New Media Strategies for Print Ads

New Media Strategies Incorporate Print Ad Campaigns

Fully integrated marketing experiences for consumers with “new media” strategies boost advertising ROI (return-on-investment).

Inbound marketing is key for empowering conventional print ads to improve online traffic.

With new media strategies, advertisements use a QR code (quick response code) so consumers can immediately access online products, videos, press releases, blogs and other information More than QR codes, campaigns are now using mobile apps to deliver “private tours” or experiences.

Strategic marketing is integrated marketing is inbound marketing and is today, tomorrow and the future.

Forrester, a research firm, reported in June 2012:

20% of all smartphone users scanned and connected with online information using QR Codes in May 2012, an increase in inbound marketing since May 2011

Inbound marketing results are expected to jump through 2016 with new media strategies including QR codes, mobile apps, online videos connected with print ads, direct mail and much more.

Volkswagen Introduced Virtual Test Drive in a Print Ad

Consumers actually could TEST DRIVE A VW in print ads.

How Print Ads Delivered a Test Drive

  • Consumers viewed the print ad and scanned a QR Code or followed a link to download the VW mobile app
  • The smartphone became a VW vehicle by using the mobile app
  • Users then scanned the smartphone across the road image in the print ad

Off the chart test drive.
Out of the box.

VW developed this one-of-a-kind mobile, test drive experience. Watch the video explaining the concept below – click refresh if the video did not load (Internet Explorer users).

AXA Insurance Connects QR Code To Secret Disaster

Brilliant integrated marketing!

AXA showed a disaster and forced TV viewers to scan the QR code to see what happened!

AXA Insurance in Europe needed a way to connect with younger home owners, so what better way than to use a QR Code as the door to a home in a television ad where suddenly something crashes through the roof. Viewers had to scan the QR Code on the front door to get inside the house and see what happened. View the video below.

But How Do Create New Media Strategies?

Make your branding sing in print, in person and online – it’s simple!.

  • Make a QR Code by using a QR Code generator to connect ads with your “new media strategies.”

    • Deliver contact information
    • Take consumers to your website or a contest page
    • Deliver a file for download
    • Link the QR Code to exclusive coupons or deals
  • Mobilize ads with mobile apps or links to interactive online materials (inbound marketing)
  • Product ads should tease and promote online video press releases
  • Unify brand messages using social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, FourSquare, Path, Highlight, Digg, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter


What are you doing right and wrong? Did you know about inbound marketing? Comment below or ask questions.

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