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3 Ways to Know if Pinterest Should Be Added to Your Social Media Strategy

As a marketing company in Naples serving clients nationwide, we make it our business to know social media trends.

Pinterest has been a HUGE hit primarily because it often leads to higher interaction on photos and blogs. Should Pinterest be part of your social media strategy?

Could Pinterest be critical to YOUR social media strategy?
…that is the question, right?

Pinterest is fabulous for companies who need comments or interaction with photos or who are looking to build their online visitors by linking interesting photos or blogs to Pinterest, but if you are looking for a space to sell…it can be a little bit more of a challenge.

3 Ways to Measure Pinterest’s Importance for Driving Traffic

  • Do you have eye candy for the web?
  • Do you have a system for developing creative visual content in existence?
  • Is Pinterest already driving website traffic?

What’s Your Eye Candy?
Does your blog allow you to set a featured image because if not you may NOT have good eye candy to promote your blog…
but if you have interactive, interesting photos, Pinterest is perfect for your business!

Put Your Best Photos Online
Use the PinIt button while browsing the Internet to “pin” or essentially like pages you see. Create categories of Pins and incorporate it with your social media strategy to expand the online audience.

From Social Media Examiner – “The bottom line is that your best stuff needs to be easy to pin from your homepage. It needs to be branded well, visually impressive, and valuable as stand-alone items. This is your first order of business.

Create a unique Pinterest account. When you create your Pinterest account, you’ll want to set up unique pinboards to feature your best visual content. As you pin them into Pinterest, they will be repinned over and over.”

What’s Your Visual Planning System?
If you just snap photos and post them, this may work for Facebook, but for Pinterest, you need a social media strategy to connect with the audience.

The social media site’s users comment on personal, professional, funny and serious photos alike and it can be a great way to gain input from outsiders about your creative ideas such as art, drawings, logos etc.

pinterest tips for social media strategy
Be creative! Think like a consumer, like an artist, like a creative muse.
If it isn’t interesting and funny or does not invoke some kind emotion find another photo. Use photos that connect so they will be pinned and repinned to spread your brand across the global market.

Is Pinterest Driving Traffic to Your Website Already?
Check Google’s referring traffic site list for your website and focus on those sites not already incorporated in the social media strategy. You may find sites on the list previously unknown.

Focus on referring website to generate traffic and build a following. Know your social media referral list by looking it up on your Google Analytics account.

Social media accounts and profiles should drive website traffic. Managers get caught up in “follower” numbers but the real goal is website traffic and branding.

So if products are your game, make creative photos your name if you plan on using Pinterest!

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About us: DREAMFly Marketing, a marketing company in Naples and Southwest Florida, creates branding strategy for clients across the United States. Our marketing company in Naples focuses on marketing strategy, advertising, public relations and social media online marketing, online marketing and promotional products.

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  • Chris Griffith

    Hi Camden, I didn’t know if you were aware that a blogger can measure the reach of their images on Pinterest.  For example, I take a lot of photos and can search Pinterest to see if any of my blog’s images have been pinned:  This “source” function even works with third level domains like posterous blogs, free wordpress, etc.

    I watermarked my images even before pinterest was cool. ;-)

  • Msmith9176

    Interesting article for those of us who are behind in technology.  Didn’t know we could do this.  Thanks for the information.

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