Presidential Marketing Debate

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While a marketing blog usually focuses on how to run a business and how to promote it, Marketing Magnetics has chosen to analyze the marketing behind President Barack Obama – not taking sides or moving against him – simply to analyze the thought processes behind his marketing outreaches.

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During his Presidential “Change” campaign, Obama won over conservatives and liberals alike with his goal to oust Washington D.C.’s political cliques. He promised to pass national health care, review taxes and assist in the economic recovery developed by a world-wide economic collapse. His marketing team was brilliant – selling the idea change was possible, even though most realized change is not up to one man against the majority of Congress.

But on Friday, Nov. 5, 2010, President Obama’s luck with marketing seemed to take a dive into a big black hole following Congressional elections where Republicans won a majority in the House.

Media outlets, on Nov. 5, began reporting that U.S. President Barack Obama would be making a trip across the world, specifically to Asia except for China, to build better relations. During the reports, announcers stated the President’s trip would cost an estimated $200 million per day or $2 billion total for the trip. This prompted outcry across the globe.

On CNN’s Anderson Cooper show, pundits argued the trip’s cost had been incorrectly reported due to a media outlet in India reporting unsubstantiated information and posting it online. President Obama was reported to be taking 3,000 people with him, and in response to questions the White House could not comment for security reasons.

The bottom line is this all spread like wild fire after a reporter posted it online!


CNN Host Anderson Cooper, a few days later, estimated the President’s November 2010 trip could not cost more than $5 to $10 million per day, but again there was no confirmation from the White House. Regardless of the cost, many Americans remained outraged there was any trip at all when jobless reports had continued to rise in October (2010).

Is it political suicide for any President, regardless of which President you analyze, to exhibit spending money? When so many are jobless, the economy is slowly turning a tide but not quite there and Social Security scares exist about its potential crash, what should a President do when international networking comes calling? The easy answer is, do not travel and do not spend money, but are there marketing advances the regular people like us cannot see?

President George W. Bush went out at a low point, because of his determination to finish a war he started, and the public grew tired of hearing about it. President Clinton went out on a low due to personal marital issues.

Marketing 101
Whether you are a President of a country or of a business or even a manager, you must run your corporation by example. If you expect your employees to take furlough days to save costs, then you better make sure you are trimming operational costs as well.

To successfully market and sell staff on your customer message plans, you must operate internally the same as you do externally. When politicians learn this basic marketing planning tool, they’ll be successful.

This is one game you, as an entrepreneur can beat them at – marketing by example, because perception is reality whether we like it or not.

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