Turn Customer Frowns Into Smiles

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Do You Make Clients Smile?

Naples marketing firm, strategic marketing solutions for customer serviceIf we’re being honest, we can FORGET TO KEEP CUSTOMERS HAPPY when we get caught up office work and projects.

The Value of Thank You…is Priceless
DREAMFly Marketing Magnetics discusses strategic marketing each week. Did you know the most important piece of your strategic marketing puzzle is keeping clients happy?

According to MarketingSherpa.com, it’s 5-7 times more expensive to GAIN new customers than it is to keep the ones you have HAPPY.

Strategic Marketing Tactics That Deliver Robust Customer Relationships
Listen to clients about their challenges. Too many fantastically expensive strategic marketing plans lack real teeth for building and monitoring customer relationships.

The Teeth in Customer’s Smiles

  • Send regular thank you notes with hand written signatures (for small-medium sized businesses)

    Larger companies may wish to send preprinted but personalized thank you letters or notes

  • Send a simple, personalized thank you / incentive email with an exclusive savings offer

    Use MailChimp or Constant Contact and “code” the email to include each recipients first name. It’s a blast email personalized!

  • Connect with customers on Facebook, Google+ and/or LinkedIn

    Social media believe it or not is more personal than generic mail and allows unfettered interaction

Our Naples Marketing Firm is often very busy and the team can get weighed down with deadlines, but just like you, we have a responsibility to engage clients, listen and help. Excellent service should be a no brainer.

The DREAMFly Marketing Team sets itself apart by pioneering marketing strategy and executing benchmarks to grow client’s profits and improve their lives…with a focus on service.

So…what sets your business apart?

Rusty Customer Service? Dust Off Your Best Strategic Marketing Tool!

  • Learn from customer service mistakes.
  • improving customer service

  • Upset patron?
    Listen! Don’t over talk, but do say their concern is your concern and offer to solve the issue.
  • Match your mission with customer treatment to connect your strategic marketing system
    For example, don’t advertise you are responsive when it takes you 4 hours to return calls. Don’t say service is polite and speedy when it’s argumentative and frustrating.

    Have staff answer the phone in a tone that matches your advertising, promotions and personal vision for the business.

  • Make extra time for clients that need it and become indispensable

Following those simple tips will make YOU the person clients look FORWARD to hearing from!

By connecting the dots from employee attitude to operations, staff telephone tone to customer promotions, strategic marketing comes to life.

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Camden Smith has written 77 posts for Marketing Magnetics.

Camden Smith owns DREAMFly Marketing with 16 years in strategic marketing and television journalism. Her cutting-edge, aggressive marketing skills have earned her numerous awards. Smith lives in Naples, Florida with her daughter London.

  • Michael Straface

    Sometimes dealing with an upset customer can be irritating…..great tip to listen!

    • Tate

      There’s nothing worse than someone coming in, complaining about a problem they really believe is a mess up, but then it turns out it wasn’t and they still rip you up one side and down the other. Level heads people!

      • Camden Smith, DREAMFly

        Level heads are always better than hot ones and frankly let’s be honest here…customers pay you and your staff so it should be a top priority to make them happy within your power.

  • E. Tanner

    As much as we want to defend staff, sometimes it just boils down to “What did we do wrong?”  I think you have to be balanced but when I called a company to complain recently and they just defended the person without any regard to hear out what happened, they lost me as a customer. Wise advice here!

  • Monica

    If you listen and you tell a customer what’s important to them or what their concern is – is also yours, it calms them down and allows you to let your protective guard down. Dreamfly hit this on the head.

    • Jennifer Crawford

      And then there are times you just want to say – do you have nothing better to do but gripe? But I guess if the business really messes up that’s a different story lol.

  • Sherry Rale

    Great tips – now if only everyone will follow them. :)

  • Msmith9176

    This is a great reminder about customer service.  Good ideas that are simple to do.  Thanks for the article.

  • Msmith9176

    Great article. I have long felt that companies focus more on new clients than on keeping the ones they have happy. New clients are great but happy current clients will frequent your establishment ore and send more new clients.

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