Social Media Expected to Top 9 Billion in Ad Sales 2016

Social Media Ad Revenues to Top $9 Billion

Honestly, if you aren’t on board with social media advertising when spending is about to double by 2016, you’re missing the boat. Spending in 2012 on social media advertising was $4.6 billion – BILLION!

BIA/Kelsey has issued a prediction that U.S. social media ad revenues will top $9.2 billion by 2016, precisely double that of 2012.

Google gobbles up $9.2 billion in ad revenues before breakfast but social media advertising has been slower going. But Black Friday may be to thank for doubling social media ad revenues with successful Black Friday social media promotions.

The report on social media ad revenues included YouTube, which frankly isn’t “social media,” but even still social media ad revenues WILL jump.

social media advertising, marketing in naples, naples marketing firmRight now, local advertising purchases on social media is barely more than $1 billion and it’s predicted to hit $3 billion in 2016.

Mobile ads via social media are expected to jump from $500 million in 2012 to $1.5 billion in 2016, and with mobile advertising expected to hit an all time high this figure could more than double.

Where’s the Money Coming From?
The report doesn’t say where the ad spending will come from. Watch out print publications. Print advertising revenues will likely drop.

Maybe with $9 billion in revenue, social media sites will actually start turning a profit. One thing is for sure the profit margins are sure to be better for social media sites than small American businesses.

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  • Michael Straface

    If revenues are not expected to increase, I wonder if maybe the ad spending will in fact just be moved from print – good point. Interesting to watch as times passes – let’s see if this comes true in 2016.

    • Camden Smith

      I agree – I do think print will take a hit but frankly until you have a unified audience entirely driven by technology then print is necessary. 20 years we will be saying it’s all technology no print I’d bet.

  • Tate

    Online ads are critical like you suggested last year we increased our online ad spending and it’s helped rank our site higher and we’re getting a lot of leads

    • Camden Smith

      Glad to hear it is working – always remember match the keywords on your site with ads when possible and you’ll really get a boost!

  • Sherry

    My goodness I wonder how many businesses it takes to spend that much.

    • Camden Smith

      Hmmm. I’m sure there will be more forecasts if I run across that I’ll post it.

  • Jennifer

    I like YouTube but can’t figure out like you said why they included that in with social media ad revenues. If you remove that you’re still probably looking at a boost thought because Twitter ads seem to be doing better – although frankly I think Twitter is more like a one way talk rather than a conversation.

  • Krista


  • Milton

    We are increasing our social media ads in 2013 so that seems about right. I still prefer Google AdWords for certain types of promotions though.

  • Sherry

    Let’s see if this happens – it all depends on the economy!

  • Marla

    A good portion of the spending is probably your big wigs like Coca Cola, Facebook itself and application developers. I’d be curious to know how many “small businesses” get on board. that will be an interesting report to see when the time comes. I agree.