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PR Tools Every Business Needs

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There are a number of opinions on how to write a press release and what type of template to use. For local markets (non-national) news releases, the best press release template is one that does not use the “About Us” section after the actual news.

What am I talking about?
Corporate press releases tend to throw all of the information about the company towards the end of the release. In this post, this style is labeled an About Us PR Template.

For local media outlets including newspapers, it is important to use company history and information as an integrated part of the press release’s news.

Download a PR Template That Delivers
Want news coverage but not sure if your company news is really news? It’s all about how you lay out the information and how you write it.

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Event Planning: Best 4 Playground Rules

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Event Planning: Best 4 Playground Rules

Remember dodge ball and other fun, silly games we played as children on the school playground? There were days I am sure we all remember we witnessed or participated in arguments on the playground or temper tantrums and on occasion a dodge ball thrown in another kid’s face.

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Staying Motivated as Online Entrepreneur

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Staying Motivated as Online Entrepreneur

No matter how dedicated and passionate you are about your online home business, as an entrepreneur working from home it is inevitable at some point you are going to find your motivation dropping.

Without motivation, quality of work can be affected, production decreased and you could actually be harming your business by pushing through times of boredom rather than taking what you need…a break. In this guest blog article in Marketing Magnetics, you will learn three quick ways to protect your motivation to succeed.

Great for online entrepreneurs and mutually beneficial to traditional business owners or managers.

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Avoiding Public Relations Bloopers

Posted by on Dec 28, 2010 in Blog, Press Promotions, Public Relations | 4 comments

Avoiding Public Relations Bloopers

Bad news can mean good news coverage….but most of the time PR bloopers just spell disaster. Funny examples of why sometimes shutting your mouth can be a good thing.

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Funniest Dumbest News of 2010

Posted by on Dec 20, 2010 in Blog, Press Promotions, Timely Business News | 1 comment

Dumbest news for 2010 as viewed by DREAMFly Marketing.

#1 on the list is the Jackson Labs maneuver by local leaders to basically give aways $25 million in tax dollars to attract an already wealthy company to Collier County, Florida.

What about that BP CEO’s outrageous comments or Mariah Carey’s terrible comparison to those dying about being thin? Check out this funny and frankly sad list of newsmakers for 2010!

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Top Three Branding Bonanza Results

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Create a tone, an image and a thought in consumers’ minds to make your company memorable to consumers. Learn about Branding Bonanza Desserts with examples of marketing successes in Naples, Florida.

What Desserts Can Branding Serve Up?

  • Lasting Impressions
  • Creates Client Stability
  • Brighter Future Opportunities

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Branding Bonanza Critters

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You know how when a gopher, armadillo or skunk wreaks havoc by digging in your yard you hire a trapper to eliminate the problem? Think of Marketing Magnetics as the trapper who eliminates marketing and branding hazards in part two of the Branding Bonanza three-part series.

3 Part Branding Series – Branding Bonanza Critters: The Hazards
In part one, you learned the basic tools to brand. Now, in part two Branding Bonanza Critters you will learn how to avoid branding hazards. What are branding hazards?

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Branding Bonanza Basics

Posted by on Nov 30, 2010 in Blog, Business Development | 1 comment

3 Part Branding Series – Branding Bonanza Basics: How to Begin Branding
Part one of this three-part series focuses less on the actual plan and more on the basics of what you need to create a branding plan that will offer strategic marketing successes. A three-part series outlining specific ways to brand your company providing examples. For now, how do you start the process of branding and what do you need?

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Business Thanksgivings

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Contact DREAMFly Marketing. Subscribe to the DREAMFly Marketing Blog. With news since 2008 through 2010 focused on economic recession arguments, DREAMFly Marketing is dedicating this blog to Business Thanksgivings. If we fail to thank our clients, our family, our friends and people who are supportive of our efforts, we propogate continued negativity. Be positive! Business Thanksgivings Surviving 2010′s negative news Creation of DREAMFly Marketing LLC The open world my business can sieze Diverse client list allowing me to live my dream...

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Optimize Posts for Search Engines

Posted by on Nov 15, 2010 in Blog, SEO | 3 comments

It takes time to rank your web site on major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. I am not talking about page rank that is offered by Google or Alexa.

Ranking on search engines depends on so many different matrix. Organic, links, in page hit of traffic, referrals and various types. In many cases it is quite hard for people to make their web pages optimized; who doesn’t deal with professional SEO services.

Read this blog for specific tips on how to conquer the web.

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