Medical Marketing

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Medical Marketing and Equipment Inspection Services

Patient-Ready Facilities Keep Earning Money. Our Preventative Medical Equipment Inspection Service pays for itself by keeping your medical facility patient ready.

Comprehensive Medical Marketing Services

  • On-Site Operation and Facility inspections
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    When patients need help, it’s all that matters. Make sure your facility delivers cost effective, efficient care through our medical marketing analysis.

  • Medical LED Lighting saving you $100,000+!
  • Advertising campaign design and management
  • Medical Facility efficiency analysis
    DREAMFly Marketing exposes how to more cost effectively deliver services without lowering the benchmarks for delivering outstanding patient care.
  • Vehicle wraps for medical vans to create traveling message boards
  • Medical facility expansion analysis

Keep your facilities patient ready!

DREAMFly Marketing creates consumer marketing and also has a separate Biomedical Engineer Team to deliver medical equipment and facility services.

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Don’t let your medical equipment emergency prevent you from responding to a patient’s emergency. Our medical equipment maintenance service keeps your facility ready!

DREAMFly Marketing, a Naples marketing agency, leads in medical marketing by delivering comprehensive marketing planning from operations to external, patient marketing outreach efforts.

Medical Facility Services

  • Analysis of customer service – create phone scripts or re-train staff for you!
  • Preventative medical equipment inspection
  • Corrective medical equipment inspection
  • New medical equipment purchase analysis
  • Medical equipment efficiency review.

    Is your equipment delivering the best care at the best price?

Patient-Ready Equipment Protection

Preventative Medical Equipment Inspection
The DREAMFly Marketing Medical Biomedical Engineer Team identifies issues before failure.

Regular maintenance care plans allow our engineers to review equipment making sure it meets manufacturer specifications and to prevent medical equipment failure.
Corrective Medical Equipment Inspection
We respond in less than 24-hours when equipment fails to get your medical facility back on track to deliver patient care when it matters most. Response times vary depending on locations. Our response time averages:

  • Southwest Florida Medical Equipment emergencies, 8 hours
  • Tampa Medical Equipment emergencies, 3-4 hours
  • Orlando Medical Equipment emergencies, 2 hours
  • Jacksonville and Northern Florida Medical Equipment emergencies, 8-10 hours

Response times vary and is based on demand.

The responding engineer is a certified biomedical engineer, who can run diagnostics on the medical equipment, determine reason for failure, attempt repairs meeting manufacturer standards, and will work with facility management if replacement needs are determined.

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