Best Online Advertising Tricks

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Make Online Advertising Less Tricky – Make It Simple

To market online, you better make sure you know who your target audience is. You should never guess with any advertising, especially online, because unlike your nice local magazines, it will cost you a lot more with useless click-throughs if you are not marketing to the correct audience.

Creating Online Ads With Call to Action
Ads must have a call to action. You should not expect people to just click on your ad unless you are doing a serious giveaway like a car or a home. There is so much online that browsers see, you really have to call their attention and give them a reason to click.

Best tip to accomplish this is if you are marketing for example a sale of 25% off your products, use a call to action like “Empower Your Body buy vitamins 25% off” or some kind of wording that tells the browser why he or she should care about the sale or products you are marketing.

Determine CPC or CPM
What in the world am I talking about? Some may know. Others may be lost at this point. CPC is the price you pay per click for an online advertisement when someone actually clicks through to your website. CPM is the price you pay for an online ad by the number of “impressions” you receive on the site you are advertising. This is not a great option unless you expect massive click-throughs with your advertisement, CPM may be more cost effective.

What I have found is that Facebook browsers click through to just about anything. You are better off paying for CPM (per impression) especially if you are giving a service or product away. A click through doesn’t necessarily mean a sale and then if you people just click and don’t buy you might as well have reach more people and paid less.

Use Online Forums That Optimize Online Ads
There are websites that will optimize ads for you. If you, for example, become a new Google AdWords member you have 30 days free of charge where they educate you about the entire Google platform, how to market, where to market and how much you REALLY need to spend to accomplish your goals. It’s a fantastic free service! Here are some other platforms with low costs for ads that promote click throughs at a much lower rate than Facebook and Google AdWords but use links on Twitter and/or Facebook to promote your business:

  • Magpie (a tweet service that pays others to promote your link)
  • My Likes (Unlike Magpie you actually choose what links you promote on your own terms)
  • RevTwt (register and pay others to promote your products)
  • TwitAd
  • Sponsored Tweets (new by IZEA a SEO Ad platform)

For Facebook ads, it’s simple. You identify what geographical area(s) you want to advertise in, ages you want to reach, what “likes” your customers might have in common and you bid on a CPC or CPM basis with a daily budget that FB will not allow you exceed, unless you change it. It protects you and your budget, but again I heed you on using CPC for sales and giveaways.

Remember branding 101 teaches us to match our public relations and customer tone to advertising – Read more about this.

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  • Eric Tanner

    Saying you have a sale means nothing I agree you have to give a little nudge. Plus I always recommend to friends along with a great message make sure you research using Google the real keywords and key phrases you should use to target things such as online ads.

    • Camden Smith

      Eric you get it!

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