Nielsen Names Generation C as Digital Audience

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Generation C Becomes Powerful Online Audience

A new generation is born called Generation C short for the “connected” generation.

Assumptions may have business owners thinking this is a generation outside of the target audience traditionally 25 to 54-years-old, but according to Nielsen and NM Incite’s U.S. Digital Consumer Report released in February, Generation C is the primary digital consumer audience.

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Between the ages of 18 and 34, Generation C, formerly known as Generation Y, is connecting with brands and products in new and unique ways. More than 58 percent of Generation C members use mobile phones to access social media accounts compared to 36.3 percent of users between the ages of 35 and 54.

This spend-happy audience makes decisions on wants not necessarily needs, and frankly their needs are defined a lot looser than those of us planning for retirement soon.

Although Nielsen’s Generation C may appear to have less buying power than Baby Boomers, they are now the primary target audience, because of their diverse media habits making them an impossible captive audience.

Businesses in all industries will have to garner the attention of Generation C members, because without their attention and money businesses will begin to slide down a slippery, profitless slope.

Challenge to Target Generation C With Marketing

The challenge is to captivate this audience within your budget, and we have some tips to help you connect.

Interesting Facts About Generation C and Digital Audiences

  • They visit blogs to learn and read news more than they visit valid news websites
  • Facebook is their top website search engine as well as Google
  • WordPress ranked as the 4th top site visited with 24.5 million unique visits in 2011

    By the end of 2011, NM Incites reports there were 181 million active blogs across the globe online.

  • Generation C audience trusts advertising most if it appears on a brand-connected website
  • Trusts advertising the least on social media sites and on mobile applications for less known brands
  • 38% of mobile shoppers use mobile applications to compare prices and read reviews about your business
  • Females account for 64% of all time spent on Netflix and Hulu to watch movies
  • Hispanic consumers, all ages, are more likely to Netflix than Hulu
  • Hulu users are more likely to have a Bachelor’s or advanced degree and over 50-years-old

Interesting Facts
Study participants gave more weight to ads with products placed in television programs than they did to social media website ads providing real insight for building trust with Generation C. Tablet users are twice as likely to click online ads than mobile users in this age group.

Simple Ways to Have an Audience With Generation C

  • Create ongoing blog to attract Generation C visitors with relevant topics
  • Write as a guest bloggers on popular blogs on, EzineArticles and other blogs relevant to your industry
  • Target online advertising on well-known websites rather than buying a “blanket” online campaign
  • Pay to be listed as a sponsored link in Google results under the Local Business AdWords area
  • Post information online that is interesting – not just a pat on YOUR back!
  • Consider ads on sites that rank at the top, but consider social media sites with caution if your strategy is to produce sales at a bricks and mortar location

Learn about general consumer media habits, will teach you how to target your marketing at Generation C members.

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  • Msmith9176

    Great article.  Lots of information about target audiences and how we might be able to connect with them through all the media technology available today.

  • Monica Hernandez

    I had no idea about the Hulu Netflix Hispanic split – thanks for the free download!

  • Liz

    Interesting that even those 65+ are viewing videos online seems the Baby Boomers have come along!

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      Very underestimated – I have to agree

    • Camden Smith

      Thanks for you recent comment Liz. Sending out our newest blog tomorrow with social media tips – you may want to take a gander.

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    Nielsen is always innovative and this free download for customer information is awesome. Thanks Camden!

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      You are very welcome – feel free to share it with others!

  • Eric Tanner

    They hit the nail on the head. I don’t buy anything when I’m out shopping without checking the price with a mobile app or two.

  • Terri Lee

    Unbelievable people gave more weight to product placement than actual ads…half the time I don’t even notice product placements lol. Good to know!