When Should I Post Facebook Status Updates

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Status Update Madness:

When Do I Post and What Should I Post on Facebook?

More businesses post status updates on Facebook on Monday than any other day and yet fewer people engage on Mondays.
- Buddy Media Report

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When Should I Post Facebook Status Updates?
With so many businesses on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites, it proves challenging to break through all of the other status updates to reach your connections.

Facebook status updates or updates on other social media sites should engage people, but don’t get caught up in the numbers.

Numbers? Yes – if 100 people do not like your comment, it does not mean they didn’t catch the message.

First Discover What Consumers Want on Facebook From Businesses
Most businesses, according to Harvard Business Review, are getting this wrong, which means patting yourself on the back for dozens of Facebook status updates is useless.

Why We Get Social Media Wrong – We Assume!
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Social Media Sites Secrets – Getting it Right
Facebook status updates flow by the millions every day. Make your Facebook status updates STAND OUT

Buddy Media found the following with Facebook status updates:

  • Post Timing: Brands who posted outside of regular business hours enjoyed 20% higher engagement
  • Post Length: Status updates between one and 80 characters boasted higher engagement and yet less than 20% of posts are that short – oops!
  • Post Days: Sundays are highly active for Facebook Users and fewer businesses post on Sunday – post Facebook status updates on Sundays!
  • URL or Link Problems in Posts: For Twitter it may be necessary but on Facebook, users are more likely to click a url that is not shortened. Links in Facebook status updates using the full url are three times more likely to be clicked.
  • So keep it simple, be frequent with Facebook posts but not overbearing and forget about Monday through Friday. Focus more on weekend and sprinkle posts throughout the week and you may engage more with combining business news with personal opinions.

    How are you posting? Share your tips!

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