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Some marketing firms create a “marketing plan” with basic advertising goals and identify marketing materials your business may need to develop. We create a dream plan – a plan you should be able to take into a bank and obtain a business loan. Our plans are business driven matching marketing to your operations.

DREAMFly Marketing specializes in full business analysis from how you spend your revenues and the cost of marketing to your return on investment and means to reach new customers. A DREAMFly Marketing Plan includes:

  • Target audience identification
  • Target audience spending habits and locations
  • Goals to meet for marketing and business operations
  • Steps for each goal with assignment of responsibilities
  • Business operation analysis on spending to identify savings opportunities
  • A SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis of the company

We give you the steps to reach each marketing goal or the option to have us manage those goals for you.

DREAMFly also creates targets marketing plans for short-term needs including special events and fundraisers.

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DREAMFly builds robust relationships with clients by improving business.

For any creative services, DREAMFly always asks clients to fill out a questionnaire in which the business is able to identify its top priorities.

Based on your priorities, we utilize the media lists we have and tailor your press release distribution based on the type of news you are sending. We also analyze what publications online, television and print would be most accommodating to the news item(s) we are distributing. Massive press release distribution makes clients feel great, but it does not deliver results. Releases must always be targeted.

If you want results with your press releases, it takes more than hitting the send button to get noticed. We send to publications that match the profile of a client’s news. We then follow up with phone calls to further pitch your business news or story.

DREAMFly hosts its own newsroom on several popular press release sites including Pitch Engine, PR Log and Ezine Articles in addition to connecting direclty with media members who make the decision to cover your news.

Cancellations are unique depending on the type of service you purchase from our Naples marketing agency. Annual contracts require a minimum amount be paid prior to cancellation. Month-to-Month marketing service plans require the client pay two months of fees and then cancellation may occur at any time with a written cancellation notice to our staff via email.

For annual contracts, 10-30% is due as a down payment on the plan. The amount is determined by the plan you choose. Smaller marketing plans require 15% down. Remaining payments are spread equally across the remainder of the contract. One time services such as press releases and graphic design services are due 100% up front.

We work with a range of business budgets and understand how to map a payment plan that works for you. This strategic marketing approach empowers you to utilize DREAMFly Marketing’s talent and resources.

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DREAMFly Marketing, a marketing company in Naples, Florida, develops cutting edge marketing strategy for new and growing businesses. Specializing as a lead advertising agency in Naples, the firm offers graphic design, web design and business and marketing plan development services to clients nationwide.