Top Three Branding Bonanza Results

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Branding Marketing Benefits or as we call it Branding Bonanza Desserts

Create a tone, an image and a thought in consumers’ minds to make your company memorable to consumers.

In this 3 part series, you’ve already learned Branding Basics and the Critters or Challenges of Branding. Now, learn about Branding Bonanza Desserts with examples of marketing successes in Naples, Florida.

What Desserts Can Branding Serve Up?

  • Lasting Impressions
  • Creates Client Stability
  • Brighter Future Opportunities

Lasting Impressions – How to Make Them
Creating a lasting impression depends on having a branding plan that includes standards for email signatures, customer service, usage of logos and business name and creation of tag lines as well as advertising design standards.

Nike is the perfect example of using branding to create a lasting impression. The company started out of the back of the trunk of its owners selling “tiger” shoes from Japan and is now considered the most recognized brand. It is also a Fortune 500 company.

Its unilateral ability to attract across color lines, country lines and athletic lines (pro versus amateur) has allowed Nike to attract professional athletes to vouch for its products. The brand owes its simple, focused messaging, “Just Sports”, for telling consumers why Nike is the top choice.

Create a lasting impression with a simple advertising message. Stop trying to cram every marketing keyword into your print or online advertising. Write for the consumer and use Nike as a guide.

Use Branding to Create Client Stability
Turn a running crowd into loyal customers.

A quick example of this is Iberia Bank, which in November 2009, took over failed Orion Bank in Naples, Fla. Orion Bank’s dominant CEO led the bank down the path of risky loans, according to Naples Daily News reports.

Stock holders lost millions. Following the takeover, customers were ready to run out of fear their deposits were compromised. Orion employees, now Iberia Bank employees, assured customers deposits were secure backed by the FDIC and managers asked customers to give the bank a couple of months to show its committment. Most customers waited to see the changes.

How did Iberia Bank keep customers?
By getting involved in the community. Advertising aside, the bank focused its efforts on community support enabling consumers to believe this time around someone was in charge who really is on their side. Nearly all customers stayed with Iberia Bank.

Branding and strategic marketing, whether in Naples, Fla. or the Midwest, is more than advertising and logo placement. Strategic marketing must include:

  • Include a goal for helping a community
  • Balance community with company branding and promotions
  • Should set benchmarks for business partnerships, community sponsorships and other opportunities
  • Must always include strategic marketing measurement – a way to measure your marketing ROI (Return-On-Investment)
  • Are you involved in your community enough? Call your local Chamber and government offices to find out how you can be.

    Brighter Future Opportunities With Branding
    It’s simple if you want to be showered with branding gifts that keep on giving – returning customers.

    Market consistently. Market to the target audience. Market positively. Be open to new opportunities willing to change your branding and marketing to meet consumer’s needs.

    Look at it this way, focusing all of your marketing and branding efforts in one basket will for sure end with less of a reward. Think outside of the Internet and used a nice balanced marketing method. Remember to manage tone standards for customer service consistently.

    This means making sure all managers on all levels understand how employees should speak to customers, how your graphic designers should create your image in advertising and brochures and how your staff should approach business. Branding is the company image, period.

    Consistent branding and promotions empowers businesses to be noticed therefore opening up greater opportunities for growth and sales!

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