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Make your business a dominating power house with every marketing tool imaginable.
Below are four pre-packaged marketing service plans outlining exactly the services a business needs. Purchase as you go options are also available at a higher hourly rate.

Pre-Package Plans: Achievement Plan, Strategic PR Advertising Plan,
Publicity Plan, Small Strength Plan.


An affordable, UNLIMITED, marketing plan that businesses like because it includes everything you need from publicity and advertising to business operation goal measurement and event planning. Strategic marketing boosts business, period.

DREAMFly Marketing becomes your business’s personal marketing concierge saving you $25,000 in staff and benefit payouts.

With this strategic marketing plan, DREAMFly performs a complete business analysis from marketing budgets, operations, customer service to brand messaging.

About the Strategic PR and Graphic Design Plan

  • Strategic Marketing Plan: A plan outlining competition, strengths, weakness, company outlook, strategic marketing concepts, advertising campaign, brand messaging standards and measurable goals. Includes an advertising plan and full management of your marketing plan!
  • Media Relations & Article Writing:  Unlimited press releases distributed to media and posted to online SEO press release sites. Includes blog and article writing as well.
  • Web and Social Media: The world is yours
    Blog or Newsletter Writing
    Website Search Engine Optimization Analysis and Keyword execution
    Social Media Management and Geo-location business listings (Yelp, FourSquare, GoWalla etc.)
    Website Content Writing (Web design available separately)
    Link Building to improve search engine optimization
  • Graphic Design: Unlimited advertisement and marketing material design services (view our portfolio)
  • Download DREAMFly Marketing’s Full Presentation Portfolio

This strategic marketing plan offers you media and online buzz with the goal of converting business news into positive company media exposure. Power up your business with creative graphic design as an add-on plan option.

This is the best marketing plan on a budget offering powerful social media, graphic design and publicity services. It offer flexibility to include graphic design in an easy payment plan or to solely focus on PR.

Award-winning public relations professionals deliver measurable (Public Relations) PR results. Owner Camden Smith has a team of professionals who know how to spin your news into headlines.

Strategic PR Graphic Design Plan Services:

  • Strategic Marketing Plan: This plan includes full marketing plan management and customer service scripting and staff training.
  • Media Relations: 12 press releases + 6 published articles – includes posting press releases to web, media interview management, and story pitching **newsletter writing included
  • Web and Social Media: 40 hour social media / 10 hours web content and/or e-newsletter management
  • Graphic Design Plan (Optional): **Optional Larger Package – 10 graphic design projects (corporate identity package OR advertisement, newsletter, magazine layout or other design development) View our portfolio)

Did you know publicity is worth 25 times it’s cost? When consumers read about you, they listen even more intently. Our affordable Publicity Plan gives your business an edge.

What’s Included

    • Strategic Marketing Plan: With this plan, DREAMFly will manage the strategic marketing plan except for advertising buys and design.
    • Media Relations & Publicity: 8 press releases and scheduling media interviews plus 4 published articles
    • Corporate Writing: Up to six corporate writing projects including website content, brochures, white papers or other strategic marketing needs.
    • Web and Social Media: 40 hours of social media management on all platforms, blogging and press release posting online in addition to press release email blasts
    • Graphic Design: Not included. For a graphic design plan, see the Achievement or Strategic PR Graphic Design Plans.

This is the plan for the most affordable marketing with a small business marketing plan if you are on a limited budget. Less than $475 per month, you will steadily build consumers’ awareness of your brand.

A Naples Marketing firm, we also bring national expertise in using the most affordable marketing strategies.

Affordable marketing creates economical quality.
As part of our mission, we offer affordable marketing services to empower small American businesses to build the economy. Naples, Florida marketing has never looked better.  Live outside of Southwest Florida? DREAMFly Marketing offers services nationwide.

Annual Plans Save Your Business Money – Call (239) 682-0082 today!

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