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Smell the Roses in 2012

Southwest Florida marketing blog, 2012 economic outlook, rebrandingA discussion whether President Obama or Bush is to blame for the economy – you hear it at every coffee house.

Odd I rarely hear anyone in these rambunctious debates actually creating or discussing any solutions. Hm…..
A solution: Rebranding your company could save the business. Read on!

Did You Know

  • Most people like to blame rather than solve?
  • Businesses make up 90% of the economy?
  • More people are filing for their own business?
  • Job growth is significantly slower than job loss?

Our Naples Marketing Firm is all about marketing solutions. Business owners and employees alike must look for economic solutions and stop complaining. Bad energy gets you nowhere fast.

The Numbers Tell a Story

In the Oct. 21-27, 2011 Gulf Coast Business Review, journalists reported the 2012 outlook is “uncertain.”

State of Florida officials have reduced tax revenue forecasts through early 2013 by $1.6 billion, according to the News Service of Florida.

Florida Employment Statistics

  • Cape Coral – Fort Myers, Florida
  • Naples – Marco Island
  • Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater
  • 2005: 208,140 2010: 193,940 = -6.82%
  • 2005: 121,570 2010: 109,290 = -10.10%
  • 2005: 1,222,940 2010: 1,091,750 = -10.73%
Population has grown 15-20% across the board while fewer work. Limited Liability Corporation filings are up.

Don’t live in Florida?
Make it your business to know your state’s economic atmosphere. The numbers don’t lie, and can help guide a company to an improved marketing strategy.

A Successful Turn Around Story

Tab Hunter, owner of The Surfin’ Plumbers, reported that just by rebranding his 30-year-old Pritchard Plumbing company, he grew profits by 250%! (source: Gulf Coast Business Review, Oct. 20-27, 2011 issue, page 13)

Lesson learned – those who change with the economy and rise above the competition will succeed. Hunter said the “surfing” branding runs all the way through his company now from how they answer the phone to how they dress and it’s been a huge hit.

If Mr. Hunter can rebrand his established company, then so can you. Our Naples Marketing Firm has witnessed people fail to modify business for the economy, but it isn’t too late.

The Keys to Rebranding

Don’t be afraid plain and simple. Have the guts to make a change.

Southwest Florida marketing firms, like any agency, will promise you the world, but if you fail to heed your marketing firm’s advice for change – watch out. We always research the market and competition before moving clients towards rebranding.

Although not a solution for every economic challenge, our Naples marketing firm team knows rebranding often works.

Risk takers are both winners and losers, but you won’t ever win if you never take a chance.

Detailed tips for rebranding can be found in the Branding Marketing Strategy article series. Like what you read? Please leave comments below and get in the know with this blog.

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  • Milton

    It’s such a nervous business rebranding, but hey it worked for the guy you mentioned in the article. How unique is that a surfin’ plumber? Cool!

  • Msmith9176

    This is a great article.  Very Interesting about rebranding.  Most of us don’t think about that. 

  • Tate S.

    When I think of branding I think of advertising, never thought of it that in depth…thanks for the article!

  • Jencraw2000

    I often find myself wondering how smaller companies think their branding is good…I’m passing this article on!

    • Camden Smith

      Jen – I hope your friends hear you loud and clear. Thanks so much!

  • Nan

    Those job decrease numbers should be the top of the blog talk here – let’s hope it gets better.

    • Camden Smith

      Nan I hear you – the job numbers are depressing but let’s hope all of us small businesses continue to grow smartly so we recover more quickly.