Do You Know How to Close a Business Deal?

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Closing a Business Deal

You’re gaining business leads and meeting up with potential clients? Or perhaps you are bricks and mortar location business with new customers coming in?

Are you closing the deals or losing them? Closing a deal is different than gaining access to pitch to a new client or customer.

First you have to Open the Door
One of the best tools for opening up doors to at least gaining a meeting with someone is to connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or LinkedIn.

Not all social media connections will be local but you can make connections personal by emailing your newest online friend and asking them about their business without any sales talk. It leads to a conversation, then an invite to coffee…and the door opens.

If you are a bricks and mortar location, you should still try to genuinely connect with potentially new customers online, but you may be drawing more consumers into your physical location through advertising. Having a consumer walk into your store or business location…is still just an open door. There’s no promise they’ll buy and return.

Closing the Deal
Generally, when you meet with someone the first time, it is best to listen. Take cues from the person’s tone of voice, the types of problems or solutions being discussed and the person’s body language.

Tips for closing deals
Our Naples Marketing Firm knows first-hand how tough closing a deal can be.

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Learn the Tricks to Closing Business Deals

Always remember, not every client is a fit for your business. Knowing this should give you a calmer and more open approach to new consumers.

  1. Conversations at first and second meetings are often robust.

    Don’t let the conversation settle and if you run out of things to say – do NOT revert to what I call sales speak. Ask questions and listen.

  2. Give some free advice. If you help the person, they will immediately have value in your new connections.

    Let’s be clear – I don’t give out an entire marketing strategy free over coffee – but I do provide 1-2 marketing tips.

    When the person receives results, he or she may decide to hire my Naples Marketing Firm for future needs.

  3. Have your 30 second “this is what I do” speech ready in non-sales terms.

    When the person asks what you can do for them – remember to focus on how your service positively impacts others – it’s about THEM not you!

    “Be Brief, Brilliant and Be Gone” is advice the late Collier County, Florida Manager James Mudd – a fierce leader – gave me once.

  4. Explain how your service or product will benefit the person.

    Why should someone care you are selling vitamins? Maybe they should choose your vitamins because they are derived from whole foods and have no fillers so they receive true nutrition value – tell them!

  5. If the person doesn’t express specific interest in what you have to offer, thank them for their time.

    Then send a follow up hand written thank you note or email and attach information about the product or service you were talking about.

    Here’s the key – Attach the document and ask them to share it with others they might think will benefit. You are selling without selling. It’s about the connection.

  6. Follow up but don’t be pushy. Enough said!
  7. Finally – deliver what you say you will – do not deceive and they’ll refer new clients and remain a loyal customer

They Bought – The Final Steps
The final steps to closing a deal often include a contract for those of us in marketing or online businesses. For those of you with store fronts, closing the deal is following the steps above but then getting the customer to purchase right on the spot and customer service is key!

Your business’s finances and profits are about you, but a company’s service or product is about the consumer. And with success you can plan for the future with Qrops.

Frame your business dealings, networking, blogs, advertising and social media to focus on consumers’ needs and you’ll improve closing the deals.

What tips do you have for closing deals – share with our readers! If you like what you have read, our Naples Marketing Firm invites you to receive our weekly email blog. This marketing company in Naples provides PR, website design, SEO, social media and marketing strategy services.

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  • Msmith9176

    Great tips.  Thanks for reminding us to focus on the consumer and their needs while also closing a deal.

  • Etanner53

    Most companies these days seem to make promises they can’t keep except those of course that charge an arm and a leg for whatever they do – good to see this advice out there on the web.

    • Camden

      Thanks Eric!

  • Monica Hernandez

    Closing a business deal can be a big challenge. I find backing off after a meeting is the best option, what do you think?

    • Camden Smith

      Yes Monica you are correct – it is a mistake to bug people. There are companies out there that hassle businesses, but more often than not even if those “stalkers” as we call them gain a sale it usually does not lead to a solid, long term relationship.

  • Sherry

    I like the tip to connect contacts with people who can help them even if we can’t. That would definitely make a good impression – trying that next!

  • Doug

    people with money get deeals done!!!