Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy Develops Business

Our marketing company in Naples delivers power-packed marketing strategy for your every marketing move.

Advertising capitalizes on marketing strategy. Our marketing company in Naples boasts a research team with expertise in nationwide market analysis and experience promoting multi-million dollar companies.

“Strategy connects your organization’s products, services, customer service and promotions by implementing consistent customer messaging using marketing strategy and branding standards. Marketing strategy gives birth to a more profitable future.”

- DREAMFly Marketing Owner Camden Smith

Marketing strategy is the glue for tactical marketing to consumers. The DREAMFly Marketing Team delivers strategy with 40 plus years combined experience.

Marketing firm in Naples offers marketing strategy to launch initiatives.

Strategy is a bridge from marketing plan to results.

Our Steps to Creating a Marketing Strategy Plan

1. Determine the niche market.
We decide who needs your service and specify how the product helps the target audience. What problem are you solving?

2. We identify the best marketing strategy.
Reach a target audience. Should you promote in trade publications, magazines, newspapers, Internet advertising, social media, email or telemarketing, billboards or on radio, television or with press releases? Get your message in front of the “right” audience.

3. We then create a benefit-rich audience message.
By creating a benefit-rich, powerful audience message, we create consumer excitement and urgency to buy. Create impact for your brand with marketing strategy and a consumer-focused message that connects with their needs and soar over the competition.

4. Next, we develop tactics to achieve the marketing plan benchmarks.
Our copywriting team, develops radio ad scripts, sales and telephone scripts, customer service standards and designs eye-catching, colorful advertising, vehicle wraps, brochures, business cards and everything to boost the brand.

As a marketing company in Naples, we have learned the art of small town and big city media promotion. Our team creates powerful marketing strategy to maximize results.

Strategic Marketing Plans Include

  • Branding standards and guidelines
  • Cutting edge marketing management
  • Customer survey and/or focus group if needed for branding
  • Customer service training and standards development
  • Focus groups
  • Press release, promotions and social media goals
  • Operation and growth goals

5. Finally, we launch the marketing program into action.
We execute the marketing plan from direct mail to reserving advertising space in the plan’s targeted mediums following the advertising plan.

Experience new heights with DREAMFly Marketing’s powerful strategic planning.

Consumers see little difference between competitive brands, but marketing strategy empowers your message to make your brand number one in consumers’ minds.

Without marketing strategy, marketing goals lack teeth for truly producing results. We use marketing strategy to determine the tone of your message from graphics to text.

Grow and empower your business with our marketing company in Naples. Fly with DREAMFly, a firm serving up cutting edge marketing strategy.

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DREAMFly Marketing, a marketing company in Naples, Florida, develops cutting edge marketing strategy for new and growing businesses. Specializing as a lead advertising agency in Naples, the firm offers graphic design, web design and business and marketing plan development services to clients nationwide.