Affordable Marketing: Network Your Business Up

3 Affordable Marketing Methods to Promote Business

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Naples marketing firm DREAMFly Marketing brings 3 ways to market your business for free or lower costs. Kick your competition to the side with effective and affordable marketing!

In this three-part Affordable Marketing Series, learn 3 affordable or free marketing methods to increase business.

Network Your Business Up
What’s That Mean?

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Get out of your circle and expand who you are selling to by networking!

Sitting in an office and rarely attending local business events will do more harm than good to your business. The days of opening a business and your friends flooding your doors with clients are over.

Now, networking is what often takes a small business and establishes it as the Mecca in its local industry. Let’s face it networking can feel uncomfortable, because you’re business developing with people you have possibly never met previously.

Like mobile games are slowing down the sales of traditional gaming machines, so too is networking ending the traditional “build it and they will come” business operation. The most effective and affordable marketing tool is networking making it an obvious #1 in our three-part Affordable Marketing Series.

Overcoming the Fears of Networking:

  • Listening to others brag about themselves can be a drag
    - Learn that your story is just as important as others and tell it!
  • Clinging to people you know is easier than meeting new connections
    - Make a deal with yourself to talk more than 5 minutes to at least 5 people at each networking event. You’ll begin to see a difference in the awareness about you and your business.
  • Getting out of the house or office and being on the move
    Find yourself wanting to sit comfortably in your office? Snap out of it and get on the move and start networking.
  • Talking to People you don’t know
    Walking up to someone and introducing yourself, even if you have an outgoing personality, can be unnerving. The best way to get over it is to have your business cards in hand, walk right up and introduce yourself by asking what the person’s business is and saying you would like to learn about their business. This opens up a positive conversation.

If we’re telling the truth about networking, the bottom line is expert networkers know how to make others feel like their talk was really valued by the other person. How do you do this? Network just like you marketing your business, delivering a consistent and positive message selling your services without sounding like a salesperson.

No one likes to listen to others talk non-stop about themselves, so the trick to networking is to take the extra step and introduce your new found networking buddies to each other and connect other business people.

Where to Network:

  • Local Chamber events
  • Local public relations or marketing organization events such as Southwest Florida’s American Marketing Association, Florida Public Relations Association and Public Relations Association of Collier County to name just a few marketing groups in Naples, Fla.
  • Get involved with business groups such as Lee-Collier Business Women or business oriented groups in your area.
    Expanding networking to business professionals outside of your business’s industry will exponentially grow the awareness about your company and increase referrals more quickly.
  • Now you know where to go and how to break your fears – get out there and talk about your business! You are your best salesperson.

    The most affordable marketing tool is networking. Instead of trying to land a bigger job, look at networking as the opportunity to triple your business with bigger sales and to help other business owners as well.

    You can help others and help yourself. It’s just that simple.

    Next in this series, a fantastic outline of promotional products you can customize to hand out and leave lasting impressions with existing and potentially new customers. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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  • Monica Hernandez

    I like Chamber events to meet business people but job fairs and business networking events outside of the chamber seem to work best for gaining company interest.

  • Eric Tanner

    I seem to be networking all the time and just as I was about the throw in the towel because I wasn’t seeing a return on my efforts – I landed a good business referral. It works and it takes time.

    • Camden Smith

      It does take patience but when you networking it’s all part of branding your company. Thanks for the feedback Eric.