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Camden Smith of DREAMFly Marketing jumps in to help a news crew cover a press release prompted story. It never hurts to help the media.

There are a number of opinions on how to write a press release and what type of template to use. For local markets (non-national) news releases, the best press release template is one that does not use the “About Us” section after the actual news.

What am I talking about?
Corporate press releases tend to throw all company information towards the end of the release. This is required by many online press release sites; however for local media this is useless. In this post, this style is labeled an About Us PR Template.

For local media outlets including newspapers, it is important to use company history and information as an integrated part of the press release’s news.

Examples of these 2 styles

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Want news coverage but not sure if your company news is really news?

It’s all about how you lay out the information and how you write it.

If you are unsure how to write a press release in the most effective manner, please read “How To Write a Press Release” to ensure the maximum success.

Post questions about press release writing and formatting in the comments area – we will provide you with solid solutions and understanding.

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