently crawl your page or site based on a lot of +1 action. Read up on Google+1′s affects on your traditional SEO.

As much as we’d love to write Marketing in Naples, Naples Marketing Firm, Marketing Naples and Naples Marketing 50 million times on our website, Google still looks for valuable, original information.

Stick to the SEO basics with content providing valid content and as Google+1 grows as a whole more people will begin clicking the +1 button on your pages.

There are challenges ahead with the +1 concept – read ahead

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It’s a Mobile Marketing Take Over

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Blog, Online Marketing, Social Media Bug Bites | 6 comments

Love Your Mobile and Confused about Mobile Marketing?

AdWeek, an online advertising advice blog, reported in October 2011 that Google is warning businesses – Get Mobile or you may get run over!

But My Business Doesn’t Need Mobile Marketing Right?

Clear your vision for business by opening up to mobile marketing, a strategic marketing powerhouse.

Mobile applications are the new Yellow Pages and our Naples marketing firm made sure we were listed on them. Are you?

You’d better get ready for the SEO changes Google is launching including boosting the ranking of websites that are updated more frequently. If your page is not updated regularly, mobile marketing will be a key for you.

Our take. Our strategic marketing tips. Your business growth – read ahead

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Be Branding Brave for 2012

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Blog, Branding, Timely Business News | 7 comments

Smell The Roses in 2012

Be brave and rebrand your business if you need to – let’s be honest. Are you standing in your business’s way?

The Numbers Tell a Story

In the Oct. 21-27, 2011 Gulf Coast Business Review, journalists reported the 2012 outlook is “uncertain.”

State of Florida officials have reduced tax revenue forecasts through early 2013 by $1.6 billion, according to the News Service of Florida.

Florida Employment Statistics

  • Cape Coral – Fort Myers, Florida
  • Naples – Marco Island
  • Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater
  • 2005: 208,140 2010: 193,940 = -6.82%
  • 2005: 121,570 2010: 109,290 = -10.10%
  • 2005: 1,222,940 2010: 1,091,750 = -10.73%
Population has grown 15-20% across the board while fewer work. Limited Liability Corporation filings are up.

Are You Branding Brave?
Marketing strategy calls for the guts to be different and to make the tough call to change things up when it’s necessary. Are you burying your head in bad branding?

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Do You Know How to Close a Business Deal?

Posted by on Oct 7, 2011 in Blog, Business Development | 7 comments

Closing a Business Deal

You’re gaining business leads and meeting up with potential clients? Or perhaps you are bricks and mortar location business with new customers coming in? But are you closing the deals or losing them?

Closing a business deal is entirely different than gaining access to pitch to a potentially new client or customer. So how do you do it?

First you have to Open the Door
The trick to closing a business deal is the same trick you use for marriages – the talent of listening!

Our Naples Marketing Firm listens to client concerns and based on those findings we create solutions. You should be operating the same but with your own flair. Read this article to get 5 great tips for closing deals!

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Turn Customer Frowns Into Smiles

Posted by on Sep 29, 2011 in Blog, Business Development, Customer Service | 9 comments

Do You Make Clients Smile?

If we’re being honest, we can FORGET TO KEEP CUSTOMERS HAPPY when we get caught up office work and projects.

The Value of Thank You…is Priceless
DREAMFly Marketing Magnetics discusses strategic marketing each week. Did you know the most important piece of your strategic marketing puzzle is keeping clients happy?

According to, it’s 5-7 times more expensive to GAIN new customers than it is to keep the ones you have HAPPY.

Strategic Marketing Tactics That Deliver Robust Customer Relationships
Listen to clients about their challenges. Too many fantastically expensive strategic marketing plans lack real teeth for building and monitoring customer relationships.

Read the full article – Get specific tips that will replace customer frowns with smiles.

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Is Your Logo Making You Money?

Posted by on Sep 22, 2011 in Advertising, Blog, Graphic Design | 8 comments

Colors Communicate – Choosing the Best Colors Can Grow Business

For logos, general marketing designs and advertising…colors matter!

Learn the meaning behind colors
View examples of purposeful color usage in logos

What Do Colors Say?

The voice of a color is universal – we all seem to pick up on the meaning of a color subconsciously.

What is the color of your company logo saying about your business? Read the full article to view a list of colors and learn if your logo colors are conveying the message you have developed with your strategic marketing plan.

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Celebrating 1 Year of Blogging

Posted by on Sep 8, 2011 in Blog, Public Relations, Timely Business News | 6 comments

DREAMFly Celebrates One Year of Blogging

A year of blogging and so much more to come!

As many of you know it is through blogs and online posts, all of us learn about cutting edge marketing and business strategies, and our strategic marketing firm in Naples, Florida is proud to continue providing advice on how to best lead your company to the trough of success.

Did You Know?

  • Blogs connect you to business owners across the world?
  • Your blog comments could lead to free advice from someone who can help?
  • Writing a blog has become a primary marketing method for web sites?
  • Your blog can be submitted to national blogging sites such as

Read more about blogging and take advantage of our exclusive One Year Anniversary Buy 1 Get 1 Press Release Special.

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