It’s a Mobile Marketing Take Over

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Love Your Mobile and Confused about Mobile Marketing?

AdWeek, an online advertising advice blog, reported in October 2011 that Google is warning businesses – Get Mobile or you may get run over!

But My Business Doesn’t Need Mobile Marketing Right?

Clear your vision for business by opening up to mobile marketing, a strategic marketing powerhouse.

Mobile applications are the new Yellow Pages and our Naples marketing firm made sure we were listed on them. Are you?

How often do you search online with your cell phone?
If you answered more than once a month, you’re still part of the growing trend in mobile search volume. Whether in Southwest Florida, Indiana, Washington, New York or any location in the world, mobile applications and searches are taking over. Period.

Research firm Forrester, a leader in trend research, reported:

  • 2010 – only 13 percent of the U.S. population searched with mobile devices
  • 90 percent of mobile users search using Google
  • Projections by 2015 estimate 28 percent of the U.S. Population will use mobile searches

By adopting mobile marketing methods, businesses in fact increase their exposure to not only younger consumers but also boost marketing to the early Facebook adopters now entering their 30′s – the prime spending target audience.

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Mobile Marketing is Growing – Cell Phones Are Now Strategic Marketing Devices

With an Android, I can use the Yellow Pages phone app (application) to search for a company, but I also rely on GoWalla, Foursquare and Yelp to find business locations, reviews.

Unlike Yellow Pages who puts their print listings on their mobile apps, on mobile applications you’re required to physically register a business and claim it; otherwise NO MOBILE USER CAN FIND YOU

Every check in promotes the business free to the customer’s Facebook and Twitter followers. The Google+ app also allows mobile users to check into Google Places locations.

Google links Yelp reviews to search engine results! Google further empowered mobile marketing when it announces websites not updated on extremely regularly would lose their foothold on SEO.

Our Strategic Marketing Mobile Suggestions

Our Naples marketing firm located in Southwest Florida markets primarily to European and American visitors as well as Florida residents for local clients. Regardless of your location, set your strategic marketing plan to follow these online and mobile marketing guidelines:

  1. Register your business for Foursquare, GoWalla and Yelp and link it to your website
  2. Once registered on the above sites, claim your business listing and run specials and post status updates to make your business “active” on mobile applications
  3. Make sure your site is mobile friendly (reduce use of Flash)
  4. Write a blog or create a tips sidebar on your website’s front page for online marketing strategy

Embrace mobile marketing and it will help drive leads. With so many choices, make it easy for consumers to find you!

About us: DREAMFly Marketing is a Naples marketing company handling Southwest Florida marketing as well as clients across the United States focused on strategic marketing, advertising, public relations and social media online marketing. If you like what you’ve read, please sign up to receive our weekly strategic marketing tips.

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  • Msmith9176

    Great tips for how to get Mobile.  Printed out the article so I can look it over and figure out how to do this for our business.  Thanks for the ideas!!  It was very helpful.

  • Krista Trent

    Mobile marketing is essential now not optional so I hope everyone listens!

    • Etanner53

      I haven’t been doing that – but we are starting this year.

  • Shari

    Advertising to cell phones is imperative – the problem is most people are very simply relying on Google Adwords and making them mobile-compatible. Using location-based check-ins is a must.

  • Camden Smith, DREAMFly Owner

    Mobile advertising is essential even for us as a marketing agency – if you  need help please feel free to contact us at

  • Michael Straface

    We are now a mobile society so utilizing this is a must. Great read.