Facebook Reality Shift

Facebook Users Shift Reality Online

More and more Facebook users are connecting and creating online friendships with people they have never met in person, but a danger seems to be developing with online users becoming swallowed up in online life rather than living in true reality.

Social media studies have shown that more and more people are connecting with Facebook rather than picking up the phone. This is not new social media news. There have been social media reports of children being bullied online and then committing suicide and some shuffled it off as unique cases.

Social Media Realities

From January through May 2014, the owner of DREAMFly Marketing, a Naples marketing firm, has noticed she is receiving connection requests on Facebook from fake accounts created overseas. Additionally, men and women alike are sending messages on Facebook expecting to receive an answer within 30 minutes to an hour.

Facebook Communication Problem Scenario

I received a message from a Facebook user I did not know which is normal since I am a business owner, but this message had the person introducing himself and then asking if he could get to know me. I sent a response back saying thank you but I use Facebook to connect with family, friends and as a business marketing tool. I continued to say Facebook is not an online dating service but thank you for the inquiry.

The gentleman proceeded to bombard me with Facebook messages saying he really like me, my eyes were pretty etc. and then said I needed to give him a chance.

Once again, I responded that Facebook is not an online dating service and while I appreciate his compliment he needed to cease and desist. I then had to block him because he did not stop and became angry sending messages that were threatening.

Is Facebook Becoming an Online Dating Site?

We posted the question on our DREAMFly Marketing page and also the owner, Camden Smith’s, personal profile and recived dozens of comments from women saying they too have had to block harassing Facebook users.

Is the online world truly becoming the only word for everyone including adults? The majority of users blocked according to Facebook users for this purpose were beyond the age of 30, therefore it prompts us to ask should Facebook strengthen its securities?

Quick protection tips for Facebook sexual Harassment

  1. Set Security for your profile not to show and/or set messaging for friends only
  2. Responses – limit responses by creating a standard response for Facebook messages from people you may not know (especially for business owners out there)
  3. If the person emails you inappropriate or harassing messages, copy the messages, report them to Facebook and then block the person

Social media is critical for connecting with family and promoting business, but as some people struggle with learning the difference between “reality” and “online living” it is important to protect your security.

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Camden Smith owns DREAMFly Marketing with 16 years in strategic marketing and television journalism. Her cutting-edge, aggressive marketing skills have earned her numerous awards. Smith lives in Naples, Florida with her daughter London.

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