Pet Envy: Advertising Strategy for Consumer’s Heart

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Advertising Strategy and Pets Does It Work?

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Who said strategy can't have personality? This is a perfect coordination of advertising strategy with pets.

The apartment company could have advertised any breed welcome, but to jazz it up they focused on the many personalities of pets and made the ad humorous – perfecto!

The Perfect Advertising Strategy Pet Match

Let us paint a picture for advertising with pets with Traveler’s Insurance Ad a big hit example. A poor little dog, oh so adorable, dreams of his bone, plays with his bone and cherishes his beloved bone, but who is going to protect it for him, because after all he’s a helpless dog?

Little Fido matching the advertiser’s branding message perfectly:
(link to ad if it doesn’t load)

Pets Are Cute Advertising Sidekicks!

Where in the world is the advertising strategy in a realtor posing with their dog for an ad? It’s just a cute photo without an advertising strategy connection with pets in ads.

A photo does not equal advertising strategy.
Ads showcasing staff photos without referencing “meet our staff” and fail to incorporate the staff as the advertising strategy fail, just as cute little cats and dogs fails if they are not part of the branding or advertising strategy!

Think strategy first. Think advertising design second. Pets can pack a punch as the perfect scoop of ice cream for an advertising campaign if you incorporate the pets with the brand’s strategy. Marketing in Naples or marketing in Miami..the rules are the same.

Traveler’s Insurance Ad Strategy Success
Traveler’s Insurance is to show out-of-the-box ways they protect the things we worry about as homeowners, and incorporated Fido to connect closer to our hearts focusing less on “possessions” and more on lifetime relationships.

Bad Advertising Strategy Example

Red Bull attempted to incorporate a love for pets as part of its advertising strategy, but it misses the mark with a weak story line. Link to ad on YouTube

Failing to connect with a strong story line can compromise your advertising strategy even if you incorporate the “pets” with your strategy. Red Bull gets an F- for this ad.

Marketing in Naples, Florida requires a different consumer connection than say a family-focused MidWest. Marketing companies in Naples, Florida focus on both tourist and residential audiences and most firms focus on PR and advertising not necessarily strategy.

Move beyond fantastically colorful designs for your ads and create a real strategy behind your company’s every move.

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  • Msmith9176

    Interesting.  I hadn’t thought about including an animal in our advertising but I will think about that for future ads.

  • Linadanews

    This is great…I loved it….and your right pets work and so adorable! I need to put some thought into how to incorporate my little West Highland Terrier (Charmin) into my advertising. Hey she loves baskets..ha!