Social Media Business Shake Down

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Social Media’s Cup Runneth Over and Businesses Feel the Hit

Social Media platforms are changing at a fast clip therefore making it a true challenge to conquer for private users and businesses. Bad news….more changes are looming.

What to Expect

Social Media Expectations Should Change
Cisco’s leadership at the Corporate Social Media Summit laid out dozens of reasons why larger corporations may wish to start creating their own internal social media platforms. Why in the world would businesses do this?

Individuals born 1970 or later are completely familiar with and driven by social media interaction. They are checking into their favorite burger place using location-based social networking sites. Plus social media savvy audiences are sharing their lives with others on these platforms, and since 2010 business sharing has also increased.

Also in the news: Many businesses may not be receiving as much feedback on Facebook, because of Facebook Page operational changes. At the summit, experts discussed solutions for businesses in the ever-changing environment of social media.

Future of Work is in Social Media Communities
Andrew Warden the Head of Strategy for Emerging Markets Services at Cisco Systems has announced that intra rather than inter-net based social media platforms are the wave of the future.

Warden reported at the Corporate Social Media Summit held in New York City June 21-22, 2011 that using internal social media communication will allow employees to collaborate quicker and will create a more production savvy atmosphere for companies.

“The focus of social media so far as been on external branding — communicating your vision and values to your customers. But what about your employees? Do they understand the company’s vision? Do they share it?

Summary of Warden’s speech by Jesse Stanchak of SocialBlog on Social Media.

Work places will most likely reduce social media page blocking at work since the younger employment sector uses location-based social network sites to check into work which also in turn promotes the business. For example, I checked into DREAMFly Marketing today on FourSquare, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Places, Google Places, GoWalla and Yelp reminding people about the business in addition to the special sales we run on FourSquare. More on this later.

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Facebook Decreases Business Page Communication
In February 2011, Facebook made changes that businesses continue to complain about in blogs. Some of the changes have created better user interaction. Facebook has removed most Facebook Business Pages from the main news feeds to individual accounts.

Facebook Page status updates primarily appear in users’ updates section which most of them are not checking. The Facebook Developer’s Blog wrote on June 24, 2011, “We encourage you to proactively review user posts and make sure that they provide engaging and welcome content.”

What does this mean for you?
You could be reported as SPAM and not actually be a SPAMMER!
Facebook is slowly moving away from a business focus and returning to its original purpose to connect former classmates, friends and family. It is still a fantastic way to promote your business and establish yourself as an industry expert, but anticipated, further changes will alter Facebook usage requiring businesses to look outside of the social media giant to communicate with consumers.

Location-based websites will become the key along with mobile marketing.

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The Changing Social Media Horizon

Yelp, DREAMFly Marketing, location-based social media

Snapshot of DREAMFly Marketing on Yelp

There are so many location-based social media sites now for people to use as “check-in” options that many users are beginning to complain there are too many choices.

To check into one business one person would choose to use: Facebook Places, Twitter status update, GoWalla, Yelp, FourSquare, Google Places, Google Latitude and many more.

So which location-based site should you use? It depends on what site your friends are using most, but the best is Yelp which hosts primarily reviews of businesses and FourSquare which allows businesses to give you coupons as you check into a location.

Do you find yourself wondering what is next?
With increased SPAM filters on Facebook, while it remains King for the time being, businesses will need to expand their strategy beyond Facebook using location-based social media networking sites as mentioned above.

The key is to use only the tools you or your staff are able to truly manage with a good strategy. It does some good to create, for example, a business location listing on FourSquare, but you will receive better ROI (return-on-investment of time) if you also post a coupon for individuals who check-in to your business.

To create a business listing on any location-based social media networking site, you simply need to create a free, private account and list the business. To manage the business however and edit its information, most sites such as FourSquare and Yelp require a business account, which is also free and allows you to create deals, coupons and a business profile.

With change happening every day and Google moving into social media, it’s anybody’s guess what is next…except that social media will continue to grow and businesses must focus on their external and internal marketing goals and use the quickest and easiest tools rather than diluting their efforts and failing.

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  • Msmith9176

    A great article to help us navigate the changes coming.   Thanks.

  • Garry Smith

    Interesting article .  Helps those of us who aren’t as familiar with social media sites as younger subscribers.
    Thanks for the information.

    • Camden Smith

      If you must choose between where you want to focus and are operating solely on your own as a manager, then I would recommend FourSquare even though via email you mentioned it would be marginal for you and also Yelp. Two reasons:
      1) FourSquare have your staff check into work in the morning prior to clocking in with FourSquare and it will notify their Facebook friends and/or Tweeps (Twitter followers); and post a note to check in with you on FourSquare and Yelp at check in and out to make younger patients aware you are there.

      When people check in it’s a free advertisement for you.

      2)Yelp – even if people don’t check in with your business on Yelp it is a fantastic means for clients to leave reviews of your business that Google then picks up and it assists with Google analyzing whether your business is valid, how to rank it and also associates with your name in search engines.

      Hope this helps! If you need help seeting it up let me know.

    • Camden Smith

      We recently had a client really pushing to move towards social media and had to honestly convey it just wasn’t for their business for the purposes they needed. Social media is not the only media people should use to advertise and that’s the largest mistake business owners make. It’s not about numbers or keeping up with the Smith’s or the Jones’. You have to have a strategy and social media should be a real asset not an effort that will not meet your target audience needs.

  • Garry Smith

    Thanks for the interesting article.  Helps those of us who aren’t as familiar with social media sites as younger subscribers.

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