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You know how when a gopher, armadillo or skunk wreaks havoc by digging in your yard you hire a trapper to eliminate the problem?

Think of Marketing Magnetics as the trapper who eliminates marketing and branding hazards in part two of the Branding Bonanza three-part series.

3 Part Branding Series – Branding Bonanza Critters: The Hazards
In part one, you learned the basic tools to brand. Now, in part two Branding Bonanza Critters learn how to avoid branding hazards. In part 3, learn the rewards of branding.

What are branding hazards?

  • Distraction by the competition
  • Fuzzy marketing goals
  • Loving advice that backfires from friends and family
  • Economics
  • News

Distraction by Competition
Think you have to do what the competition does? Wrong! Just because a competitor sends out some greater and better promotion, does not mean you need to copy them by going one better.

Trust your strategic marketing plan. Avoid being distracted by the competition. If your strategic marketing plan truly identifies your target audience and establishes solid goals, it will deliver Branding Bonanza Desserts or the prized outcomes of strategic marketing.

Fuzzy Marketing Goals Are Bad
Goals in a strategic marketing plan should do more than identify where you are advertising. Establish measurable, specific goals that make your company’s direction clear.

Having clear marketing goals means identifying how staff will answer the phone, sign their emails, and handle basic customer service to match the business’s branding message in advertising and promotions. Fuzzy goals equal devilish critters for branding.

Loving Advice That Backfires
Very simple. This can be great advice, but too often family and friends’ opinions are blind opinions because they love you. Unless you have a loved one who has experience in your line of work, leave family advice for family matters and stay ahead of your own business.

My mother has always told me I’m beautiful – that doesn’t mean I am! Although….it does put a smile on my face. The point is you have to know what’s a true opinion versus a love-altered opinion before you decide to take the advice.

Economics and News Marketing Killers
News and economics are intricately linked. One feeds the other.

Watching the news can be depressing as a business owner or manager, but it is your responsibility to know the “day’s news.” The economy affects a business’s staff, its management, the owners, payables, receivables, marketing and meeting those ever present strategic marketing plan goals.

There are ways around the business of failing in a tough economy. Keep your head up and watch the budget by using more cost effective branding measures:

  • Host thank you event for existing customers with 15-20% discount for those who bring friends
  • Partner with a business in town to split costs of direct mail and advertising
  • Submit sales as events to local newspapers by “creatively” offering a service during your sale such as having a vendor there or a lecture

Branding Bonanza Critters should help businesses avoid branding problems, empower managers to remain focused to eventually deliver Branding Bonanza’s Desserts or the rewards. Part 3 of this series outlines the rewards in Branding Bonanza Desserts.

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