Four Off Season Marketing Strategy Tips

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4 Ways to Marketing in Florida’s Off Season

As local Southwest Florida consumers cheer for the end of season and say goodbye to bumper to bumper traffic and a lack of reservation spots available at their favorite restaurants
…business owners gear up for the slower summer or non-season shopping season.

Keep in mind every target market has an “off-season”, so feel free to use these tips as they apply to your business market. Great marketing ideas work any time, any place!

Without national, multi-million dollars budgets, Southwest Florida businesses in Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Naples and Fort Myers must call on more creative methods to grow business.

Typically, Southwest Florida service oriented businesses close for “Summer vacation” in August or September, but we challenge Southwest Florida businesses to develop true marketing strategy for non-seasonal business from May to October.

The last U.S. Census Bureau report shows more than 300,000 annual residents reside in Collier County and twice that in Fort Myers, so by identifying a target market and incorporating targeted, integrated marketing methods, businesses are sure to see a boom in the off-season months.

Avoid Southwest Florida’s Summer Revenue Drought
To drive non-seasonal business in Southwest Florida or any where, a business must have a “seasonal” marketing strategy to reach a larger audience with a targeted marketing plan.

Use social media profiles and pages to create a promotion. The easiest method is to use Facebook and Twitter to promote a discount for check-ins at the business.

For example, Coastland Center Mall in Naples has vendors who offer shoppers 10 to 20 percent off purchases simply for checking in to the store on social media platforms including Foursquare, Facebook, GoWalla and Yelp.

Social media marketing and check-ins create loyalty discounts and avoids devaluing products and services plus the social media platforms advertise the promotion to nearby, unrelated mobile users.

Social media marketing is a must for successful marketing strategy. It cannot be avoided. Mobile users love to check in and share their locations with friends – so make your business shine!

Create consumer-focused events where shoppers set appointments for one-on-one attention with sales staff. This method is consistently used by cosmetics and clothing retailers, and it can be used as a promotional method for every business if staff commits to calling loyal customers and promoting the event.

Events often make the difference between making and missing sales goals.

Steps 3-4
Finally, steps three and four require Southwest Florida businesses, Fort Myers, Collier County and beyond, to participate in local summer events as a free advertising method. Events also empower you to collect “new” client information focusing managers on cultivating customer relationships and connecting with new customers.

Sponsor a Local Event
Consumers now face with millions of choices any given year and in order for new consumers to find you, you may need to put yourself right in front of their faces. The best way to connect with new consumers is to sponsor or participate in local events that are expecting audiences of 2,000 people or more.

The Fort Myers metro market area for example boasts more than 300 annual events – so get involved. Not in Florida? Call your Chamber of Commerce!

Develop a Client Card System
Finally, tracking your client must be your business every day. Know what each and every one your customer’s wants and needs and follow-up with them regularly.

Electronic client tracking systems are fabulously convenient, but make it mandatory for staff and management to set phone call, email and birthday reminders so clients avoid falling through the cracks.

Boom Business With a Strong Off-Season Marketing Ideas
It’s off-season in Florida from May through October, but that doesn’t mean death to revenues! Whether your business is in Fort Myers, Naples or beyond, off-season marketing is key to growth.

Brain storm marketing ideas to develop strong community partnerships, new events and promotions to captivate your local audience’s attention.

After all marketing strategy doesn’t come from pulling clouds out of the sky – it takes turning great marketing ideas into real revenue boosters.

It simply calls on us to be smarter and more engaged business owners with a marketing strategy that connects, because after all we owe it to our non-seasonal customers.

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  • Chrismcoaching

    I love all of these ideas! it only makes business sense t create customer loyalty. the founder of DELL computers Micheal Dell said “Those who conquer customer loyalty online, will control the web.”

  • Msmith9176

    These are great ideas any time of year.  Participating in local events is a great way to meet your clients or customers personally and helps them decide to use your service or product.  Thanks for the article.