SOPA Law Threatens Internet Rights

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Is SOPA Dead or Alive?

SOPApillas are a wonderful fried pastry from Argentina and New Mexico. Drizzled in honey it is a heavenly treat.

But the SOPA law proposal threatens to drown our freedom not in honey but with Internet restrictions instead.

SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, is not sweet like a sopapilla, but is an Internet warhead aimed at you and marketing companies in Naples like DREAMFly Marketing who help clients globally, web users and Internet companies.
All of us oppose SOPA – learn why.

Anyone remember the movie critics saying rentals would be the death of the film industry? But movies are producing more in revenue than ever before.

Congress Postponed SOPA But Watch Closely
A postponement does not kill the act, and with Hollywood, Congress remains on the hunt to protect copyright materials answering to their big donors not us it seems.

Lamar Smith of SOPA”
“American intellectual property industries provide 19 million high-paying jobs and account for more than 60% of U.S. exports. The theft of America’s intellectual property costs the U.S. economy more than $100 billion annually…Congress cannot stand by and do nothing while American innovators and job creators are under attack.”
As published on Mashable

But Smith has no issue with an act that would slow down your browsing with its many tracking tools like the DNS (Domain Name System) they wanted to include blockages in.

What Would SOPA Do? Is It Really Necessary?

WWW stands for World Wide Web – Hollywood needs to remember that all of us, U.S. citizens and everyone abroad, have a right to browse when, how and where we want on the Internet, but SOPA threatens to restrict foreign site access among other freedoms all to protect copyrighted materials.

Sopa Summarized

  • Could block online ads
  • Could allow people to accuse sites of piracy that may not be accurate
  • Could prevent you from browsing certain sites ID’d as piracy violators
  • Presumes guilt not innocence with accusations

Defining SOPA – Watch This Video

Can’t view the video? Refresh the browser or click here

Our marketing company in Naples moved its website from when the site supported SOPA and Hollywood’s activist to revive it include millionaire/billionaire producers, actors, directors all backed by the power of big movie studios.

Marketing Companies in Naples and Beyond
…must remain bonded together in the fight to protect our Internet browsing and advertising opportunities after all the Internet is supposed to be a freedom platform – world wide, right?

You can’t rule out of fear. Leaders must rule with facts and knowledge.

Our Revised Website Proposal

Why not also place mandatory notices on websites where U.S. companies have outsourced American jobs? That sounds like a better idea to this marketing company in Naples…but it doesn’t make it right.

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  • Tatesmith41

    They’ll try anything. I understand Copyright law but that makes a little communist in my opinion to censor the Web.

    • Shari

      I agree

  • Monica

    There has to be a balance here but you can’t assume GUILT with accusations. A site could just make someone mad and then they owe a fine? Come On!

    • Camden Smith, DREAMFly

      Thanks for the posts – I agree. That could just create a website war and affecting online advertising is unacceptable.

  • Tracie

    Outrageous comes to mind.

  • Don Mayes

    Were it not for the protections the copyright law provides to intellectual property, my life and those of my many artist and writer friends would certainly not have been as rich. We might have been working fast food counters, instead of creating musical works that have enriched the lives of everyone I know.

  • Msmith9176

    Interesting article.  Hopefully this doesn’t come to pass.  That would be a step towards censorship which we criticize other countries for doing.

  • Tornadoes75

    I totally agree with Msmith9176. We don’t need more censorship

  • Michael

    I guess we should prepare for “USWW.” (United States Wide Web). Unreal that our browsing privelages are potentially going to be restricted. They might as well take away international emailing while they’re at it.