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Three Effective Online Marketing Tactics

CLOSE DEALS – Harvard Business Review Says Consumers Demand a
SIMPLE Decision Making Process Online!

The Report: Decision Simplicity for Online Consumers
naples marketing agency, dreamfly marketing, online e-commerce sitesIn May 2012, Harvard Business Review released shocking news that consumers are seeking a simple decision making process for purchases online that brands are not delivering.

If your community is like Naples, Florida, businesses focus on detailed explanations of products and building relationships with consumers. The Harvard Business Review says you have it all wrong!

As a Naples marketing agency, DREAMFly Marketing focuses client ad campaigns on brand building to maximize the brand’s emotional connections with consumers.

Connecting with consumers in ads delivers results, but not online, according to the Harvard Business Review’s report.

Are You Overwhelming Online Shoppers? Their Demand to Disconnect
Listen Up! Consumers Want a Simpler Online Decision Making Process – also known as
decision simplicity.
stop confusing online customers, online shopping, decision making, online marketing
Decision-Simplicity means following the “keep it simple stupid” method.

Did you know that researches also found consumers wants deals online not a relationship. They follow brands on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to access deals, reviews or inside information – not build a relationship

The Consumer Effects of Complicated Decision Making
How you build your e-commerce website and its checkout directly affects your consumer’s experience and likelihood to shop with you again.

Harvard Business Review Decision Simplicity Study
The easier a brand makes the purchase decision journey, the higher its decision-simplicity source.

Brands that scored in the top quarter in our study were 86% more likely than those in the bottom quarter to be purchased by consumers.

The rising volume of marketing messages and complicated decision making process pushes consumers away.

According to Harvard Business Review, Marketers must simplify consumer’s decision making process to navigate them more successfully to purchases online and in retail stores.

Three Effective Tactics to Market and Close Deals Online
1. Minimize the number of information sources consumers must touch as they move towards a purchase
2. Provide trustworthy product information including outside sources
3. Offer tools on your website allowing consumers to compare products

(like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T do on their sites for cell phones and calling plans)

Minimize Information Sources
Less is more plain and simple. Don’t give consumers too much information.

Too much information, leads to a consumer “over thinking” simple purchases. Tailor the shopping experience to a consumer’s decision making process point: early, middle, decided. A consumer for example who searches “red sports cars 2012″ is in the early stage of the decision making process.

Trustworthy Product Information
Make it easy. Deliver decision simplicity.

Marketing trustworthy information could mean you post unfettered product reviews online OR run a contest for the best YouTube video product review. Have fun with it!

Offer Sales Comparison Tools
Make it easy for consumers to understand the difference between Product A and Product B. Make their decision easy, because shortening the decision making process simplifies the process, speeds up the sale and makes the consumer feel empowered with their decision.

A consumer wants a simple decision making process, because let’s face it they’re busy. Online marketing must use decision simplicity creating a comparative, interactive decision making process to empower online consumers.

View the full Harvard Business Review Article: To Keep Customers, Keep It Simple

Our Naples marketing firm offers full service marketing: publicity, advertising design and planning, marketing strategy and brand development, graphic design, website and promotional products services. Click to learn more about DREAMFly Marketing’s services, and please comment below and let us know what you think about Harvard’s research!

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  • Margaret

    This is good information to have.  This is really different than some of us have been taught about our online websites.  Thanks for this article.

  • Etanner53

    I was trying to shop for a cell phone this month and I swear if AT&T hadn’t had that comparison option I probably would’ve become frustrated and delayed. By allowing me to compare I bought right online- super simple. I like simple. HBR is right on their report.

    • Camden Smith

      lol funny my husband said the same thing when I wrote this blog

  • Monica H

    I downloaded that report and they have a graph that really shows HOW WRONG we have it….thanks for the help!

  • Jennifer

    So we are supposed to simplify which means we really need to outline our websites like we would say writing a short story for an English teacher that is strict in High School right? lol

    • Camden Smith

      if you are asking should you really plan out your website then the answer is yes. Many businesses want things done here – now – yesterday! Right?

      But by planning out an outline for your website and how pages interact and where you should have links to other pages you will make the shopping experience simpler and improve the likelihood customers will buy….
      buying is the goal of an ecommerce site so just make sure you do it right or don’t do it at all.

      Hope this helps!

  • Tracie Grands

    Wow didn’t know that