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Best Crisis Communication Tips

There is always a crisis and the question is are you a pro or an infant at handling them?

Commonly referred to as “situation room” issues in the business world, a dramatic crisis news item can be turned around into a positive if you become a crisis communication expert.

Make Your Mouth Sing
The first step to successful crisis communication, yes we really mean that, is to remain calm, collected and think before you do anything. It helps to have a crisis communication marketing plan as well.

Sound easy? Imagine 10 news cameras in front of you. The media is demanding answers on behalf of your customers or the public with questions like “How do you explain the misuse of funds ” or “Explain how you’ll avoid this disaster in the future.” Still think it’s easy?

Best Crisis Communication Tips for Minimizing Bad News Coverage

  • Focus on Positive Outcomes of the Crisis
  • Beware of Smiles
  • Know All Critical Elements of the Issue
  • Create Standard Media Answers
  • Take Advantage of Your Website to Answer Consumer Questions
  • Never Lie to the Media

Tips That Will Make You a Hero
Most of the tips we have provided create obvious benefits, but there are just a few DREAMFly Marketing would like to expand upon to make sure readers gain all of the benefits.

Focus on Positive Outcomes – acknowledge what’s gone wrong.

Remember how BP angered people during the 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill by denying its direct role in the leak?
Watch the CEO’s unpracticed comments…..only growing the outrage.


You’ll get nowhere making the crisis about you or denying direct responsibility, and as a crisis communication professional you should be able to find some non-offensive positives. Positives may include improved safety measures, policy cleanup, money savings etc.

Answering Questions Online and With Media – During a crisis, a must have is canned media answers to the who, what, when, where and why’s of the event. NEVER GO OFF THE CUFF!

For consumer questions, developing a website survey/question system is most convenient and enables corporations to track consumer attitudes to the crisis.

Finally, watch your smiles. Even if you are attempting to expand on details in a non-interview portion of your time with the media, do not be caught with a smile that accidentally appears when someone makes a joke about something completely off topic….you could see it on the 6 O’ Clock News making it look like you are laughing at the crisis – rather than the real topic at hand.

Rule a Crisis by being a crisis communication expert: a prepared, well spoken, professional and appropriate spokesperson for your business or employer.

Rule a crisis, and you can rule the world!

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  • Eric

    Why don’t we use these common sense solutions when we are in a customer service bind? Great tips!

    • Marla Stanley

      So true – love the tip about never going off the cuff – why do even politicians do that – it’s just trouble!