Growing Your Leadership Style

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Do You Have the Best Leadership Style?

business leadership skills, marketing strategyPeople love to work for you?
Or could your staff use some motivating?

It’s easy to blame staff or contractors for being less than productive rather than admitting perhaps our leadership skills are aching to be rejuvenated.

We discuss marketing strategy as the key tool for business growth. Marketing strategy includes developing the best, most motivating leadership style for your work environment.

The best leadership styles allow managers to motivate employees to amplify their level and quality of work.

Defining Your Leadership Style 101

“Leadership is less about your needs and more about the needs of people and organization you are leading.”
Reported online with the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

WSJ Contributor Alan Murray wrote a style guide for leaders in a recent blog. Leadership styles define how you are remembered but more importantly a management style creates the work environment for all employees.

Visionary Leadership Style
Visionary leaders are the choice of any board when it is time for change. Visionary leaders generally convey the new direction of a company clearly and outline the steps the whole team will take in order to achieve the new direction successfully.

Coaching Leadership Style
Coaching leaders provide one-on-one coaching with staff and treat staff as if they are potential replacements for the leader making sure the employee’s goals are connected with the organization’s goals. This leadership style can backfire if the one-on-one coaching is perceived as micromanaging as opposed to intuitively helpful so be cautious here.
Walk the motivator versus totalitarian ruler line here.

Affiliative Leadership Style
According to WSJ, this style emphasizes team work, increases harmony and improves communication BUT it can also cultivate mediocrity.

While it improves a company stricken with trust issues, this type of leadership is often one that leads a company only temporarily and from our experience this is the type of leader called in as a henchman sometimes who then becomes the “communication” leader.

Democratic Leadership Style
Personal opinion – this can be dangerous. You can’t have the herd running over the Shepherd, but the Democratic Leadership Style can be useful because it builds on the staff’s knowledge and skills, and creates a group commitment to the resulting goals.

Experts warn this consensus-building approach can be disastrous during times crisis, because in urgent times of need quick decisions must be made which consensus building prevents. This is great a sub-style to have.

Pacesetting or Commanding Style?
Pacesetting marks a leader with high standards of performance who wants tasks completed faster, harder and better at all times. Pacesetting produces high volumes of work, but it can poison an environment against quality work.

A Commanding Leadership Style creates the classic military style leadership and is often the least effective. Commanding leaders rarely offer praise or encouragement but rather function in a tough environment so this leadership is the worst of them all unless of course you work in the military!

Who Do You Want Them to Remember?

I always think this is a safe way to function. If you want people to remember you as smart and helpful and strong, you probably aren’t choosing the Commanding Leadership Style but maybe the Democratic or the Visionary Leadership Styles instead.

Lead the way you want to be remembered, but always remember it is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone plain and simple. Be positive, be helpful, coach and also be able to make the tough decisions every leader has to make even when you don’t want to – that is the best leadership style – one with a focus on motivating and protecting an organization.

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  • Sherry Rale

    I think I’m a mix of coaching and affiliative – anyone else?

    • Camden Smith

      Sherry – I think I’m a mix of visionary and coaching but more on the side of commanding than coaching.

    • Eric

      Sometimes I think Commanding can be good as long as you aren’t disrespectfuy, because frankly people should be happy to have a job but some people are still lazy it seems.

      • MMHernandez35

        I can’t necessarily disagree with this Eric. Just depends on the atmosphere at work.

    • Jennifer

      I’m not visionary but am direct so I think my leadership skills lean more towards Democratic.

  • Tracie

    I think Democratic leadership is good when you are especially working on a team or with a small business, but when you become larger the best leadership is Visionary with sub-managers who are more coaching/affiliative.

    • Camden Smith

      Thanks for the comment and to all of you! I agree – I think it’s a fine line between compliments and hand holding and commanding and rude. It’s all about walking lines and motivating.

  • Michael Straface

    Demanding is commanding and I think for sports that works but not in the work place…have to agree.

  • Msmith9176

    Interesting to think about the leadership styles.  Small business owners are usually the leader but may not have been trained to do that. Good thing to think about.