Affordable Marketing: Promotional Swag

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Affordable Marketing: Promotional Products to Leave an Impression

Make marketing your business affordable and effective.

In this DREAMFly Marketing Magnetics article, you will learn the third tool in boosting affordable marketing while still increasing business.

How Do Promotional Items Help?
Promotional products or swag are customizable products that leaves a lasting impression with customers new and old, because it reminds the customer about your business.

Promotional products send business your way. Empower existing customers to feel good about the decision they’ve made in choosing your business.

Fun and Affordable Promotional Products
With millions of promotional products to choose from the options are endless for affordably branding your business. Here are some favorite ideas we use for clients that fit every budget. We used Proforma to search for promotional products, a Naples, Florida promotional product company.

promotional products by Proforma and Naples marketing firm DREAMFly Marketing

A Creative Take on Note Pads

Being creative doesn’t mean spending all of your money. Note pads are always popular, because how many of us need a sticky note when we can’t find one? But instead of customzing a regular sticky note or note pad, incorporate a creative shape. This is most affordable when ordered with 150 sheets per note pad.

Dozens of shapes are available such as an apple, dollar bill, tooth, smile, house, signage, van, car, star and heart. Lowest cost we found is 95 cents per pad.

Bentcil and Norwood promotional pens, naples marketing firm DREAMFly Marketing

Pens Packing a Punch!

Pen-sational! Pens are fantastic for two reasons. There are always creative designs and they are always on sale!

Use fun shapes, as pictured left, to be pump up your promotions for special occasions. For child focused businesses these are great, but for traditional companies these are also a hit, especially the billboard pens, because they capture your customer’s attention.

When purchasing pens, we recommend finding a local promotional products dealer, because it gives you the opportunity to test out the pens you are interested in to make sure the pen writes as well as it looks.
Pens shown left range between 99 cents and $1.68 each.

My two favorite traditional pen dealers are Norwood which boasts free setup and Bullet which guarantees a 24-hour turn around.

Naples marketing firm promotional products, customizable lip balm, tumblers, chip clips

Customizable Fun Products: Lip Balm, Tumblers, Glowing Ice Cubes & Chip Clips in Shapes

Colorful Options. Lightable ice cubes, glowing coozies to keep drinks cool, Tumblers and lip balm are a just a few of the promotional product options you have to spend less and still deliver your company’s slogan or advertising message.

Products shown begin at 70 cents per piece and go up to $1.48 per piece.

Creative ways to use promotional products:

  1. Incorporate promotional swag such as a magnetic business card
  2. Customize products to fit your specialty (dentistry, marketing, teaching, fitness etc.)
  3. Promotional products should not replace advertising but should compliment it
  4. Share the cost of promo items with nearby business neighbors

Counting the Cents Makes Sense
1,000 pens costs as little as $250 and those pens are 1,000 brand enforcers with customers. People love freebies and ROI (Return-On-Investment) on promotional swag is countless.

Saving cents makes complete sense. Promotional swag is more than a trend it’s a necessary marketing solution that will always weather any economic climate.

About Camden Smith

Camden Smith has written 77 posts for Marketing Magnetics.

Camden Smith owns DREAMFly Marketing with 16 years in strategic marketing and television journalism. Her cutting-edge, aggressive marketing skills have earned her numerous awards. Smith lives in Naples, Florida with her daughter London.

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  • Marla Stanley

    How affordable is this really? Can you do much for say $500 for your annual giveaway budget?

    • Camden Smith

      For $500 you could order on average 500 customized pens, 150 reusable grocery bags and 250 note pads, so $500 gets you quite far.

      I used prices that our firm uses with our promotional partner Proforma. Pens are prices at 35 cents for example. Cheap doesn’t mean less quality. We are able to give lower prices on promotional swag because Proforma is a national promotional product company. Your $500 is plenty to get you through 6 months to one year, depending on how often you plan to hand out your customized products.

      I hope this helps! Email us at if you have more questions.

  • Monica Hernandez

    Those pens with the inserts – I think you called them Billboards – how cute!

  • Tate S.

    Not crazy about lip balm, because they use it and then toss it away, but I definitely think note pads last longer and everyone loves pens. 

    Does the company you looked up have those customer service cards you can give customers so they can get help whenever they want it?

    • Camden Smith

      Lip balm – if it’s quality – does however keep your clients asking for more if they like it. It worked for a former employer Mutual of Omaha Bank and for many clients. But I do agree longer lasting items are usually most popular.

      I love chip clips the most. People eat chips and then see that clip every week reminding them of your company. They come in all shapes and that’s the greatest way to make your customer promotional swag stand out.

  • Crispin Paul

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    reliable results, promotional pens can be your best choice. 

    • Camden Smith

      Thanks for the post. As a proforma dealer we run the cheapest prices in the nation.

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