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A big company that couldn’t DID.
Have an idea to dominate your competition?
Believe it – It CAN Happen!

It’s easy to get yourself down, whether you are an employee of a big employer or the big boss – the bottom line is you have to believe in yourself.

Sound too cheesy? Try this on for size. Internet conglomerate decides to develop software that can be used on cell phones. Critics said Google couldn’t beat Apple’s iphone and yet it’s happened.

Google earns gold star. Business learn how to succeed by Google's example.Two years following its launch, Wall Street Journal reports Google has earned a strategic marketing Gold Star with consumer’s as the Android software phones are now outselling the iphone.

Google’s Android software has grown sevenfold with 33.3 million purchases in the fourth quarter of 2010.

There is even an Android and Me community online. iphone lovers may deny Android’s climb, but sales speak and iphone has reported a slip in sales.

So How Do You Achieve a Marketing Gold Star?
Easy. What are you doing better than the competition?

Ask yourself what improvements would allow you to totally dominate? Just a small difference over the competition can produce a strategic marketing win.

Bank business on company or personal strengths. This reduces the risks – and yes employees this applies to your job performances!

The days of working hard with a payoff are over – work smart. Google has proven that despite its critics that strategic marketing and planning of only an idea can win millions of customers if you exceed consumers’ expectations.

Discover your Gold by asking:

  • What are my company’s real strengths?
  • What are my company’s weaknesses and can we improve those or stop those services?
  • What are we the best at?
  • How can we further improve our top performance and/or service? (Brainstorm as if the sky is the limit)
  • If we made these improvements, how would it affect the competition and our revenues?

If you answered, yes you have a strength that you could improve with some change, you’ve found your pathway to Gold.

A Naples, Florida Gold Example
Treasure Island sounds like a vacation destination, but it is an antique gift shop. A Naples, Fla. attraction, the shop carries genuine and not so genuine antiques. It earns a gold star for its uniquely large inventory.

Treasure Island earns a Gold Star also because its dealers desire to find you exactly what you want. Just like your favorite garage sale, you can find anything in this store and the antique dealers are local.

While it may not dominate in Renoir paintings, the store beats the competition, because consumers’ love to lose themselves inside if only for an hour or two to dream of better days….and maybe make a purchase to create a new, old memory.

Start thinking. Start growing.
Our Naples marketing firm, DREAMFly Marketing, for example, focuses on marketing planning and public relations. We turn down work that is not our domination focus so we remain focused on our own strategic marketing Gold Star.

Dream. Believe. Your potential is calling.

Grab a piece of paper and start brainstorming those great ideas right now before those ideas fade. Be inspired. No more saying “I can’t” or “I would if” – just do it, as Nike says. Do it now!

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    Good examples to think about. I like this article.