Business Equals Marriage

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Business is a Marriage and It’s Time to Treat it Like it!


How many friends have you heard complaining their partner doesn’t pay enough attention to them or their marriage is struggling? Everyone knows at least one person from which they’ve heard these exact complaints.

Frankly, let’s face it sometimes partners refuse counseling. So a spouse or couple heads to the Internet of all places to find solutions like Marriage Makeover Manual to Mend Your Marriage a book by Kara Oh, who CBS News has recognized as the Heart Whisperer. Oh’s book dives into saving a marriage in just 30 days with real eye-opening changes.

So, if we can find marriage solutions on the web, why aren’t we doing a better job of finding solutions for our businesses online?

Simple – most of us don’t understand where to start.

Many of us have mastered how to post a tweet or Facebook update, but few of us actually know how to drive traffic to our websites by using social media. Here are some great ways to get started or to see your efforts through to the next level - Social Media Marketing 101:

  • Twitter Rockstar: This Twitter goody in plain terms shows you how to target followers by the thousands; advanced Twitter marketing tactics
  • Social Connect Blueprint: A great blog with both free and paid webinars and step-by-step how to’s for great social media success

Twitter Rockstar tells you how to use the communication online medium to actually grow your business. It’s reasonably priced at $47 and is easy to understand.

Twitter Rockstar focuses on helping freelancers, entrepeneurs and small to medium businesses without a tech savvy staff. You’ll learn how to develop targeted business leads with the system’s step-by-step book that shows examples and it provides you DVDs so you can follow along.

Social Connect Blueprint is an interactive blog online that provides both free and paid services including webinars guiding you through the often chaotic and tough to understand world of Niche marketing online. What’s great about Social Connect Blueprint is that it really is a map to the online world and provides daily tips. It’s a go-at-your-own-pace option.

A favorite $39 investment by far is Autopilot Tweet. But a word of caution, if you have taken the time to read Twitter’s spam rules you should not be using this or any other auto-tweet or friend-finder tool – there are limits and rules. With Autopilot Tweet you save time and your fingers from aching trying to find friends by doing simple follows using keywords. It’ll do it all for you!

Autopilot Tweet is affordable, and is a steal for what it does….saves you time.

Even my 63-year-old father finally got on the social media bandwagon and is seeing real results. But, don’t fail your business by just creating an account. You must put in some effort, and I vote for letting the aforementioned links do some of the work for you!

Happy blogging!

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