Business Thanksgivings

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With news since 2008 through 2010 focused on economic recession arguments, DREAMFly Marketing is dedicating this blog to Business Thanksgivings.

If we fail to thank our clients, our family, our friends and people who are supportive of our efforts, we propogate continued negativity. Be positive!

Business Thanksgivings

  • Surviving 2010′s negative news
  • Creation of DREAMFly Marketing LLC
  • The open world my business can sieze
  • Diverse client list allowing me to live my dream
  • Progressive outlook for 2011

Business Thanksgivings come with appreciating your clients, pleasing the ones you have and remembering why you chose to get into the business you are in.

I created DREAMFly Marketing LLC out of a need to fulfill my deep rooted trust that I could truly help businesses of all sizes plan for better futures.

DREAMFly Marketing a Naples, Florida strategic business marketing firm.

Be thankful you are still in business even if you are struggling. Be thankful you were given enough guts to go after what you want!

DREAMFly Marketing’s Business Thanksgivings calls me to want to not only seek out new clients, but to also focus my business to serve a greater community need – a social purpose. What is your social purpose?

Fun Facts That’ll Make You Smile

Did you know?strategic business marketing, dreamfly marketing

Left-handed is the right hand! Because of the way a left-handed or southpaw batter swings in baseball, he is practically running towards first base as soon as he completes his swing making left-handed batters quicker. [source: OnlyPositiveNews]

The city with the highest per capita lightning strike rate is Clearwater, Florida -be glad you don’t live there….and if you do, good luck! [source:]

Most new-money millionaires began just like we did with small businesses that they worked their hearts out to grow into sensations. Keep the work going – you’ll make it!

Business Thanksgivings count for a lot this year as we all look to move into 2011 with renewed hope, renewed appreciation and yes renewed “green.” Visit our sister site for strategic marketing tips to get you going!

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. ~Judy Garland

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