Three Publicity Advertising Equivalency Calculations

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Three Calculations for Press Release Publicity Value

Publicity and public relations are key to growing a business. For business marketing in Florida especially, publicity is often the best return-on-investment.

Did You Know?
Media savvy press releases can bring in more business than an advertisement, according to research.

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No box needed. Be innovative and save money with added PR Campaign value!

Public relations boasts a value 20 times more than it costs your business marketing budget…when you think out of the box.

Stop Waiting – Start Using our 3 Publicity Value Calculations below!

Publicity Calculation One:
Calculate Costs of Writing Valuable Press Releases

  • Write a press release for the media and a second press release for customers to post to your website news area.
  • Valuable press releases give reporters solid stories they can expand upon
  • Business press releases must focus on publicity opportunities as well as conveying an accurate message
    For example, avoid writing a press release about a subject such as a board appointment if it will not garner media attention. It’s a waste of time.
  • Publicity is the result of a great press release requiring marketing managers story pitch the idea to media rather than let it sit in a reporter or editor’s inbox
  • Start a press release with a strong lead. Below is a good press release lead example and a weak one.
    Weak Press Release lead: “Dreamfly Marketing announced today it would be expanding its services to include publicity value tracking to small business.”
    Good Press Release lead: “Small businesses in Naples, Fort Myers and Estero, Florida will now have an affordable way to track press release value with Dreamfly Marketing’s new publicity value program.”

Download our FREE press release template to get started!

Publicity Calculation Two:
Create a Publicity Event Around the Press Release

Now this can be tricky. Not every piece of news calls for a publicity event or stunt, BUT when companies use publicity stunts or events it works!

Publicity Opportunities and Ideas
Receive publicity value with press releases by executing marketing tactics with media members.

  • Create a media day to compliment press release announcements.
    Announcing an expansion? Give a media tour! Announcing a new product? Give them reporters a sneak peak and ask for unfettered product reviews.
  • Story pitch the “release” news to editors and reporters in advance of the press release.
  • Find related business partners to participate in the announcement to expand the level of media interest
  • MOST IMPORTANT PLAN AHEAD – important business announcements deserve a publicity plan

Calculation One and Two=Base Cost of Publicity
In calculation one, businesses may determine the “cost” associated with writing the press release including staff time. In calculation two, companies should include staff time and costs associated with planning the associated publicity event.

Calculation One plus Calculation Two provides the “base cost” of the PR campaign.

Publicity Calculation Three:
Advertising Value Equivalency for Public Relations Campaigns

The trick to learning the real advertising value equivalency is to track the media coverage received as a result of the PR campaign and all related press releases.

Business marketing 101: When tracking media coverage, include online media, newspapers, magazines, social media exposure and television coverage.

Convert all coverage to advertising dollars saved or your “advertising equivalency value.”

  • Newspaper ran a story 3 columns by 5 inches in black and white? Use the publication’s media kit to figure out how much an ad that size would have cost.
  • Perform a comparable value calculation for television and online media.
  • If a website published your news release and does not have online advertising, calculate the news coverage based on Google Adwords costs for the keyterms used in the story. This provides a general idea of the value.

Calculate the Value of Public Relations Campaigns – It is Important
Answering to a board or a boss? The advertising equivalency value calculation puts fuel into PR Campaigns and provides greater support from the top down.

Performing this value calculation, provides a clear picture as to how much money a company saved with simple media exposure. It works!

How do you calculate the value of PR Campaigns and press releases? Tell us – share below!

About us: DREAMFly Marketing, a marketing company in Naples and Southwest Florida, creates branding strategy for clients across the United States. Our marketing company in Naples focuses on marketing strategy, advertising, public relations and social media online marketing, online marketing and promotional products.

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