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It’s Time to Break Out Risk for Businesses

USA Today is reporting that many businesses are ready to go beyond “sales” to attract customers following the economic fall that began in 2008.

While doctor offices and the medical field may not be showcasing sales, most of the private and public commercial industry has focused on half off and weekend promotions to boost business. How many stores have you gone to this year because of a sale? 5? 10? 20+?

What Are the Marketing Keys for 2011?
According to product launch experts, the key is literally getting out of the mundane box the economy has put us in.

“We’re going to see a ramp-up in risk taking.”

- Tom Vierhile, director of product launch analytics at researcher Datamonitor

Strategic marketing includes the development of new products. But what about those of you not “creating” an actual product, right?

A great example of out of the box thinking is taking a small financial risk as opposed to a large one. Con-Agra, manufacturer of microwavable popcorn, is creating a popcorn with a bag that becomes a bowl!

On a local level we have to think just as smart but financially smarter.

A Strategic Marketing Guide of What Consumers Want:

  1. Time Savers
  2. Products at Their Fingertips
  3. Convenient Products for Lifestyle
  4. Local if affordable over national products
  5. Connection to favorite products on social media
  6. Customer Service
  7. We like to produce what WE think is important, but with so many choices and so little time consumers need YOU to fit THEIR life quickly and simply. Two good examples in Naples, Florida of this success are discussed below.

Time Saver Success in Southwest Florida
Naples, Fla. based BlocDeals is a local-focused coupon website that emails time and money savers to its subscribers. Advertising here makes it simple to discover new customers. Groupon does not allow medical facilities to advertise, so if you are in the medical field find a local coupon website

Strategic marketing, coupons in florida, marketing trends

BlocDeals connects local businesses with local customers.

to promote your out of the box sale or idea.


“We are truly a local company for local business and our flexibility allows us to help local businesses maximize revenues. This is also how we have grow to be a very strong competitor locally in Southwest Florida for a large national company like Groupon.”

- Robert Desiano, BlocDeal founder

Desiano believes his success is because he is helping businesses succeed and meets regularly with advertisers to create robust working relationships, which takes us to the second and most important component for 2011 success.

Customer Service – Be Honest Do You Have It?


Does anyone remember the days when instead of voice mail you spoke to a person immediately when you called a business? Where did customer service go?


The most perfect example of customer services in Southwest Florida is Petunia’s of Naples, a fun, fashion boutique for women on Fifth Avenue South in Naples, Fla. Owner Claudette Willis said her customer service is simple. The store opened in 1994.

“When a client walks in, I learn their name, their mother’s name, their pets names. I care about their personal information, because that’s what customer service is about. When someone walks in and you remember what they purchased and their personal details that is what makes the difference.”

-Claudette Willis, Petunia’s of Naples owner

Best tips for 2011:

  • Create opportunity thinking beyond sales
  • Take a hard look at customer service standards and policies
  • Connect with customers online, in person and through the mail
  • Be personal in all that you do

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