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Free Online Marketing Tools That Drive Improvements

It has become way too easy to fall into the $9.99 purchase trap for online marketing tools. It’s the old “Buy high sell low” trap.

You aren’t alone getting sucked into the “buy this for $9.99″ with the small type at the end “and review for $49.99 per month.”

Emails fall into your inbox claiming to rank your website, improve your Facebook page, attract more Twitter followers, help you with Google AdWords and offering the latest trend in online marketing tools. Below are free online marketing tools

Take What’s Yours Free!
I’m a self admitted person who buys high and sells low on personal items, but when it comes to business for all of us no matter where you are it is imperative to be smart with your budget.

Free Tools For Online Marketing You MUST Try

  1. Eightfold Logic Linker: Free link building system: Set up a profile free and it connects you with other users whom you can share your website link with. They list your link. You list theirs. Everybody is happy….why?Boosting incoming links to your website automatically raises your website ranking with Google and other search engines.

    There are websites that sell incoming links for your website, but those links have no real business lead value. Build your incoming links with a quality group of connections.

    Why? If others are linking to you, then your website must be important. Incoming links is more important than keywords now according to Google’s latest information.

  2. Seeded Buzz: As an online marketing tool, Seeded Buzz is great. It gives you the opportunity to post a summary of each of your blog articles and asks other users to blog about your article.You do the same for others and you have reciprocal links, plus your blog spreads. 
  3. Viral Email Management: MailChimp and Comm100MailChimp and Comm100 are both free email management tools. MailChimp offers free service to link to your blog and layouts similar to Constant Contact but not quite as advanced. It handles anything you need including blog list management.Comm100 is a much different system: very advanced, no programming necessary, list management and it is always free whereas MailChimp charges after you sent 5,000 emails (each person, each time counts). 
  4. Facebook Application Wildfire Creates Viral News of BusinessAlthough not free, it might as well be. For just $5, you can create an entire campaign that becomes viral on Facebook and on the web. The trick is they use other affiliates to get the word out in addition to your existing connections. Great way to spread the word quickly for fundraisers and other events.A free version of Wildfire is to use the simple Facebook calendar on your profile and send out events that way, but it is much more one dimensional compared to the best online marketing tool for promotions, Wildfire.

Summarizing Your Success
Go to Google or even your social media accounts and search for applications that can help you promote your business or personal profile more. There are thousands of apps, just make sure whatever you use is compatible with the new “Fan Page” layout.

The trick is to research. Know your goal. Find an application to answer your needs.

Be cautious however about paying a third party company to purchase incoming links to your web site, because in 2011 Google reworked its system to identify whether links are truly original or lack integrity. Promoting your blog and brand is more than just earning links coming to your site from outside sources.

We love to review innovative and free online marketing tools, so send us your favorites!

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